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  1. Benno_Levin

    Demari Gray's Attitude

    There is nothing more pathetic than a sulking footballer. I understand that he's frustrated and he's young and will therefore make mistakes, but this is just sad. Is deleting all your insta photos the modern day equivalent of cutting your wife out of all of your photos after she leaves your for a man who ostensibly sells cleaning products door to door, but she insists on referring to as an 'entrepreneur', and is rumoured to be a big player in the Northampton dogging scene?
  2. Benno_Levin

    Adrien Silva

    With Barkley backing out of his Chelsea deal I can only see Chelsea coughing up the cash for Drinky. They're gonna be desperate!
  3. Benno_Levin

    Kel-amity looming

    He better not be crocked, it'll ruin my dream team. Oh, and it'll be a shame for the team, club, etc.
  4. Benno_Levin


    I keep reading Unclenobhead's name as unclean-nob-head. I cannot unsee it.
  5. Benno_Levin

    Next manager ( who do you want ).

    I really wanted Marco Silva after he left hull - has he gone to Watford now? I really like Shakespeare but I'm not sure about him as a manager.
  6. Benno_Levin

    Atletico Madrid 1 Leicester 0

    The penalty was a poor decision, but the refs failure to realise that savic was throwing himself to the ground if vardy breathed on him was infuriating! He was an embarrassment
  7. Benno_Levin

    Atletico Madrid (Away) - Match Thread

    Christ I'm anxious! C'mon boys!
  8. Benno_Levin

    West Ham - Match Thread

    Extra midfielder anyone? We look shattered in the middle!
  9. Benno_Levin

    West Ham - Match Thread

    We've got that feeling back where you just sense we will win, irrespective of the opposition. Superb start. Would love Slim to come on and score or Albrighton to get one!
  10. Benno_Levin

    West Ham - Match Thread

    Pleased with Benny's performance - although he's not had that much to do yet. Steady start though
  11. Benno_Levin

    Musa - Opinions so far

    Whilst I agree he's been poor, keep in mind he's played out of position (played at cf for cska, so I presume that's his preferred position) and been playing in a team that has been poor. It's also not his fault ranieri had a weird hard-on for him. Lots of players don't settle in their first season and he has been poor, but I wouldn't want to rush him out the door just yet.
  12. Benno_Levin

    Musa - Opinions so far

    It's worth keeping in mind that he gets played on the wing when he's a CF. And, he came into a team that wasn't playing well. I remember a CSKA fan coming on here when we signed him to say that he was erratic, but a hard worker and a lovely bloke - he just needs support. I like him and I reckon he'll come good!
  13. Benno_Levin

    Jonathan Northcroft article

    I agree - a good, logical look at the situation. All of the sentimental media pieces have been really frustrating. They mirrored my reaction, but I feel I'm allowed to react like that because I'm a fan. They are meant to be impartial observers, but most haven't managed that and that is frustrating as it has created a very distorted picture of events. Nice to see a little balance, even if I still feel very sad and emotional about the situation.
  14. Benno_Levin

    Sevilla (A) Match Thread

    Mahrez has been worse than Muss for me - at least Muss has broken into a sprint occasionally
  15. Benno_Levin

    Derby Match Thread

    All came after great feet from Kapi