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  1. Very strange! How does a P1 disappear from a system
  2. Up there with the best away ends ever. Harsh.
  3. Sold
  4. One season card for Spurs sk1 back row adult. £25
  5. Spot on. Close thread.
  6. 2 more for Man City away adults. Lower tier. £40 for both.
  7. Watford ticket available. Adult. Sk1 back row. £15
  8. Sold
  9. 2 adults available. £20 each.
  10. Spot on. Always thought Atletico were comfortable and could always go up a gear if needed.
  11. Sold
  12. Two season tickets sk1 row pp. Adults. Meet me at ground tomorrow. £25 for both. Will split if needed.
  13. Still a fair few online available
  14. Sold