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  1. I think most of us will end up getting it like Merkel predicted Finish the season off at the start of next as its only fair to Liverpool and the whole pyramid to avoid legal action that would cripple everyone. Cancel the league cup and facup for a season to make up for extra games Then play a whole 38 game season, that would be 46 games plus euroupe will will be doable if everyone agrees, reduce the champions league knockouts to one legged ties as well.
  2. Ok maybe a over reaction about paying clubs back by the goverment but I am concerned for lower league clubs I think its important politicans calm the eff down and dont cause panic Merkel going on telly and saying most of germany might get it is stupid and irresponsible Causing panic is not a good idea.
  3. every efl club should be given government money if they shut down league Othewise if I was everyone of those efl clubs I would see the goverment for lost income.
  4. At this point I think we are facing the biggiest pandemic in nearly a century otherwise Italy would not be reacting this way I think in terms of football my action plan would be 1. suspend international football and euro 2020 has to go for a year to make room for the club seasons to be finished in June. 2. champions league delayed for a month with ties reduced to one of ties rather than two legged events to finish the comp,if virus get terribly worse, null it as void for the season same with the europa. 3. Government if games needed to be played behind closed doors need to fund efl clubs for the last two months of the season, payments to allow them to survive.
  5. Buendia and Arrons from Norwich would be near the top of the list for me. Fraser would be decent as well on a free if they go down , be a excellent squard player if albrighton is let go.
  6. Will be much a much harder game At home they have beaten United, Liverpool and outplayed arsenal second half, Pearson will press and use Sarr and Deeney on the break. I would take a point to be fair.
  7. Nice to have a distraction from my anxiety around the virus stuff these last few days Great performence in terms of attitude and commitment everything that was not present at Norwich. well done everyone involved, Barnes and Justin were superb.
  8. I get the feeling Grealish might be carrying a injury to be fair, does not seem to running freely.
  9. Good tosee Vardy back on form from the bench as I said he would be useful from Great performence against abelt a awful side.
  10. this team cant hit a barndoor great performence first half but the finishing does concern me
  11. City decide to put their two worst performencesof the season, in against the one team that can dethrone the lads of fourth spot. That was a lifeless passionless display, almost as if they know the ban will happen and they might now **** off the league.
  12. Monday is a cup final it has to be won now with the games in the run in being hard. united are chasing the gap down now.
  13. Were everton players out on the piss this week what a poor display That Gilmour looks a band tidy player by the way
  14. Italy are about to force 16 million people to say indoors from sunday Hold your hats everyone this shit just got serious.
  15. No excuses now even though we all still have doubts But this has to be won monday all about attitude and desire now.
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