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  1. we can complain about modern players but modern fans are ****ing garbage the endless moaning from arsenal fans when they could easily win next week and go through is ridiculous The entitlement is just ridiculous
  2. Labour are ****ed because just as they needed centrism to rise the much more out left wing,woke progressive tickets are pumping through left wing circles Its not a election winner in the red wall but he wont be able to avoid as it grows amongst their base Look at the demographics of the voters their not on labours side yet, their ****ed for now they have **** all chance winning the next election
  3. I think I might slowly withdrawl from football in the next couple of years ready to tap out completly come 2024 the game is dead greed has ruined it
  4. students mostly ****ing posh at bristol uni's who the minute they go home will call police at the first sign of trouble Yet call police acab, scummy idiots the lot of them
  5. the eu is a overly complicated organisation hence the mess their making of things
  6. spurs a typical 1.lost game that actually matters ''aka a serious cup match under pressure'' 2. win league match after that still leaves them behind in top four race when pressure goes off. 3. repeat into cycle ends
  7. Because I know the place family have lived there hot bed of middle class far left activism at uni's there
  8. Its bored ****ing kids from middle class backgrounds bored at uni kicking off, mostly far left types inspired by portlands antifa types thats the truth so yes I agree. Portland was thug central during the summer I hope we dont see the same here. antifa have taken over the downtown area of that town now at night.
  9. Bristol thugs kicking off disgusting voilence
  10. Mings who zaha got sent off earlier in the year was gaslighting zaha a bit for me didn't like it.
  11. united looked kanckered But well done too the lads magnificent performance Showed bottle jobs west ham what getting the job done is all about
  12. It is a unpopular opinion I dont know what rock you have been under.
  13. Time for some honesty you deserve promotion and have a good fanbase But I ****ing hate the way your club operates treat manager after manager like absoloute garbage, cartel players between three clubs on big wages. It has little soul to it, but like the way chelsea operate it works. I just ****ing hate it.Sums up modern football though, empty. Bet you sack your manager within three weeks of the new season and have another 5 by the end of next season
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