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  4. Because killing someone is better then catching them and learning from them??? Judging by how incompetent this was and luckily there seems to be so little injury surely catching this muppet would yield better answers... Having lived in London for nearly 20 years: 1. you just get on with it. 2. you're normally shielded by someones armpit anyway as it's like a can of sardines. 3. keep calm and never make eye contact with anyone.
  5. shramik

    Ben Gibson - Interest

    they won't fall apart, they'll just leak a ton of goals..
  6. shramik

    Ben Gibson - Interest

    Dude, this isn't fifa, you can't just get 2 defenders with good stats to play together.. it takes time to build a partnership and understand how the other plays.. i wouldn't want our defence exposed to that considering our first 10 games..
  7. shramik

    Ben Gibson - Interest

    It's not about having Huth and Morgan play forever though, it's about how you change the backline, without getting battered in the process. As I said before it would be great to have both Maguire and Gibson here, but throwing them in together at the deep end is a bad idea, coupled with the fact that they'll both be eyeing up a world cup spot they'll both want to play, which we can't offer from the outset.
  8. shramik

    Ben Gibson - Interest

    The sum total of that experience was relegation.. it would be great to get both, it would be madness to expect them to both fit together from day one, which they both will want to do with the world cup next year.
  9. shramik

    Ben Gibson - Interest

    It takes time for a back 4 to work together, throwing 2 young centre backs together is a recipe for disaster (albeit a small chance it pays off) .. As said, Gibson will want to go straight into the 1st team where he goes to which we would be insane to offer looking at our opening fixtures.
  10. shramik

    Ben Gibson - Interest

    He's only going to go where he's guaranteed first team football with a world cup next year. Are we realistically able to offer him that with Maguire coming in as well, or the risk the fact that we throw two young players in at the deep end to keep everyone happy?
  11. shramik

    Kelechi Iheanacho

    Everyone keep calm and love the Thai king (and the dead one)
  12. shramik

    Kelechi Iheanacho

    People need to get out of Football Manager and into the real world with transfer, do we honestly think that our owners aren't splashing the cash? We're targeting highly sought out players who i'd assume we're willing to spend a lot of money on but we don't want to get into a bidding war with, especially when you look at the wider picture for a player and there family. However painful it is to accept, clubs based in London will have an advantage to a lot of players, the lifestyle and ability to do more is a massive thing for people. We may have won the league, but frankly it was a freak exception, when we're going up against clubs like Everton who have shown steady improvement whilst also consistently finishing in the top half of the league we are always going to struggle, then you add they'll be in Europe which is a plus point. We really need to trust our owners and club in that they've identified targets who we can afford (and we will pay for) who want to come here because they want to play here.. I hope Iheanacho knows what he wants and knows we're the right club for him rather then spunkin money at something just to sign players just to keep shouting about how we can compete with the big boys.