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  1. Read somewhere a £15m bid was mentioned for Edouard, perhaps in negotiations with Celtic which may have been rubbished. Could be why no official bid has been made
  2. Just be happy if it is 1 year which would be a fantastic deal done. Gives us another shot of making top 4 with him next year but also protects his transfer fee if we can't secure it next season and he moves on.
  3. Like the sound of this. Hope for an easy group. Anyone got a ranking by European coefficient to work out which pot we'll be in?
  4. King Power was a reported £4m per season compared to the rumoured £30m per season from our new sponsors.
  5. Read on Twitter yesterday that it was £30m
  6. Likely because of all the unnecessary abuse he gets because his name is not Jamie Vardy. He's a confidence player who needs the fans support and not only when things are going well. I'll admit I was skeptical when we first signed him but some of his performances last year between Christmas and the New Year were fantastic and he has shown that form again. Back the lad
  7. Pints poured and ready for a half time beer... Queue is always outrageous
  8. I haven't seen anything from his time here yet that says Under would work well as a number 10 so I highly doubt this. Most likely scenario will be Tielemans more advanced
  9. Don't get me wrong I know it won't happen but there is always a chance.. I genuinely think JJ was a shoo-in for the next squad and the summer based on his performances
  10. Had himself a game yesterday. Could make that LB slot his own with JJ out and could be an outsider for England squad if he could continue to put in performances of yesterday's level given that Chilwell is warming the bench
  11. Last night was an assured and professional performance. The result was far more important than the performance last night. Wolves is a different proposition but I would keep it unchanged with perhaps Thomas for Ricky P if we want to make sure we don't overwork him.
  12. @Bonanza will this be used as an opportunity to give the likes of Kingy, Eppiah and Benkovic a chance?
  13. This is one of the hardest tasks possible. We may as well get it right and sign in the summer
  14. Romo made a few decent saves there but he can't be beaten at his near post for the free kick. Looked a backs against the wall second half, much like Everton last night
  15. I just don't think we can downplay the importance of getting regular minutes in the championship and being a recognised star in the team throughout the course of a season. Of course he'll know just how amazing it would be to play for us but he will be given that chance next season.
  16. Can sort of see but with Thomas he was relatively unknown and wasn't getting valuable minutes whilst out on loan which is why I used the other academy lads
  17. Unsure how but okay. There's no doubt KDH could be a useful squad player who may get some minutes here and there but why bring him back for this when he'll get a hell of a lot more minutes and plaudits at Luton?
  18. Keep him at Luton. Key player there and guaranteed minutes. It was only because of the injuries last year we got to get a taste for Thomas' ability and i'm sure there are some gems in the academy we can get in the squad. Tavares, Leshabela, Wright or even Fitzhugh...
  19. Unfortunately he just hasn't improved under Rodgers. Will be a shame to see a local boy and academy grad leave but it is in the interest of both parties. Think WBA would be a pretty good fit to be fair
  20. There has to be a struggling Championship side we can get him too so he can start playing regularly. There is potential there and he still is young for a CB
  21. Does anyone know what his current loan deal is? Is he due back soon or has it been extended until the end of the season?
  22. You never really want to hear about a player giving the kind of demands that he is rumoured to be asking for. That being said, if he is as good as people make him out to be there really isn't any harm in getting him involved in the FA cup game. I'm sure it's really difficult for the club to manage as they will not want to lose him, but they won't want to disrespect other players by putting him on in their place. Either way, hope we can find a resolution.
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