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  1. stick a bid in for messi
  2. from Steps?
  3. andy king coming on, can't wait to win with 10 men
  4. what's this passing shite they're doing, just hoof it
  5. shakespeare definitely stay in
  6. shakespeare back in
  7. shakespeare out
  8. don't like watching teams get thrashed if they get a few goals back next half and still lose that would be alright
  9. he's definitely guilty of being utterly shite at football though
  10. stupid pillock, can't play football and a shite role model, get rid
  11. oh yes how did I not notice that
  12. 100% win ratio with England 100% win ratio with Leicester 100% win ratio with West Brom world's best manager
  13. bring musa on, I want to worry we're going to play shite