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  1. Amazing to see all the tributes to Vichai. I was there first thing Sunday, before heading back to Scotland. I wish I was closer. It has had a huge impact, lots of colleagues have been talking about it, as well as contacts from around the world who wrote when we won the prem. How our club has grown, how well known, we have seen great happiness and sadness, but Leicester City is respected in a way it never was before. ? in Scotland ???????, Leicester in my heart ❤️
  2. Tbh I was just surprised to see it on foxestalk, but I know it is important!!
  3. So you are telling me that Lee Jobber is a real fan and not a drumming pro? ?
  4. Used to work in Liverpool where cabbies often ask you not to read the sun in their can. We should ban the sun cos it’s a cr*p newspaper that has little respect for football fans - then again the mirror posted a video too .....
  5. I agree with this, I feel as if it gives the Leicester family an opportunity to come together and celebrate/mourn. The Burnley game will be huge
  6. I cried when Claudio introduced Bocelli and said to us “I love you”, I cried when Leicester won the premiership at the end of Gary Lineker’s documentary, it finally sank in, (I was still worried we might fluff it), I cried when I went to the King Power early this Sunday morning to pay my respects what magic, what sadness ..........
  7. Could there be anything more fitting than statues of Vichai and Claudio - they made us smile ?
  8. When Your Smiling - must be, never seemed more poignant than now - that is a song we will sing to the end of time - what better tribute could there be?
  9. So moving - What a leicester city team spirit, in the widest sense. So moving - we are part of that foxes family.
  10. You are right, but I am sure that the spirit of the message will be appreciated, despite different belief systems.
  11. So proud to be Leicester, it is hard being an exile at times like this - I was there last night and this morning and am still in shock. Vichai will be remembered for the good he did for our City in so many ways. Our lives have been richer in so many ways over the last few years. Vichai was the architect. Claudio worked his magic. Whatever happens next we have a barrow load of happy memories and Vichai’s memorials are the medical research where good will ripple through the years, hospital buildings, his generosity and the happy happy memories. Through Vichai the ‘whole world smiled with y
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