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  1. Trouble in Madrid

    just arrived back and read your comment. I think you should maybe speak too my wife and two young boys about what Spanish police are capable of.
  2. Total Shi*t

    make the players give there massive wages to charity after that performance. if I cock up at work ihave to put it right free off charge . Not one off them stepped up to the platetoday
  3. Chelsea Away 15.05.16 - 3pm KO (subject to change)

    anyone who might have two spare tickets,please message me.
  4. Chelsea Away 15.05.16 - 3pm KO (subject to change)

    do you still have spare tickets Hi after any Chelsea tickets
  5. When you're smiling

    were we used to throw a can or two
  6. Ticket exchange thread 2015/16 (Wanted/For Sale)

    can anyone help with a ticket for sk1 against Man City.Me and my two boys are season ticket holders,but as were stopping at the "Holiday Inn" the wife wants to come. thanks
  7. Manchester City (H) 29/12/15 7:45pm KO

    looking for a single ticket in sk1, for man city game.Can anyone possibly help
  8. Lazy Schlupp

    I think simpson has been an excellent replacement for de laet
  9. James Bond

    The real James Bond is Jamie Vardy. Quick, cool, ladies love him, perfect.
  10. Need to get a wriggle on

    I've just read your post to my 11 year old son who's a season ticket holder like myself. I asked him for his opinion, his reaction was, you've just about said it all. Everybody who knows me hear in Devon asked the same question. "What is happening to our football club???? Never any answers to questions and no information given.
  11. 'Wellllll errrr'

    .heaven forbid how lucky are we, we could have ended up with another manager who stood up for himself and his players. phoooo
  12. 1 week on, would you take pearson back?

    never heard of people power in a desperate situation
  13. NP considering Legal Action

    well put. I think I saw our reserved owners walking round the pitch after the QPR game
  14. Pearson Sacked

    this bag of shite is my opinion,what has happened today does not sit well with me, lets hope I,m proved wrong. I,ve seen many managers come and go, but this decision has got me beat.
  15. Pearson Sacked

    Saw this coming. It could have been any football club they bought - they just have the money to do it. We are just another expensive toy and when you don't respect or look after your toys, you break them. Can't believe they have done this at this time, watch out for the red first team strip.