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  1. FFP Champions 5 - 1

    The scoreline surprised me, I thought it flattered M. City somewhat, 3-1 was a fairer reflection of the game. I think you're a very good team with a good manager but when De Bruyne and Aguero play like that, there's not much that can be done to stop them.
  2. Even back in September when we were scoring 4+ every game, I doubt we'd have put very many past you. You're much better than the Stoke/Watford/Palace's of this league. Certainly not tonight, while we're not in great form. Manchester City 2-1 Leicester City De Bruyne 14', Bernardo Silva 72', Iborra 74' That's what I'm hoping for at least.
  3. Well, it looks like we offered £60m for Van Dijk and pulled out when Liverpool went higher, so it's not really a stretch to say that we think £57m is a fair price for Laporte.
  4. We do have a transfer budget. It's a lot bigger than most teams but there is a limit to what we can spend, and maybe we didn't have the funds for £75m+ for Mahrez on top of £57m for Laporte (which was his release clause- I'm sure we'd have wanted a lower price if possible) and around £45m set aside for Fred, who's probably coming in the summer. Alternatively, and the Sanchez saga backs this up, we've decided we're no longer willing to pay above what we value a player at- we could've got Sanchez for £30m on January 1st but decided it wouldn't be worth the money, which further suggests that we have a smaller budget for this month than usual. Mahrez at £65m is certainly below what he's worth- compared to Coutinho at over twice that price- but maybe we decided to wait until the summer when there were more funds available. That's just my theory.
  5. Thanks for the reply. Personally I agree that there was no reason why Leicester should collapse and sell Mahrez just because Manchester City wanted him, I think your club handled the situation quite well and mine didn't. I remember Chelsea coming in for Shaun Wright-Phillips against our will and I would've loved us to just refuse them so I can understand your frustrations entirely. Of course that was thirteen years ago but the principle is the same. Hoping for a good game on Saturday, may the best City win.
  6. Thanks, as it happens I agree that Manchester City didn't handle the Mahrez situation all too well. Assuming the stories we've received from the media are true, M. City waited far too late to make a bid for Mahrez, leaving L. City no time at all to react as they'd have liked to. In general I think our transfer business is quite good but on this occasion we're mainly to blame for what's gone wrong. Not many players would go AWOL like Mahrez has, mind you. I think he's getting some bad advice. I still haven't accepted us winning the title yet, because if anyone can f**k this up it's Manchester City. I like a lot of your players, Okazaki, Iheanacho (of course) and Maguire especially. And you've won the title more recently than us so I wouldn't be at all surprised to see you get something on Saturday.
  7. These are all valid arguments that I can respect. It's just that in my opinion the people who know these young players and work with them every day would be much better placed than you or I to determine if they would benefit from being in the squad for the Burnley game and/or have earned it on merit. As for Jack Harrison, I'd imagine he'll get a lot more out of half a season at Boro than he would've from a token spot on the bench because there was nobody else available.
  8. I don't remember him moaning at all. He just got on with it and named six substitutes, as he's allowed to do. Again I have to ask you what the other options were and what the point would be of chucking a 17-year-old with barely any experience on the bench when everyone understands that they won't get on the pitch.
  9. Thank you. My intention is not to attack any individual members of this forum at all- this is the only rival forum I have an account on and I quite like it. My first posts were when you embarrassed us 4-2 last season and when you bought Kelechi (sorry about that one) I came back. However when I see things said about my club and manager that I don't agree with I feel like I should debate them.
  10. Sorry... I see so many people online who have no clue that I start to struggle to see the difference between sarcasm and honesty
  11. For what? Maybe Pep doesn't see the benefit of throwing someone who won't play onto the bench. Tokenism isn't necessarily helpful. RE Mahrez; In my opinion if he comes back soon then I can understand why you refused to sell. If he stays AWOL for the rest of the season then that's a different matter. But to suggest Pep's throwing a 'hissy fit' about it, or to say he's being 'petulant'... In my opinion people want to hate Pep, similarly to Sterling, but he's not actually done anything to suggest that these negative character traits exist at all. The media have created them with sensationalist headlines. Very few people who've actually met Pep have a bad word to say about him, and yet half the population of Britain is convinced that he's some arrogant narcissist? Very odd.
  12. https://www.mancity.com/teams/eds Here's our youth squad. It's really not that big at all. Or maybe he's decided to run his team by picking based on merit? Bit odd to just throw a random youngster who wasn't even good enough to get into the EDS straight into the first team. It could be worth reminding a few people that our most promising youngster, Phil Foden- the player of the tournament when England won the youth world cup last year- couldn't make the bench against Burnley because Harry Maguire injured him with a bad tackle last time these two sides met. Pep is promoting plenty of youngsters. Believe what you want but I genuinely don't believe Pep had any hidden motives last weekend- he named six subs because that's really all we had.
  13. If in May 2016 I came on here and started bashing Ranieri for no good reason I'd like to think Leicester fans would see fit to defend him.
  14. Sorry, but everyone who knows anything about European football knows who Aymeric Laporte is. Targeted by Barcelona and Real Madrid as recently as the summer. I won't be so petulant as to suggest that you might not have heard of Barcelona or Real Madrid either.
  15. The plan was for David Silva to travel in the squad with Lukas Nmecha as backup but both had to pull out with injures at the last minute- at that point it was too late to stop one of the young lads going to Swansea and what would be the point?