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  1. Looking for 1xadult ticket for Wolves, happy to collect
  2. I've got one in Block H1, three rows from the back, just in front of TV gantry...£45 Face Value...yours if you want it, a relative who begged me to get them a ticket doesn't want it now...I am going to the game so could meet you outside club shop to collect...paper ticket which I have printed.
  3. Books....The Inner Chimp, a book by Prof Steve Peters...a bit off the wall but if you/family have any interest in any sort of psychology and mind training etc this is a good read. I've read the adult "grown ups" version, there is now a specific version for teenagers
  4. Glad to see that the majority can see just what a total ar**hole Stringer is...don't forget the fella's back story before he ended up on RL, and how on earth he kept/keeps that job I'll never know. I stopped listening years ago, but of late have tuned in to hear some of the local reports...he is as bad as ever and so full of self importance, he is a poor journalist and seems to know bug**r all about football...how did he get the job!? I also hate how he promotes himself as some sort of spokesman for the fans/club...he does it regularly, makes my blood boil
  5. One U18 ticket available for Bournemouth, face value obviously...can collect Friday in Leics or at ground on Saturday if preferred
  6. Tickets available on LCFC website, 6 left at Weds lunchtime 1245pm...14 were released this morning as I was online getting my Arsenal tickets
  7. Tickets available on LCFC site Weds lunchtime... 6 available at 12.45
  8. 14 tickets released Weds morning, still 6 left at 12.45pm
  9. If that red card had been the opposite way round we'd all be kicking off today...IMO it was just about right Vardy was offside repeatedly but the last two offside decisions were wrong...other than that I thought the officials all had good games, particularly the ref...he let fouls go repeatedly to play an advantage for both sides, which helped let the game flow
  10. Did anyone hear Puel's post match ramble on Radio Leicester? Stringer, as always, asked bland questions but Puel's first response was a 2 minute ramble about how pleased he was with the performance, and how pleased he was with the aggressiveness, intensity and quality in our play....seriously, he must be watching something different to me as I thought our 90 minute performance lacked all of those. We played pretty well for the first 20 mins without creating anything, final ball into the box and hesitation to get the ball into the box caused many decent moves to break down, but as the game wore on the pace slowed, the passing slowed down and it began going backwards again for the sake of it...we now seem to be a team scared to shoot or put a ball into the box...and when we do the quality is really poor. I thought we did ok for 20 mins, but after that it was the same old rubbish weve seen for the last 3 months or so...and put aside all the rhetoric and arguments amongst the fans the results do not lie...If I am correct we've not won at home since January, and our last 5 home league games have brought 4 points from Swansea, Stoke, B'mth, Newcastle and Saints...4 points from 15...and overall we've now won four games in 18...both of which would suggest relegation form. As a previous poster said, we're fortunate to have had enough points in the bag to let Puel "transition" our style of play....but like many others have already pointed out we simply don't have the players to play that style...so he is culpable for trying to do so. Compare and contrast Benitez at Newcastle, he and Puel have a completely different approach...Puel has tried to change a style of play with players who aren't used to it/cant do it, and has shattered confidence and by the looks of it enthusiasm...Benitez realises his players have limited skill and ability and sets them up to play to the players individual/collective strength...I know which I prefer and I suspect I know which the players would respond to best. simpson is a classic example of why Puel has been a failure at City...simpson is a solid defender who has to work hard at his game to get the best out of his limited technical ability, he rarely let us down over the last 2-3 seasons...since Puel came in he tried to get him playing differently at the cost of continuing to work hard on the basic fundamental skills he had/has. All of which suggests to me that we have a manager who cant get the best out of his players, has a rigid style of play which he wont/can't vary from and who simply cannot be trusted with the major squad overhaul that is undoubtedly coming in the summer
  11. Friday : Elvis Sat : Beatles Sun : Oasis
