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  1. Germany just scored. Through Pascanu's legs.
  2. Must admit, omission of Foden is a real surprise as this will be the toughest game of the group stage.
  3. Where did you get that information from? Disappointing if Barnes and Gray don't start.
  4. Is that Mi Salah listening in?
  5. It looks as though Hamza's not in Brendan Roger's plans. I can see him moving on in the summer.
  6. Think about it. There is little chance of him making another start this season with this formation. Even if Tielermans is not signed in the summer we will get a replacement. Puell's preference for Mendy and Ndidi means game time for Hamza is very remote. He's already 21 and 1 or 2 seasons in the wilderness will mean he will be a forgotten player like many others before him.
  7. It will be interesting to see who will play in that 1 DM role when Mendy is fit. I can only suspect that Hamza will be surplus to requirement is Wilf and Mendy were to rotate/ cover in that role. I can see the possibility of Hamza moving on in the summer.
  8. Money cannot buy loyalty! You're example is that of a Mercenary.
  9. Choudhury has been playing u21 and u23s for the last 5 years. Probably couldn't find the motivation last year. Johnson is very talented but he is more of RB than a CB. Good luck to him. Hope it will be the springboard for more senior football in the years to come.
  10. One can see what the long term plan is for Puel. But I think he needs to be a little more adventurous in team selection. Some of the players, Mendi, Ndidi and Morgan to an extent could do with being dropped for a game or two. That might keep them on their toes and not see themselves as fixtures. I feel complacency creeping in some of the players and hence the individual errors.
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