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  1. I'm sure that is the case for a few, but there were only 8 left at 6.45am...my mate bought an extra one for his lad whose work plans changed, 9 when he logged in, 8 after he bought his
  2. 29 total...including 2 seats...left at 18:15 weds. good luck to those trying on Thursday
  3. I got mine today, I was on 389! When I logged on at exactly 8am, there were 245 standing and approx. 60 seats at that time...within 5mins there were approx. 100 standing and 25 seats so the "mad scramble" was about 180 odd tickets...I have kept an eye on it as a mate has 369 points but only 16 left at 9.55am so looks today will be the last day...unless they release a few more! As you said...all we ask for is a bit of transparency, I hate reading the constant moaning on here about tickets "disappearing" and all the conspiracy theories of whose nicked/taken them...I always expected t
  4. Going with my son, who was working at Download and was meant to see them last year, but due to the weather his allocated work was altered and he didn't see them...tongue in cheek comment, not really my bag but I've been told it is likely to be a great show!
  5. I don't think that is the case, they hold tickets back for telephone and office sales...my mate bought villa away semi final tickets in the ticket office last weds (4 in total, a 2 together and 2 singles) when they were sold out online last week at just gone 10am when the office opened, there were 5-6 in the queue...the lad in the ticket office told him that they had held some back for walk in sales at 10am...at 10.30 when the "walk in" sales were fulfilled they released about 10-12 back on sale online
  6. Exactly...I used to travel regularly with England, and in fairness to the FA, who ae usually rubbish at most things, they did publish a list of points/caps so everyone always knew where they stood in the pecking order...it allowed people to plan/book travel and time off with certainty once allocations were published, wouldn't take much for City to do the same!
  7. Spot on KrefelderFox, lunch today will indicate what is left for Weds, I've noticed a trend to your posts which is usually common sense and logic re ticket sales/availability...the biggest number of REGULAR ticket sales is always going to be priority scheme/P1...anyone looking at the brackets who regularly buys tickets would have seen that today would be a relatively slower day, there aren't going to be so many people between 390-400, meaning this was always likely to go to P3...mad scramble tomorrow but I suspect the club have set the brackets so it went to P3 and gave a wide points range for
  8. Not really my bag but going to see Slipknot next week....should be a good night if I take my earplugs!
  9. 19st 6lbs NYD 2019 and decided to cut out the booze for 3 months. I'm not what I would call a heavy drinker, couple of beers with food ever night, weekend at the match/pub and 4/5 pints max and the odd weekend binge when there was a meal/occasion etc...but the beer was becoming more of a habit, especially at home and when I did have more than a couple it was usually followed by late night snack...so decided the booze would go first. 3 months later, no drinking and no crap food following the beer and I was 3 stone lighter, not drinking during the week maintained the momentum and ano
  10. Glad you've got them...but why have we only been given/sold 4,226 on sale in a stand that has capacity of 7,100 in total...villa can only have given us permission to sell the lower number initially. That is what doesn't make sense, not how LCFC have sold them
  11. 475 tickets left across all blocks in the Upper tier at 9.45am, no lower tier blocks released yet
  12. I think it will make Friday, the priority points bracket is much smaller now compared to earlier in the week
  13. 575 left at 10.30...all blocks have been released, only tickets in Level 3 left...at least 300 sold today so far
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