  12. @ Jersey - if any of the advice offered by Stripeyfox doesn't suit then I would suggest yo head to a pub called The Western, just back off Narborough Rd...Narborough Rd has every type of restaurant you can think of, and you will definitely find loads of different options...all reasonably priced. The Western is a traditional pub that will give you a good pre-match atmosphere, there is always a good mix of old, young, new/old fans, it will be a bit quieter for a night game, and usually serves hot-dogs and burgers on a bbq from a couple of hours before kick off if you prefer. The Western is about 15mins walk to the stadium, just follow the crowds. Narborough Rd is not somewhere to head for a day, but if you head there from 5pm onwards for food/beer in The Western it would suffice...lots more to see in the City centre, not least the Cathedral and the Richard III museum/exhibitions if that is you're thing! Enjoy the game and your trip
  13. No bad thing if Schmeichel misses the next few games IMO, we bought Jakupovic as a back up and he should play...Hamer is out of contract and wont be kept in the summer so no point playing him. As for Schmeichel he has been poor all season, he makes decent saves and does the spectacular stuff really well, but his basic goal keeping has been poor all season, people keep banging on about his previous form (brilliant for 3-4 seasons) but his current form is absolutely terrible. His distribution is awful, he constantly concedes possession by kicking straight into touch, and his distribution from the back is amongst the worst in the league He is poor at commanding his box, he constantly causes confusion and doubt for the defence with his inability to command his area...11 set piece goals (I think) this season, look no further than him to apportion blame as he is ALWAYS rooted to his line at corners and free kicks...Saturday was a further example for the second goal, rooted to his line, and don't tell me about Simpson/others not jumping, they're expecting the keeper to come, which Kasper didn't...again. In general play he has cost us so many times this season with poor play/communication...he was in no mans land v Newcastle when Morgan let the ball bounce and shouldn't have been, and the Chelsea ET winner was purely his fault, coming for a ball he was never getting...and he didn't take responsibility for it, and is always quick to lay in to others when they are at fault...he has no competition for his place (not his fault) and his form has dropped consistently all season. So, put Jakupovic in and let him play the next 4-5 games...he is not a permanent Number 1 in my opinion but is better than a badly out of form/possibly injured Schmeichel. As for the Summer there are 2 or 3 good goalkeeping options to pursue...Butland will be available if Stoke go down and so will Foster from WBA, possibly Forster from Southampton (don't rate him but some do), alternatively Heaton will be available from Burnley as he wont want to be 2nd to Pope and if we want to show some intent go for Romero at Man Utd, surely he would prefer first team football to sitting on the bench every week...all better options than Schmeichel based on his CURRENT form! Great servant, time to move on, we could still get a decent fee for him and upgrade ourselves at the same time
  14. Lots of relevant points and comments on here, as always, but for what its worth I don't think we can afford to keep Puel, his management would give the evidence as to why. He started well, and lets not forget how good we looked in parts, Everton at home we were dynamic, aggressive and played some great football away, we dominated Chelsea away and played Saints off the pitch to beat them 4-1 and we all thought he was great...but since the Everton away game we have gotten worse by the game...with the same players, so the change must be in the coaching, style of play and game management etc. A good manager gets the best out of his players, and doesn't try to get players doing things they aren't naturally good at...Simpson is the classic example, a steady reliable full back who rarely gets forward, he is now being asked to do something he isn't naturally good at and has regressed badly in the things he was good at as he is being coached in the "new" style of play, rather than concentrating on the things he is good at. There are other examples of the same thing. The back four clearly aren't being coached effectively...a good manager would have worked out by now that we cant defend set pieces because the keeper creates panic...9/10 times he is rooted to his line, the odd time he comes and causes confusion...the goal at Burnley was another example of what weve seen so may times already this season and a good manager identifies mistakes and remedies them. We also have no threat on the counter anymore, an example being when were defending corners or set pieces...we have Vardy and Mahrez, two of the biggest threats in the league, back in the box marking players, if we kept them forward the opposition have to sit deeper and we have a threat...at present if we don't concede from a corner it is generally a sliced kick from Schemeichel into touch conceding possession, which we do all the time...again poor coaching. Another example would be the tempo we play at....Burnley came out of the blocks quick and hard on Saturday and we couldn't cope...we used to do the same and were