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  1. Perennial dilemma, clubs like ours always face the prospect of losing the best players. But if we qualify for Champions League one would question the logic of players leaving but it happens. The year Liverpool 'slipped' to lose the Premier League ended losing Suarez and others later on. Just imagine if could possibly retain our current squad and made few additions there is no reason why we could not maintain the consistency with the young squad that we have. It's imperative that we hold on to players like Maddison in order to maintain that place in the top six if not top 4.
  2. No chance. Wasn't even on the bench v Palace. Can't change a winning team 3-1 City.
  3. What does that say about the quality of yanited if they're struggling in the bottom half of the league?
  4. Definitely Perez after the Liverpool game. It looked as though he was ready to take on the whole Liverpool team
  5. No. He will be knackered and overly pi***d and might decide to bring his bat onto the pitch.
  6. Love that. Very precise.😊
  7. It's not a merry go round. It's about putting the best formation and personnel to win that particular game.
  8. 2-1 to us. Vardy and Tielamens.
  9. Not necessarily so. I think they both will start with Hamza pressing further up the pitch and NOT as 2 DMs. It has worked before and Hamza offers much more offensively than Ndidi but can also help defensively if we get overrun by Wolves.
  10. I think OGS will do ok this year. I'm predicting Manure to finish in CL position. But I hope I'm wrong as I can't stand stand them.
  11. Your reasoning is quite logical but I think Hamza will be in front of Ndidi by the end of the year. I think Hamza offers a lot more overall; pressing, passing and shooting. The question remains as you said will he gef the game time? I also think there is a good chance both Ndidi and Hamza can be accommodated in the same lineup if end of last season is anyrhing to go by. And finally we don't the full potential of Hamza whereas Ndidi has played many seasons for club and country and can't see him improving on his present strengths.
  12. I'm going to stick my neck out and say Perez is going to be our most significant signing of the season. Even ahead of Youri for the simple fact he's going to provide us with goals. Think he will be a regular starter as strike partner to Vardy.
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