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  1. I see a lot of people talking about how bad Manchester City’s defence is, but with respect it’s the second best in the league so can’t be that bad. In my opinion the best thing Puel can do in this game is defend deep and counter. The only team not to lose to Guardiola’s side this season was Everton and that’s what they did. Wolves also almost beat us the same way. An in-form Manchester City have the tools to pick apart any team who give them space, be it Forest Green or Barcelona. But Leicester know how to counter-attack.
  2. You're just about the most dangerous opponents we can play at the moment outside of United, Tottenham and Spurs. Why? Because, unlike Liverpool and Arsenal, you know how to defend for your lives. Morgan, on his day, is a beast and Maguire looks good too. Whatever my personal thoughts on Danny Simpson he's clearly a decent defender as well. Lots of teams can defend, though. What sets you apart from Southampton/West Brom etc is that you're actually dangerous in attack, when Vardy and Mahrez are in form. I watched the game against Stoke yesterday and felt they both wasted several opportunities to counter with poor decisions, but still looked scary with their pace and movement. RE Iheanacho, I personally feel you'd get more out of him if he could play a bit further forward- you saw against Leeds what kind of finish he's capable of. However, I don't need to tell you all that City this year are a different beast to the side you embarrassed 4-2 last season. We're far better at the back and less reliant on Kompany (second best defense in the league in fact) and are looking brilliant going forward. Personally, I like Puel and think Southampton were borderline moronic to let him go after he deserved to win them the EFL Cup. He's a good manager for me. On paper, City should win. But Leicester are very capable of shooting us down. That's all I'll say.
  3. Huddersfield away match thread

    Just thought I'd pop on to say I hope Iheanacho bags a couple today, good luck lads.
  4. Welcome Kelechi

    His penalty kicks are fantastic and I've never seen him miss. Think Balotelli or Yaya Touré, calm and perfectly placed every time.
  5. Welcome Kelechi

    Maybe, but I'd be surprised when you consider that we have Jesus and Aguero and, knowing us, will blow £90m on Akinfenwa by the end of next year or something.
  6. Welcome Kelechi

    Ah, Spurs, those masters of signing new strikers.
  7. Welcome Kelechi

    He can if you insist but it makes it really hard to get the enema done.
  8. Welcome Kelechi

    I'd recommend this for anyone who wants to see what he's like off the pitch. https://www.theplayerstribune.com/kelechi-iheanacho-manchester-city-the-whistle/ Also this article, written by Iheanacho himself, is a must-read for any Leicester fan who hasn't read it already.
  9. Welcome Kelechi

    Ok but if you're taking over care of Samir you should know he needs four meals a day, gets through several million bottles of hair product a year and likes it when you rub his belly.
  10. Welcome Kelechi

    Shame though, I really like Shinji. If you don't want him I'd love to try and convince Pep to take him
  11. Welcome Kelechi

    He only ever played as a striker for the senior team at City but at youth and international level he's often played as a #10 and sometimes even on the wing. His vision, pace, passing and technique are all superb so he's certainly capable. He currently lacks the off-the-ball skills of Okazaki or the physicality of Slimani but he's a more complete footballer than either of them in my opinion. I would expect to see him playing just behind Vardy, feeding off the scraps, because he's a superb poacher and an incredibly natural finisher. As someone said earlier he's the most prolific striker in Premier League history.
  12. Welcome Kelechi

    He's a extremely humble guy who can't quite believe his luck, coming from near-poverty in Nigeria to being a Premier League footballer for two recent champions. So yeah, he's probably extremely nervous and I noticed when he was at City that his relationship with the fans was very important to him, so I'm sure you're right about him not wanting to say the wrong thing.
  13. Welcome Kelechi

    The BBC are in something of a state of denial regarding women's football and the fact that only about 200,000 people in England follow it. It's always very high up on their homepage.
  14. Welcome Kelechi

    You've got a good player here, he'll bag you fifteen at least this season. In fact if he gets less than ten I'll delete my account. PS: Don't read into his expression in the interview, that's as happy as Kelechi gets.
  15. Songs for Iheanacho

    Wow, OK, that's unfortunate. This whole process would be a damn sight easier if his first name had one fewer syllable. (To the tune of our Zabaleta song) Kel...echi Iheanacho He is a City man But not Manchester City It's Leicester City now He plays in Blue and more blue and this song rarely rhymes He'll score fifteen a season And then he'll... eat some limes? (Repeat) I ran out of steam after the first two lines to be honest.