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  1. Panini, thanks for your kind remarks. Yes, i has found itself able to resume, presumably having paid its bill. Predictably, I have been labelled a 'quisling' by a poster who does not know its meaning. That unexpected 24 hours enabled me to step back and find some perspective and realise that its attractions (some great people) has now been pretty much overtaken by a minority of nasty posters who care nothing for what passes for normal discourse. So sad...
  2. Firstly, thanks D for advice about reading private messages. Lestagirl - thanks for your experiences on that board. I am a bit ashamed as It now seems wrong to slag off a board I have used for years on a rival site. I have often been tempted to leave but felt it was allowing a minority of posters with absolutely no boundaries to win. Think of an insult and I have had it, but usually about politics. I have pointed out that their antics will drive advertisers away and contribute to its end. .Perhaps the decision has been made for me. The other question asked - yes
  3. Oh... Don't know how to read it, being unused to this board...
  4. Oh... Don't know how to read it, being unused to this board...
  5. It seems to be the parent outfit, fansonline as I randomly went to their Blackpool site to find it equally affected. Comments about it on here are broadly correct, an unpleasant minority have polluted it. For example, this week I offered the view that there was a problem with the (mis)use of VAR at the WWC. I was picked up on a phrase I used and accused of patronising others so an issue worth discussing (IMO) went personal straight away. Any board rules supposedly in place re behaviour are so routinely ignored that they are pointless.
  6. Although it is up and running it comes with protection warnings due to 'certificate being not updated' Uh uh...
  7. I don't think that it is a physical fitness issue, but given the relatively young age of the teams put out it could be a concentration factor. This takes time and experience to master over two halves, particularly at Premier level. And it points to the need for an experienced mind in midfield to read games and conduct the band (Estaban style). And the failure of a couple of the young prospects to not develop to their expected level has complicated consistency levels.
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