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  1. I am going to say it now give it ten years a huge scandal will come out about tennis I know what i think but I will protect myself on here PLAYER A loses to Player b in four at rolland garros...he looks ordinary tires at the end of matches, in this case to a austrian clearly better than him on the day. He then goes on magical diet wins very match afterwards lasting more than four hours over the next 11 years Nothing to see here of course, its all natural ability of course. Its why I am glad I never went pro as a runner, s
  2. I feel like i''M FLYING OVER THE MOON
  3. team spirit isnt even 10 percent of the 2016 team, talent wise its five times better overall such a shame
  4. Maddison should spend the rest of the season on the bench now and be sold
  5. two years in a tow bottling this cowardly
  6. feels like the lads are going to bottle this again great season but would be a shame to blow top four again
  7. because tv wants united versus arsenal the game is descending into wwe at this point dodgy beyond belief.
  8. that saka penalty is game changing and disgusting changed the tie as well
  9. My arsenal mate texted me to say how proud he was tonight Not of the result they didnt give a shit about that.But that he felt like at the protest it felt like a football club it felt like a football club again working class lads and girls mostly their tonight, many of whom can't even afford to get inside the spaceship that is the emirates, walked all over by a owner who has tried to replace them with tourists for 20 years. By a club that sacked 55 staff but pay players 300k a week. I agreed, it was heart warming to see, football fans of all clubs have
  10. They have had a zoom meeting the 14 it was explosive apparently shits about to go down on this, chairmen wanted vengeance apparently.
  11. disagree that took bottle has a year left on his contract and put his neck on the line giving a honest view
  12. Klopp danced around that like a yes man Took the chance to have a pop at uefa though champagne ****ing socialist, all mouth no action.
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