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  1. When the Mercury described Gareth Williams as the ´Midlands Zidane´ just before we signed him from Forest.
  2. Our position in the market is very strong. We don´t need to sell at all and the player doesn´t even seem like he wants to force a move away. Both Manchester clubs absolutely must sign a centre back - a ball playing centre back with experience. Maguire has shone both Internationally and in the PL, therefore is one of very, very few that fits the bill here - not least the fact that both clubs will need their new CB to hit the ground running, which Maguire is more likely to do than a CB from another team in Europe. I would have thought Maguire would be more likely to want to go to City given their manager and recent success, however both Manchester clubs have immense wealth behind them and it means we can take them to the cleaners. Getting 80 million for Maguire will be the best piece of business we´ve ever done imo.
  3. Having a good season for a team that finished 9th makes me think that a lot of the bigger clubs will wait for one more year to see if he can replicate it in a (hopefully) more successful season. Again, we're in the golden era of extortionate transfer fees and it will take an absolute fortune for anyone to have him, which will only increase if the above happens. Up the city!
  4. I don't know if I agree completely. For us to climb into the top 6, we need a much more impactful substitutes bench - particularly going forward. Ghezzal, Gray and in the most part Albrighton have had very little success this season, especially when coming off the bench. So if we were to strengthen our squad then Townsend would certainly do that. Also, he hit great form last year and looks to have finally found his rhythm - 9 goals and 6 assists from a winger is something we definitely need.
  5. Weird to see dislike and hate for him. Lyrically he's immense, perhaps not as much in this one but in his other freestyles he's shown that he's super talented and his back story makes him really unique.
  6. Strong position in terms of our position in this market. A host of huge clubs will be after Maguire and to be able to charge the same as Southampton did for Van Dijk is excellent business. Defensively, our recruitment has generally been good in that department since coming up to the Premiership and nurtured the right players to come through. If selling Maguire means that we can comfortably afford Tielemans and another younger centre back/striker, then it makes sense.
  7. Don't really think it's much of a surprise that the top-6 fringe teams are linked with the same players. I imagine Brighton, Newcastle and Southampton are too. Essentially the player will either come with the proven track record for the top 6 to take a chance, or perhaps the potential, which is where we come in. In any case, a young striker who's doing fairly well in Germany is a good sign. The stats are less important for a 21 year old in my opinion. I feel that we were so focused on Iheanacho's stats and less considerate of the context; he played for a Man City team that created about five times as many chances as we do in games, rather than the raw ability of the player.
  8. I reckon he could do a job in the Championship as he is quick and certainly very tricky. Sadly, Premier League full-backs don´t give the time and space he needs to be effective.
  9. Jermaine Beckford. My god when he said that ´only weak people feel pressure´ I thought he was going to bang 50 goals, send us to the Premier League and win the Ballon D´or.
  10. Yeah I definitely agree. He needs a pre-season with Brendan and a genuine vote of confidence from the manager.
  11. Did exactly what we needed him to. Good lesson for all of us about ignoring the media portrayal of a player. He seemed so committed and dedicated to our club and had games where he was an absolute brick wall when we won the title. Our game has evolved and we´re lucky to have the best RB I reckon we´ve ever had at the moment - but Simmo is surely a close second. Good luck to him!
  12. A genuine, out-and-out champion. Even if he´s 35, he could be an incredible weapon from the bench. More importantly, we´ve got a few wingers who could learn so, so much from him. I also wouldn´t write it off completely. Cambiasso joined while Pearson was in charge - Robben actually might know Brendan from their Chelsea days. Would be very entertaining
  13. Thankfully he was excellent at Sporting and they will probably be in for him at an albeit cut-price rate. It´s hard to say whether it was a case of application or simply an inability to adapt. I imagine he didn´t have to do a lot of the pressing he was required to here, playing for a dominant team in their domestic league. Either way, he doesn´t meet our new ethos and should be shipped off as quickly as possible.
  14. I´ve never encountered a less enjoyable writing style in my life. The financial model of football clubs that aren´t global conglomerates depend on the sale of some players. We are about to build a new 100 million pound training complex. If selling Harry Maguire funds the majority of that, knowing full well that he´s having a dip in form and we have good back-ups, does that mean we lack genitals? If such a venture was affordable, all clubs would do it. In the same vein as Tottenham´s new stadium, something might well have to give for the long-term benefits for the club. If that means selling a few of our current emerging talents, we will have to be even more savvy and get new ones. Simple.
  15. Slaven Bilic made a really good point last week about the fact that a host of the giant clubs in Europe all seem to be vying for players in the same position this window as part of their rebuild, with similar preferences to the player´s style and ability. A ball-playing centre back who can chip in with a few goals is certainly on the agenda, therefore driving Maguire´s value up this window. Given our training ground plans, I think cashing in on someone like Maguire might be necessary in terms of our financial sanctity and given that we have Benkovic/Soyuncu, alongside the funds to strengthen our overall squad, I´d say it would be wise should a huge offer come in.
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