often in front or well on top of games in the first 5 mins...getting going after 20 mins when your two down is not good enough...poor coaching and management pre-match as there not fired up. Rarely have we seen a change in tactics during a game, and often our biggest threat, Vardy, is isolated...poor coaching to have your biggest threat so isolated, and just imagine how many goals he could have scored if his service had been better.. A good coach/manager also recognises when players are in/out of form, but he keeps picking players badly out of form, some through a lack of alternative, Schmeichel, others because of a stubbornness/loyalty which is baffling...we had 4/5 clean sheets in a row with Dragovic/Maguire but Morgan walked straight back in and weve not been the same since at the back. equally Fuchs is a far superior left back to Chilwell, who hasn't learned from numerous mistakes he has made...he ball watches constantly and constantly gets caught out of position...he isn't being coached well as he isn't improving. I could go on...but as I said earlier a good manager/coach gets the best out of what he has got, and he has got less and less out of them as time has gone on. We are largely boring to watch now, and have become a soft touch at the back...IMO weve gone from being one of the toughest teams to play against to one of the weakest, and I simply wouldn't trust Puel with the transfer kitty/window that is coming up, and don't agree with the fact that he had no influence in January. He let plenty go, but only brought Diabete in, who at best looks an impact sub...so all in all, regrettably and frustratingly I think he has to go.
  15. Puel 4 - cant motivate the team, and keeps picking a, the wrong players , b, players bang out of form..he cant be trusted with the squad overhaul we need, he is uninspiring and negative...look at our set up when defending a corner, all 10 outfield players back in our box and no counter attacking threat...we have gone form being one of the hardest to one of the easiest to play against under his management Schmeichel 4 - one good save in lead up to 1st goal but he simply doesn't organise his defence or command his box, there is no pressure on his place and he has been consistently poor all season...another set piece goal where he is rooted to his line, and distribution shocking again. Time to drop him. Simpson 4 - gives possession away cheaply and caught out of position repeatedly. No alternative so he has to play until Amartey fit. Chilwell 5 - did ok going forward but repeatedly ball watches and doesn't learn from his mistakes...no doubt Morgans fault for goal 1 but Chilwell stands watching playing them onside. Fuchs should be ahead of him every game. Maguire 5 - worst game for a long time, he is at fault for second goal by not playing the simple ball out for a throw, conceding the corner...all over the place first half and out jumped/didn't jump for 2nd goal Morgan 4 - sorry Wes, first goal your fault (again) time to go mate, a good manager would see your legs have gone and the kamikaze seat of your pants defending doesn't cut it anymore,. Dragovic should replace Silva 6 - did ok and shows loads of promise, but he must have passed the ball straight out of play 5-6 times in the second half alone, the next 5 games are critical for him, I think there is a player in there but he needs to cut out basic mistakes and retain possession better Choudhury 6 - calm on the ball and did ok, definitely one for the future would probably fit Puel's style of play quite well...good start for him Gray 6 - again no end product but he showed flashes of what he is capable of, poor timing to sub him off on Saturday as he was looking threatening Mahrez 5 - tried hard and no faulting his effort but he was anonymous most of game...should have given Pope no chance with header first half, unlucky with free kick Okazaki 4 - another one who no longer merits a starting place, he has been fundamental tour success but he is either bang out of form, not fit, or past it...should be dropped Vardy 6 - cant fault his effort and a great finish for the goal, but he could have had 4 on another day and not quite at his best, still too isolated Iheanacho 6 - did ok but he often looks like he is sleep-walking through a game, deserves to start all remaining games to see just what he is capable of...after nearly 40 games I'm still not sure, much like most others I guess Diabete 6 - did more in his 20-25 mins in this game than the whole of the previous one, two great runs and crosses which ultimately came to nothing...at best an impact sub. A game we should have won was lost because of the kamikaze defending and for the complete lack of energy in the first 15-20 mins...yes we dominated from then on, but picking out of form players and others who aren't good enough is never a good combination, season over and major overhaul of squad is needed...Puel cant be trusted with that so time for another change regrettably, wrong appointment in the first place
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