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  1. has anyone ever seen kelechi and filbert fox in the same place at the same time
  2. since 1884 mate, none of you plastics supporting the fosse
  3. sounds like a guy who's good at grouting with a baguette, gerrimin
  4. Kelechi "ALF" Iheanacho mate, he's a promising forward we're hoping to sign from Man City
  5. did he shake it all about though
  6. pretty sure messi used to play for hibs
  7. spotted him lads, here's kelechi inmenachos
  8. auf wiedersehen and good luck, little cabbage
  9. yes obviously that's a photoshop here's the original
  10. wonder what nigerian we're preparing for
  11. finally there's a benefit to buying the women's shirt
  12. how do you see an instagram story
  13. last night at 9pm said they'd be revealing the new kit in 24 hours so 9pm today I guess? although the social media team probably meant in 24 days or something
  14. I think it's Iversen?
  15. It's about £300 million