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  1. West Brom (H) Match Thread

    Psh It's embarrassing to be a lesta fan when people read this forum.
  2. West Brom (H) Next Up

    Good grief. "Sack the manager" , "the manager is a fool" , "the manager is to blame" .... what on earth can shakey do for the boys that wanna play the way they wanna play?! All he he can do is get militant, which I for one reckon he will - if he has to. Personally I'd love to see a formation that involves all of our talent, just like everyone would. Grey on the left, use Albrighton as a left /back wingback from now on, or on the right with chilly master on the left and grey on the right - or left - whatever! Vardz and Ollieinachew up top, dragonman and the magic maguire centre of back, with a captain Morgan in the middle of 'em. Sod the midfield we bypass it but if you insist... stick our spanish hero in there as he has skill, balls, and temperament to control it - if needed, alongside our African supreme dream of ndidid indeed. As backup we have everyone's favourite worst nightmare as Andy (always helps the team) King, as well as (one of my favourite players) Amarty. What's the beef with the alternatives? Musa has his place in my eyes, speedy, precise - when used as a vardy like for like. Slimani. For me as good as Ian nacho but only if we're pumping crosses - great option! Look at the cup team, they play so well together. The point is... just because we've won once doesn't mean we're owed a bean, and the whole reason we won was because of positive vibes... we are Leicester. Leicester. In the same historical place as Watford. nobody thought we we would ever lose that time when we won - so if we can get behind the team that brought us everything, regardless of personnel, we can have it all, all over again! Ill go go back to the shadows now and wonder why most of you aren't professional football managers... (ps. Please note I didn't mention mahrez. Love the guy, but he wants to go, let him go, we're better off without)
  3. Hey! I am new here. I've been reading for a while so thought I'd create an account to join in. Leicester born but migrated south a few years ago