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  1. It's up there with the Germany-England (1-5) of 2001.
  2. Guardiola in the after match talk: "Varane's absence has greatly affected us"
  3. Fantastic finish by slabhead to make it 3 nil for Chelsea. Can't he do the same for his ex.
  4. The highlight of this half is Morgan squeezing his 2 yards wide frame between 2 spurs players.
  5. Sol's brilliance and feasting on freebies, that's how I see Mourinho's Spurs. Salvation through Aurier's way.
  6. Or the situation with Pepe at Arsenal, he's never worth a 1/4ter of the 70+ millions they paid for him and I followed since he was at Angers. Still, it was a waste of time and money for the club...an arranged marriage destined to fail.
  7. He's about to sign for Marseille...not for 10 millions pounds or even euros...brace yourself: it could be for a tenth of what LCFC paid for him.
  8. ach you spoiled it...now, I have a vision of Top wiggling his bottom at the blades.
  9. Are we going to prevail or will we end up with Egan our face?
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