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  1. June 2000 - very excited phone call to my Dad 'I can't believe we've got Peter Taylor, he's just what we need to push on to the next level following MON....' I've never endorsed a manager appointment since.....
  2. Still got mine, still fits, and wore it last weekend to a 90s weekend at skeggy. Great memories
  3. This is exactly what I meant. It's about working on positioning and understanding your team mates not just doing the leg work, which I agree has improved. Chilwell has been fortunate in having an excellent mentor in Fuchs hence why his development has been quicker
  4. One thing missing from his comments - the recognition that he needs to work hard. Feels like he's expecting improvement to land in his lap and lets face it, work rate isn't exactly one of his biggest assets on the pitch
  5. Coatsworth all day. A panel beater from Darlington, says it all I remember an early 90's league cup game (I think) where he took out Tony Cottee in front of the main stand, got up by stamping all over Cottee while still writhing on the ground, then just carried on with the game. Also the Tommy Johnson play off final Wembley tunnel story - hilarious, but basically put Johnson out the game before a ball was kicked. If anyone wanted that game at all costs, it was Coatsworth. Mauchlen comes a close second.....
  6. unable or unwilling due to the system we've been playing? A lot of the fans frustration has come from us sitting in the stands screaming for the traditional ball for Vardy to run on to, but either none of the players seeing it or not having a ball player capable of playing it. I guess my point is that we play a different game now and while Vardy will always have the speed part of his game in his locker, it's now going to be used less and less and so lets use him more as a poacher with balls across the box like we created many times on Sunday
  7. So, Vardy is a god but anyone can see he's been a little off this season. I said to my lad after 5-6 games that he looks like he's losing the edge on his pace - let's not forget he's now 32 so hardly surprising. We all know his game is built on speed and getting behind the defence so again, no coincidence that he's not been scoring so readily. Vardy himself says he needs to adapt his own game to fit the system (and his advancing years) and he should use his experience/positional sense to become the 'fox in the box' just like he did very well on Sunday - more of a goal poaching Tony Cottee role. Playing like he did on Sunday, with the team set up as it was, Vardy can still do very well. Vardy is great, we all love him and he's our best goalscorer by a mile, but he's not the future
  8. Tielemans is good but come on, surely miracles are beyond him....
  9. ^ This. We're not giving ourselves a chance - more focus needed, are we missing a leader?
  10. That goal in the torrential rain against Everton in May 2016 is one of the very few things I remember from that incredible day. Genuinely gutted to see him go but great to see him playing again, even if it's not for us
  11. This will be Ian Nacho's game. He'll start, we'll all moan and we'll then see him tear the saints defence to shreds in the first 30mins with a hat trick. I've said this before every game this season and surely I have to be right once. Ever the optimist.....
  12. Does his face ever actually change from the standard confused/don't give a $hit?
  13. ^ This. In a team that can't break down defences he's a willing trier who always looks forward. I'd have him ahead of Nacho any day at the moment
  14. Tin hat on here, but I think he looks more threatening and direct than others - specifically Nacho. When he came on v Cardiff he looked like he wanted the ball, was one of few making moves off the ball and trying to do something different. OK, he may be lacking in final product but I think he's a trier and we love one of those at City. If we need a goal in the last 15 mins I'd currently be happier seeing Ghezzal come on than Nacho
  15. I think I watched a different game on Tuesday as I thought he was our MotM! He's agile, reads the game, plays it out of defence well, can beat a player and oozes confidence. I also don't agree that his passing is poor, he's one of few who actually play it into the path of the player rather than at them or behind them. He was also clearly distraught at missing the penalty (his penalty in the previous round was probably the best of all of them) - I think we have a real player on our hands here and would have no worries in him slotting in on a regular basis.
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