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  1. Europa league may have to be the choice but its a horrible long winded comp played on a Thursday often in front of half empty grounds huge downer if it ends up that way.
  2. I do think you will see empty seats , VAR, ticket prices, and the boredom of the big teams dominating will finish a few long term fans off. This pandemic may make peoples mind up as well never to return who are older. They will take the league out to abu dubai and America and eventually create a euro super league week in week out, its inveitable.
  3. 13 penalties this season Jon Moss who gave them two penalties at spurs one overturned, gives them another penalty today nothing to see here of course. Could they make it more obvious.
  4. Burnleys style of play is like pulling teeth slowly and painful viewing, week in week out. You watch it and think it should not work, its ordinary lacking any style or flair, but his lads for years have run through brick walls for him, more than any team I have seen seen Pulis at Stoke in the early years, or Redknapp at Portsmouth. But there's a issue, the age of the team is getting older by the day, cork is 30, barnes 30 plus, mee 30 odd, rodriguez over 30, how long can this continue. Will younger players born closer to the new century with different ideals on life, want to continue to do that forever we saw at stoke city what happens when they dont, the freefall can be quite quick. I sense he may take a punt that Burnley have reached their zenith and go out on a high now he issues with the boards obvious lack of ambition. He has earnt the right go to villa or somewhere with more prospects long terms. I think Villa will sack smith if they go down, and dyche will perhaps want to live closer to home.
  5. five subs will mean the top teams will dominate even more Bet they keep the water breaks to,looks like the commercialization of the game begins.
  6. win or bust time has to be played like a cup final its that important.
  7. Tonight was him back to his best, the movement off the ball looked transformed from some games recently, it was like a completely different player from pre palace. even if he had not scored, so much better from him, thats the vardy we know well. I wonder if they have found a treatment for any lingering long injury he has had, or a offield issue sorted, he was running at full pace tonight wand not holding back half stride.
  8. gutted about the first half goal not being given I just wonder if the attitude against brighton at home and watford away had been different would the lads be in a position where champions league maybe falling away.
  9. that vardy mishit summed up him since january not as confident but he has been sharper tonight all around.
  10. goal not even mentioned because it was a goal and that spoils the tv narrative
  11. Lets have a look handball against brighton no penalty today no goal, the de bruyne hand ball no penalty more than a coincidence at this point surely.... upstarts being put in their place again methinks.
  12. done over by a referee again I couldnt see any foul for the goal ruled out b
  13. the courts can only convict under the charge, I know this from working experience. the law needs reforming for me though you should get a sentence inside for domestic violence, I hope a bill reforms this soon.
  14. perez and kelechi have to start together, vardy looks ****ed for one reason or another apart from that late run and cross.
  15. second half has been brilliant but the finishing woeful again oh cant wait for this season to be over now, the ending to this play seems so obvious sadly
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