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  1. I imagine words were had after Burnley Kasper did at times seem frustrated again tonight ,He evans and Vardy are so much older than the rest of the squard at times, it must feel like parenting a young group. The concern for me still is the last 14 games are very very tougth so this points lead over fourth is needed as the gap could still close. Need to be at it game in game out.
  2. Wardeh(if he plays it means he probs wont leak the team) Justin Morgan Benkovic Fuchs Gray Hamza Praet Albrighton Hurst Perez leave a few on the bench this is a very hard away game as brentford are a good side.
  3. Burnleys style of football is like pulling teeth their players look exausted and miserable at times following their army like orders But it works and they stay up most years, average age of the team is 30 plus though so how long can they keep it up.
  4. wow that was everything on show earlier in the season yes its west ham, yes at the back its more dicky than earlier on But the movement off the ball is miles better.
  5. Barnes has always been inconsistant He can play like this but he can also be very very poor Very concerning about Vardy, I dont think he has been right for weeks and maybe he has been carrying some knocks He is 33 so I think injuries are going to start to creep up on him now.
  6. Blue Roi you are spot on I say the standard across euroupe has dropped off in the last decade, I have watched football for thirty years ( I know sad football nerd) and its faster than ever but technically its dropped off quite a bit, I say it goes with the game going faster and quicker. Ajax have been great to watch but they are young kids hence their niavity in euroupe. I keep saying thats because coaches value to much the ability to press and play with pace over the ability to strike a football from twenty yards. Thats why I love watching citys De Bruyne, he has a wonderful balance for a footballer, that goal he scored at Newcastle was utterly sublime. I am off the view the prem has not got miles better in the last five years, I do think other leagues have got worse though.Obviously Klopp and Guardiola are outstanding coaches who have helped improve their teams massivly to now have the ability to dominate in euroupe should they wish.. La liga is bang average, I watch a fair bit of it and Sevillia line up with Luuk de Jong up front, Athletico a average Morata and Valencia are a shadow of the league winning teams they had under benitez. Its had a huge drop off in the last decade standard wise which is starting to hit the national teams performences.Barcelona are struggling to produce from the academy anymore so are taking ajaxs best player and are flogging Messi until retirement, they have some long term issues ahead. Madrid seem to have a longer term plan but they are in transition with young players or players past their peak in Modric and Ramos. I dont understand why La Liga thinks a endless Barca Madrid cycle of dominance helps their league. The budesliga has been fun to watch this year, but Lepzig are a team of workabess with a great striker, Bayern in transition with a great attacking three, but a god awful defence, though knowing them they still might pip Lepzig to the title.Its not the same standard as when we had two german teams in the champins league final half a dozen years back or even when half a dozen german teams were strong in euroupe. Italy as we know since the mid 2000s has had a massive drop off to that glrious era from the early 90s to 2007 , Juventus dominance has not helped that, they hoard players have massive squards and win every league, with the help of a brilliant back four which is aging fast. It has been good to see Lazio and Inter improve, but neither have the players of a stankovic zanetti level as shown in euroupe this year. PsG and their oil cash have tried to spend their way to glory, they have maybe the best front three in euroupe Mbappe is a superb player again a wonderfully balanced player, but midfield wise its average, Draxler has under achieved, Veratti has been very good but never great, And the back four is good not great, Thiago Silva has had a superb footballing life but he is 35 and might be near the end. I am hopefull a lot of verygood players born around 1998 to 2002 are emerging across euroupe, but the standard does need to improve as their have been a lot of poor games this year. I
  7. anybody see the trend of the short corner this year Why do teams keep doing it, 6 foot centre halfs in the box and your messing about on the edge of their box, it never works.
  8. If arsenal get top four somehow this is the worst premier league in its history unbelivable how chelsea cocked that up 10 men up the field at 1-0, 8 against four fort the equaliser clueless stuff and Lampard is looking very rookish latley
  9. My sense is him and Southgate do not get on I always felt it and what I have seen of late has confirmed that.
  10. come that is a foul every day of the week the fact the ref missed it is ridiculous, trust me even on a sunday thats a foul you cant block the keeper like that.
  11. If Hamza and Chilwell were dropped its either two reasons if non injury 1. Fight in training which went to far 2. they went out drinking outside of club rules I would guess the 1st is the case, I have seen fights in training with my own sunday team get out of hand and we banned one of the lads for three weeks.
  12. Hate to say it but Vardy may need dropping, his first touch , general movement and finishing is miles off since the baby, Maddison again as well looks to easy to force out of games. Barnes played well actually and Ricardo was always bombing on in a team playing poorly. Kelechi up front next game, bring albrighton and gray back in its relegation form at the minute so somthing needs to be done.
  13. Vardy is miles of out of form His finishing has become snappy and a bit desperate changes for mid week have to be in order again
  14. I dont know if its the stress of the new baby but Vardy has looked well off it since his return I think maybe a game or two more out might be in order if his head is not on it Lads seemed a group of individuals today , losing to a team playing bottom championship level football worst defeat of the year.
  15. Vardy looks miles off his best today not surprised he missed the penalty
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