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  1. Sell the entire squad except Andy King and just play him on his own next season
  2. Wasyl obviously coming on up front in the last five minutes to score the winner then
  3. I'd give Mendy an A & E
  4. found him!
  5. their kit looks like a caramac and I hate spurs
  6. save us kaputska
  7. "...but only if you don't play for a big club"
  8. what are the odds of OHL winning the premier league? might stick a fiver on that
  9. yes jeff, do something funny today please
  10. ...or just don't? who gives a toss about them
  11. Is bobby madley a catheter cause he's taking the piss
  12. what the actual ****
  13. oh no marc hope he's ok that looked nasty
  14. shinji playing shite get him off the pitch
  15. oh for fuchs sake