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  1. In one match, can find 6 examples of world class touches : 1:08 1:50 3:33 4:28 4:40 5:05
  2. What is our best team?

    Leicester can play like Liverpool ! Shakey to turn into a possession side, with Iborra as a regista, Andre Silva with some deadly passes, Albrighton to do the Okazaki role and permuting with Mahrez, i dream of this. But nah it's not happening, hoofball always win in this club.
  3. What is our best team?

    I think that Albrighton would be a perfect midfielder. A Vidal-like.
  4. Wilfred Ndidi

    He's just a sideway, backward passes merchant. Don't know how to break the lines, he's afraid when a team mate is between 2 opponents and pass the ball to the GK. For a midfielder, he creates absolutely nothing. Even Maguire tries risky passes.
  5. Manchester United (A) Match Thread

    Mahrez piss poor, Okazaki frustrating. Slimani and Gray at half-time.
  6. Manchester Utd (A) Pre-Match Thread

    Best lineup, 3-5, Mendy masterclass. 'Joking we're going to see another 442.
  7. Simpson

    Bizarrely, Leicester is the only team to encounter this problem. Let's be honest, he just useless offensively. Whatever Riyad's contribution, you can't expect to have a good animation in the right side if you have only one attacking minded player. Just double mark Riyad and you nullify the right wing.
  8. Welcome Kelechi

    Good signing but this is not what the team need. Creativity, creativity and creativity. Should focus on bringing a number 10 and an offensive right back. Eventually a "Mahrez" to compete with Albrighton.
  9. LCFC @ Luton Town (Friendly) - Match Thread

    Class ball from Slimani.
  10. Would you still want Mahrez as a City player?

    You needed that way before, Riyad is not enough.
  11. Mahrez has asked to leave

    If anyone is interested, i've just compiled his 16/17 season. Nothing really incredible but some quality moments.
  12. Slimani

    Perfect representation of the Algerian population 😂😂👌
  13. They only scored 1 goal, if Mahrez is the penalty taker, maybe there's a reason? Messi, Ronaldo miss PK, with the amount Mahrez has to deal with, it's pretty obvious that he's more exposed.
  14. Watford (home) Match Thread

    That's an OG.