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  1. dave123

    Another unsuccessful ballot , Liverpool

    This is a great idea. Perhaps don't enforce it on existing season ticket holders, but on any new tickets sold from now on. Some cinemas work like this too, to avoid single seats being left where it can be avoided.
  2. dave123

    Membership 17/18

    I've been thinking the exact same thing. Me and a family member will have different points. So say (for example) I have 20 points and he has 14, and the cut off point to get tickets before the ballot is 15 points, he has to apply via the ballot. But if we want to attend together then can I wait for the ballot so we can apply together? Or will they say no because I've got too many points and I don't "match the points criteria which is stipulated for the group application". Like last season when Gold members weren't allowed to buy tickets in the Silver window - I know a few people were caught out by this. I hope they've thought about this....
  3. dave123

    17/18 season tickets

    My member number is 19xxx I didnt get one.
  4. dave123

    17/18 season tickets

    I was unsuccessful.
  5. dave123

    Kodi. Set ups,boxes and add ons.

    Good point.
  6. Thanks. If they sell out I will consider your offer.
  7. That's true. Since they changed it its a nightmare trying to sit with other people unless they're the same priority. What I usually have to do is buy my ticket in my window, then when wait for the friends/family to buy theirs in their window. Then try and and get my ticket moved to a seat near them where possible.
  8. Yeah I know it has mate. Its just on this occasion I wasn't able to buy the ticket in time. I wasn't disputing how its been sold, it's just a little frustrating how its worked out. So I'll be watching this one on ceefax like the old days! To be honest I was just thinking of ways it could be better. Its definitely better than a points based system that some other clubs have (which creates a closed shop). So you're right it is good in one respect. But maddogg is right, it is disjointed, and it would perhaps benefit from a rethink. Trouble is the club have no need to change it as they're selling out every game anyway. I'm just one of the mugs who goes along with it all! :-)
  9. One thing's for sure though, no matter how bad the ticket scheme is, I'm still going to keep going to games. Which is why the club have got me by the balls!
  10. I know Stan, and that's probably what the guy in the ticket office was trying to say. Though I got the impression it wasn't the first time this has happened. It seemed a bit like "oh no not another one". Which is why I was thinking "there must be a better way..." But I don't think silver members would lose out if gold could buy in the silver window, it would just just give the gold members more flexibility, so silvers wouldn't lose their place in the queue at all. What about when away games go on sale to a certain amount of points, does it work the same there? When it goes on sale to the next priority, do the people with too many points then get stopped from buying? Yes m4DD0gg you're right, I knew the gig and I know how it works for membership, but unfortunately it is what it is. If only I bought a season ticket a few years back...
  11. Once tickets go on sale to silver members then that's it for gold members, you're not allowed to buy a ticket. I'll hold my hands up and say I missed the gold window for the Watford game - circumstances meant I wasn't able to buy it at the time. But its a bit frustrating knowing that there are tickets left but the club won't let me buy one. All of my silver member friends are happily buying tickets but I'm the one that can't get one even though I paid extra for my membership. I tried asking the ticket office if there's anything that they could do, but no. I even asked if they could downgrade my membership, but no joy. The guy on the phone just kept talking about the T&C's, and talking to me like I'm an idiot because I didn't buy my ticket already (but I couldn't at the time). I've effectively been turned down for a ticket because my membership is too high. I wonder, would it not be better next season if gold members weren't cut off like that, and were still allowed to buy tickets in the silver window. Plus if gold members could buy in the silver window then gold members and silver members could buy tickets together and sit together without having to make separate transactions and then phoning the club to ask for seats to be moved so they're all in the same place (which is what I usually have to do). Silver members wouldn't lose out at all because they're not losing their place in the queue, everyone's a winner :-) For this situation in particular, it's not even about the 500 tickets they hold back for the silver window, because he says even after those 500 tickets are sold I'm still not allowed to buy any. The ticket office guy just went on about how silver members are meant to have priority over gold members because of the T&C's. Don't get me wrong, I understand how the system currently works, I was just wondering if it could be improved for next season; I bet I'm not the only person that's been stung by this system.
  12. Lincoln away would be great for me living in Lincoln.
  13. The last time we got a non PL team was in 2012/13. I think we're due a lower league team!
  14. If you asked me a couple of years ago I would've said Izzet/Lennon/Heskey etc. And when Mancini played at Filbert Street he gave us a touch of class that I never thought I'd see at Leicester again. But now we've got Mahrez who is even better on his day. But for consistent performances I'd go for Kante. Nobody else is as good as him in that position; he is superhuman.