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  1. arrogant chelski fans on twitter claming he would just walk to them in the summer I hope you lot slam a 100 million price tag on him and tell the chavs to piss off. Rermemer how they treated drinkwater, enougth said.
  2. I cant understand either Izzy I grew up in Islington early on in my life and was taken to my first game aged seven by my uncle. Spurs Friends at school when I moved nearer to Haringay used to rib me and say why not spurs, but they understood arsenal ran in my family. I can understand if you dont support your local non league club , but never understood those who have a league club like oxford united, lutton town on their doorstep and yet choosed to support us or united with no family ties. Just feels a bit souless that for me.
  3. Izzy since the mid 90's I have seen us aquire a lot of very different supporters, some good, some nick hornby types from the home countiues. It comes with the territory being a big club thats based near the centre of London.
  4. I actually think considering how well you have been playing we did well to stay in the game today Rodgers has come back from Celtic a far more mature and astute manager, and I think you have a lovley mix at the moment, experience with evans and vardy and young players of top quality around that. Only time I have thought he got it wrong was at United when he played with the handbrake and played the name not the line up. Outside of that he has done very well, even today putting Gray on today when perez was tiring to turn the game. My fear for us is if we decide to appoint that Mourinho , who does not carry himself like a arsenal manager, it was would be the worst culture fit possible I know arsene did not always carry himself brilliantly in the latter years but their is a certain standard of manager a old club like ours which he doesn't have. His success may work at first but disaster like a dark cloud would loom soon around the corner. Good luck anyway, I think the key for you is one step at a time, with the likes of Morgan and Fuchs still in the dressing room I am sure reminders will be given week to week.
  5. feel gutted for ajax if this was a two legged tie then a referee has a huge impact on ajax with the first leg goal ruled out as well at 0-0. How is that not a foul on blind in the run up to the second yellow and then the offside second goal. ridiculous.
  6. I cant imagine the pain he was in after that tackle I have only suffered a broken wrist playing football and I feel like a soft so and so when compared to tht. He is a wonderful footballer Gomes and its a huge shame, I hope he is ok , that was a truly horror injury and I am sure he is getting the best care possible at the hospital he is in.
  7. That was a very hard away game for you lot, whoever scored 1st it felt like would win the game. It must be nice to have three proper centre halfs who can all defend, having a comfort blanket like big Wes Morgan when your defending a lead is always good.
  8. I have to say they should rename this club the under23/reserve team cup ithe liverpool game was just like waching two teams of kids having a enthuiastic kick out.
  9. Lampard has done a great job but I am getting wound up by this youth propoganda being thrown around them its bollocks, the bulk of the team is the usual roman spending loads of money. If they just played the youth team players they would not be a top four side. Last time I looked Kovacic cost 30 plus million, Keeper cost 70 million, starting spanish right back and left back cost 30 million combined, , Pulicic 40 million, Jorginho 52 million, William 30 Million Yes the three or four academy lads involved Mount, Abarham and Tomori have done very well but the bulk of the team was bought for huge money. Well over 250 million pounds of talent.
  10. I saw the chelsea game where Holberg and Romeu did not event attempt a tackle, and I had a feeling at the start of the night you could run rampant against Valery and ward prowse and that proved the case The red card turned it into a bit of a no contest though, though you were utterly ruthless with what you did next. They have two games against city away now. God help them against Guardiolas lot, could be 14-0 in each game.
  11. If your well enougth to go to the casino days after leaving england, he should of stayed with the squard. This will go down like a lead ballon with everyone at the fa, and I imagine rodgers will be having a word as he wont want that seeping in around the foxes. He has a perception right or wrongly about him and he wont help himself with stories like this. The line between being a top draw footballer is thin, david bentley had a lot of talent and look what happened to him, retired at 29.
  12. I do wonder if this is playing out the same as the Vardy and Southgate situations..Vardy was always out of the squard for minor reason and very quick to retire and very quick to say he would not return for england, I do not think that was out of desire of not wanting to play for his country. Vardy I get the feeling if he ever does a book might tell a few truths about his time with england under southgate, might be a interesting read. Madison I get the feeling has a simular relationship, wants a free number 10 role but southgate prefers inside wingers with out and out pace like sancho, or Mount who is more of a inside 8.
  13. We are having the luck of the irish in games this season at arsenal bournemouth missed two sitters today second half. No way have we played better football than you this yet we are above you in third , football can be a funny game sometimes. up to third though so not complanining spirit better of late and togetherness good to somehow grind it out again playing poorly, but wish our lads from abroad players wouldn't dive so much,it gets my goat. City sometimes need to learn to take a point its not a knockout tie losing two goals on the break with 9 forward against a good wolves side is arrogance beyond belief. Southampton very poor, think they might go down this year, have reached that wall of a team to long in the league , where good players think they have made it cant be replaced and stop making tackles, stoke city repeat mark two.
  14. I dont mind him games so soft nowerdays I dont mind a player with a bit of needle.
  15. you could really do with a Ulloa option Albrighton's still one of the best crosser's in the league
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