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  1. Benno_Levin

    Demari Gray's Attitude

    There is nothing more pathetic than a sulking footballer. I understand that he's frustrated and he's young and will therefore make mistakes, but this is just sad. Is deleting all your insta photos the modern day equivalent of cutting your wife out of all of your photos after she leaves your for a man who ostensibly sells cleaning products door to door, but she insists on referring to as an 'entrepreneur', and is rumoured to be a big player in the Northampton dogging scene?
  2. Benno_Levin

    Adrien Silva

    With Barkley backing out of his Chelsea deal I can only see Chelsea coughing up the cash for Drinky. They're gonna be desperate!
  3. Benno_Levin

    Kel-amity looming

    He better not be crocked, it'll ruin my dream team. Oh, and it'll be a shame for the team, club, etc.