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  1. The thing is Brassell loves football, he is like me I research piratically every team I watch in a game, tactics the lot.I wouldn't like to talk about a game without doing so. Unlike some of the ex pros who rock up and dont do their basic research on anything Ajax threw away yet another lead in Europe, ten hag has consistently done stupid things in euroupe tactically, such as playing a high line at 2-0 up against the best counter attacking team in the champions league tonight. His misuse of martinez and alvarez is odd at times, both good servants for him.Liverpool have been the wor
  2. in the 90s their fanbase acted like they were gods gift to the world, even though arsenal were the ones winning the league Thats the type they are
  3. Owners of teams outside the big 6 are using the huge premier pot of money, to attract big time managers Everton have carlo Ancelotti for crying out loud one of the all time great managers, Leeds Bielsa, Rodgers left celtic for leicester, Hodgson former inter milan manager is managing at crystal palace. its almost a super league with relegation in itself. Again this is why they are trying to shut the system off with big picture and the super league because rather than just getting better managers and recruiting better they want to stifle other teams competing at all
  4. My teams different as Maddison and fofana all need saving for Monday, vards as well needs a rest, as does timothy. Schmeichel Justin Fuchs Morgan Thomas Mendy Ünder Praet Youri Albrighton Iheanacho
  5. Yep I hope we never see the no striker false 10 idea again, over the course of a season you wont get away that 60 minutes to often.
  6. Again though any game play that means your 11 shots to 1 down, only at 0-0 as a goal is not ruled out by a blocked man. I don't think it quite worked, it did at city to a tee, but it wasn't quite right for me till Maddison went central last night.
  7. Thats my view arteta read it and pressed the full backs so much the team couldn't get out at all. 1 shot in the first half is awful on another day your 2-0 down and its game over.Lets be real that first half the lads got away with fuchs last ditch clearance , auba miss and the goal ruled out. it could be very different. Kelechi should of started for me and then vardy come on for him after 60, that would of mean't maybe dropping out praet but would have mean't Maddison could of picked the ball and forced arsenal to pull back. Youri look far less at ease before Maddison wen't cent
  8. Still some concerns. A very good coach obviously right to stay for a while Just at times does some odd things.
  9. On another day the lads are 2-0 down at half time, and rodgers is getting pummeled for a negative shit house display the game changed when luiz went off '' their sweeper'' mustafi came on and Vardy came on and rodgers woke up and realised they were their for the taking after the game was still 0-0. I want to see the system in the last 30 minutes from the start next time
  10. Keep playing like this and its only ends one way like watching burnley away negative and trying to hang on for 90 minutes he will look a genius of course if he somehow pulls of a result, but if he doesn't this foroum will light up tonight, we shall see.
  11. arteta has already done a number on rodgers early on. rodgers thought arsenal would go three at the back so went five at the back Now arteta has got 4-3-3- or even 4-3-2-1 with saka and dani out wide I dont see this working , luiz and gabriel will push up and out number the midfield
  12. rodgers playing silly bollocks with this lien up One of Kelechi or Vardy have to start silly crap this
  13. Not a myth the season they lose the eurpa league final their season fell off a cliff Zaragoza 2 – 0 Athletic Bilbao showZaragoza 2 May 201220 Athletic Bilbao 0 – 3 Real Madrid showBilbao 5 May 201237 Athletic Bilbao 0 – 0 Getafe showBilbao 13 May 201238 Levante 3 – 0
  14. problem in the past as with bilbao and Marseille is his teams fall off a cliff fitness wise late in the season will be interesting to see if that happens again or they stay the course at this level. wolves proved you can bank in a do a number on them though, thats bielsa teams heel a low block
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