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  1. I think it's perhaps slightly reductive to take the newspaper interpretation that we are going to definitely sell Iheanacho to get Eduoard, given that another quite viable possibility is that the latter might be viewed as a long-term replacement for Vardy over the next couple of years. Although Youtube is by no means gospel, it seems that Eduoard is very different player to Iheanacho - he seems more of a conventional number 9. Sufficed to say, it looks like Brendan doesn't trust Iheanacho to play as the only striker - but I don't think he's lost faith in his usefulness in our team; perhaps looking at him more as a supporting striker.
  2. Neither had Andy King but it would be ludicrous to suggest he doesn't fit in with these players. Given the focus on youth, it was obvious that Brendan placed a lot of faith in Kelechi to step up this season - which to be fair he has in parts. Prioritising a younger player over someone over 30 is natural and also fit with Puel's ideology too, so perhaps both gave him the option to either spend most of the season on the bench, or go out on loan. Times change - we could have done with some more experience up front this year and I think, since we've already spent on Slimani, it would be wise to assess his mentality/physical state before shipping him off for good.
  3. The season in which he actually played was torrid and lacked a lot of direction in both the way we played and the managers we had and there were glimpses of his quality - I remember the Burnley game being of particular note. Given that he's played a large part of his career in the major European competitions I think it won't harm us to have him as an option for us. Undoubtedly, his playing style will be necessary against some of the nutcase centre-backs we're likely to face. What's more, if Brendan is insistent on having our wingers try to cross into the box regularly, surely having Slimani up there could be of benefit. Any suggestions that he doesn't fit in seem a little redundant/hearsay - only the staff and squad actually know that.
  4. Strange that you isolate one game as opposed to discussing the season on the whole - which is what I thought should be the focus when discussing the merits of a manager.
  5. Fundamentally, Brendan is right though. Our demise over the second half of the season has certainly casted enormous doubt over his credibility and perhaps more so, the quality/attitude of some of our players. But it's the same combination that took the league by storm and I think it's perhaps naive to suggest that Brendan drastically changed his philosophy that has lead to this. Injuries and a young, largely unproven squad are bound to suffer more from the loss of confidence our Christmas results would have created. But as fans, we equally suffer from the latter, tenfold; our confidence in a team that a few months ago, felt could challenge for the title has fallen off a cliff. Inexcusable as it might seem, we are still 4th with 3 games to play and look likely to break into a top 6 that was seemingly impenetrable. I think the psychology behind our loss of faith is quite similar to eating the best part of your Christmas dinner first, only to be left with the stuff you didn't want so much - so on and so forth until you end up with the thing you didn't want at all. Doesn't change the fact that you had the best bit, but leaves an incredibly unsatisfying taste at the end. So I suppose the question for all of us is: would we rather have had the 9 game winning streak, or had those results spread throughout the season? I think if it were the latter and we were still in this position, then perhaps we wouldn't be having this debate at all; and Brendan's system would still look just as effective. I suppose you can look to Wolves, who have a ridiculously talented squad, but drawn more games and won less, to see my point. Nuno is rightly regarded as a wonderful coach and lauded by their fans, whereas we've turned to disregard our own, who has achieved more highly. However you see it, Rome wasn't built in a day and it would be ludicrous to expect that with our small, relatively inexperienced squad, we would be able to maintain our form from earlier this season. Nonetheless, the signs and potential is there, so having some faith that we're still very much heading in the right direction is important during a difficult patch for us.
  6. I agree with some of the comments on this thread suggesting the need for experienced players to come in. In the event that we get any kind of European football next season it should be infinitely clear that our current squad hasn't got the depth to provide for the extra games, alongside the extra quality we'll need to do well in all competitions. Our injuries have shown just how fragile this we are - moreover how far behind certain players are in adopting our system. You look at someone like Redmond and Armstrong playing tonight and they looks far more incisive than Perez or Albrighton have, even when we were storming the league. I think it's absolutely time to sell as many fringe players as possible and ensure our full matchday squad can have an impact and play our system properly.
  7. Quite a considerable under-appreciation of just how good the start of our season was. We were ahead of Man City and keeping up with Liverpool until Christmas; arguably the two best club teams in world football on their day. All of that is testament to Rodger's coaching and the raw ability we have in our squad - to match that for half a season is phenomenal. The drop off coincided with being punished by the aforementioned teams - both with vastly more experienced, expense and coaching under their belts. A drop in our confidence was likely and when you haven't spent in the regions of the clubs around you, the depth of the squad really does get called into question. Europe is brilliant for us, full stop. We're still moving in the right direction and changing manager is an awfully bad shout considering everything.
  8. Seems good business especially if Mendy is heading out this summer. Experience at the highest level and a much more robust midfield option than either Hamza or Mendy when we need to hold on. An improvement on the squad that won't cost a fortune.
  9. Yeah I agree - testament to the club that effectively, the 'move forward' that Ricky P would make can only really be to one of Europe's giants, if not the biggest club in world football should the Barcelona rumour ever come to fruition. He is a bloody magnificent player who has been nothing but a joy to watch!
  10. What I find more positive is that Brendan is clearly unhappy with the level of performance and isn't using VAR as a scapegoat to mask a more foreboding issue. Hopefully the game against Birmingham can restore some confidence in our players - clearly they're lacking in self-belief. The difference Ndidi made when he came on was huge and hopefully we can have him fully fit for the run in - we desperately need him and it's clear that Hamza is nowhere near that standard. I personally think we need the experience of Fuchs in the key defensive areas for the run-in; he's far more physical and I really do believe that the ball doesn't get across our box if he's there instead of Chilwell - playing both might be the only way forward as so many teams are exposing the left-flank.
  11. Despite our magnificent season, perhaps one of the remaining question is our ability to beat the better teams in the league. City knew that they could bully us if they targeted the left-hand side and Mahrez alongside KDB taught Chilwell a few lessons that evening. I'd personally feel a lot more confident with Fuchs there, but doubt this will be the case.
  12. Trying to contemplate with human error alongside potential bias is in my book, something that's actually enjoyable especially when going to watch Leicester play live. The rawness of the emotion that transpires, for instance, when Jon Moss sent Vardy off against West Ham was in hindsight, a moment that unearthed a level of passion I didn't even realise I had for the game. Nonetheless, with the introduction of VAR and essentially less scope for referees to make mistakes, I don't believe that the aforementioned are worries at this point in time.
  13. This one, where for a brief spell we turned into prime Brazil '98 against Liverpool https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E4bdCdiKGto
  14. Personally don't see why this is still a thread - creating space on an online football forum to discuss the complexities of race is purely inflammatory and appears to have lent itself to unearthing insensitivity towards others. Dele Alli's video was careless and players in with such heavy public scrutiny should use an ounce of common sense in appreciating that their actions provide a breeding ground xenophobic responses from his followers.
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