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  1. chelsea have no soul and if the opposition ever get in power their owner is in serious trouble trust me
  2. chelsea are a toxic club souless to the core.
  3. rodgers got stuck into them at half time and they turned up the gears credit is due
  4. **** klopp and as for his methods I find it facinating the minute those lot cant press a team to death how average they look
  5. Might be worth recalling George Hirst for cover Vards has not looked fit for weeks its the right call to do the op and hope he is back late feb
  6. sorry your happy to see goal hanging if so you have a different take to me, I hate cheats hanging around up front offside and scoring goals or assisting. IFAB are twats.
  7. Van de beek was horrifically advised going to united they already have bruno and his style is ajax built not a fast break physical united style of football His agent needs firing for not moving him towards a team which didnt have a 10 and where he would play football most weeks.
  8. I'd go with that I'd change the whole 11 this is good enougth to win a game of football
  9. Its all happened to soon was very good in germany but he is 21 during covid in a new country and has not settled at all.
  10. honestly it will be a miracle if the club kept him long term a machine of a midfielder
  11. things rolled the lads way tonight 1. scored with the first shot 2. the pen overturned 3. the offside for them looked very close 4. but it was a decent performence
  12. Not for me, made ok runs but 1st touch was really poor today
  13. Agreed with this I do wonder if wolves players are suffering this being so far away from family in portugal etc
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