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  1. City v Liverpool scoreline prediction

    Liverpool aren't performing and we looked good in the second half. My worry is dealing with Coutinho - which we seem to have been quite incapable of in the last couple of games. Perhaps a 5 man midfield? Vards seems to love a goal against these so it bodes well that they can't seem to be able to defend.
  2. The Iborra Thread

    While he is a bit sluggish he is a bit of a tank - being that tall and powerful paid dividends in the second half. Offers something different going forward and his assist made him look like a more useful forward than Ulloa already.
  3. Hamer - 7 - Did what he needed to and kept a clean sheet; perhaps fortunate they weren't clinical enough to bag in the first half. Amartey - 7 - Had a rough first half but did far more in the second. Dragovic - 9 - Brilliant debut. Calm on the ball, aggressive and seemed to read the game well. Morgan - 9 - Excellent and controlled their forwards for most of the game. Chilwell - 8.5 - Brilliant to see him drive forward; starting to look far more aware too. Gray - 8 - Dangerous in the second half and unlucky not to score. Iborra - 9 - While a few of his passes flew into the stands, his presence was so important today. His retention of the ball in the second half was outstanding Henderson had an absolutely nothing game because of him. Very impressed. Ndidi - 9.5 - Machine. Albrighton - 7.5 - Typical display from Mr. Consistent. Slimani - 8.5 - Screamer after a quiet half. Really pleased for him though he ran his socks off chasing in the first half. Ulloa - 3 - Only negative about today. Ball bounced off him, won very few headers and didn't link up anything. Time's looking up. Shinji - 14 - Love him.
  4. Change in Style?

    Flexibility seems to be the key with our recruitment with regards to the system. Take Atletico Madrid; just before our game against them they went away to Real Madrid and snatched a 1-1 draw. They barely had the ball, played very deep and managed to get a goal - the majority of that game they were pegged back but, due to the quality they have when in possession, could still inflict damage while remaining resolute. When we played against them, particularly in the first leg they dominated. They could move the ball well and could easily have scored a couple more - taking nothing away from how solid we were. The ability to keep teams guessing is pivotal to their success; moreover, the ability of their players to utilise possession effectively in tight games is key to managing the game well. While Drinkwater is a loss; signing Silva; someone who seems to be more dynamic and is used to keeping the ball is a great benefit to us. Likewise, Iborra, Iheanacho, Dragovic and Maguire are all more inclined to possession football - with the ability to remain flexible. The fact that we've kept Schmeichel, Mahrez and Vardy means that our style will always fixate around the counter, but gives us the chance to deviate. I honestly never thought I'd say this, but fair play Rudkin; once everyone is fit and up to steam I think we've got quite the squad on our hands.
  5. Drinkwater says farewell

    I think it was more the fact that the most decorated footballer in Argentine history came here and played his part in the greatest of escapes. More a cult hero than anything but the way he conducted himself given everything that went on that year showed what a gent he was.
  6. Change is good ... this club is strong

    While I honestly think that losing Steve Walsh and the recruitment team and allowing a man with about as much gusto as Rodney Trotter to 'direct our football' is probably biggest verruca on our club, all in all, I feel like if we can bring in Silva and Chambers, we've had a decent window. Iheanacho is a signing that states genuine ambition. Iborra has an incredible CV so to have a player of his calibre with us will be a big plus in the long run. I am incredibly disappointed that they haven't dealt with the players who clearly want to leave the club in a more efficient manner, as it has now become a real case of panic at the disco. Roll on 11pm!
  7. Change is good ... this club is strong

    Agree with this post. I'm sure Spurs fans were gutted when Bale, Modric, Kranjcar etc left, but they rebuilt properly and are hitting new heights. No player is bigger than the club.
  8. Terrible players we've made look good

    Enoch Showumni did my head in
  9. Are our owners ambitious?

    Amazes me that this is even a thread. They took over an absolute shambles of a club; we were fairly resigned to mid-table Championship mediocrity for a long, long time. As soon as they took over they have bank-rolled several managers and treated the fans and city with the utmost respect. They wanted European football for us and we wouldn't have got there without them. They have a nurturing philosophy and are doing everything in their power to advance us as a football club. I just think they're not prepared to be made fools of; Sigurdsson for £45 million is far, far too expensive. Moreover, they're handing out £100k a week contracts to our star players to keep them here - surely that tells you enough about their ambitions and desire to succeed?
  10. I'm not trying to question his ability - I think he still has a valuable part to play here at Leicester. But you have to appreciate that in the Premiership he isn't afforded anywhere near as much space as he was yesterday. I am delighted that he got two goals, as it will boost his confidence massively, but if he missed that chance against United away on Saturday, you'd have a pretty tough time defending him, as it would cost us.
  11. You just affirmed the point I was trying to make. Being clinical is vital and we both know he should have scored.
  12. Hamer - 5 - We've found our new Conrad it seems. Let one slip under him which could have been a hell of a lot worse. Kicking was quite poor when he was required to aim precisely and he assumed their player would get his cross right when he toe banged into his near post. Clearly, he's probably about right at the lower end of this level. Chilwell - 7 - He's athletic, adventurous and always looked for the ball. Defensively he'll improve, particularly when to dive in or not - but he looked like he belonged at the higher end of the Championship already which is incredibly promising. Maguire - 9 - Brick shithouse. His massive head found it's way onto virtually everything they threw in there. Always looking to either run with it or pass too which is a joy to watch. Fuchs - 7 - Not his position but didn't look too out of place at all. Amartey - 7 - Looked fairly solid and played smart towards the end. Gray - 8 - They couldn't deal with him in the second half. We're in a bit of a pickle with him really as he still has a lot of work to do to reach Mahrez and Albrighton's impact to our team - BUT - he does need to be starting matches/ playing a lot more minutes. Absolutely devastating when he got a chance to run at their full back. Ndidi - 9 - Monster. Had both their midfielders in his pocket in the second half. King - 7.5 - Didn't do much wrong, but looked like he'd found the right pace for him when he was up against a Championship midfield. Musa - 7 - Made intelligent runs and always tried to carve something out. Good goal too. I reckon my Peugeot 206 has a better first touch though - astounding at times. Slimani - 8.5 - Great work for his goals, but he also missed a sitter and some of his play was reckless. Will do his confidence wonders however. Ulloa - 6 - Ineffective. Knight - 10 - One of the best 10 minute cameos you'll see all year. That block he made reminded me of Cafu!
  13. Is Maguire the best signing of the summer so far?

    When you consider that Mustafi cost Arsenal virtually double what we paid for Maguire, it's fantastic business. If he plays regularly like he did against Brighton you'd have to look a long way to find another defender who deserves an England start more than him.
  14. Which players have gone to better things?

    Knockaert - I think leaving Leicester, really finding his feet and securing promotion turned a boy into a man - albeit a drop in division initially but I think he's succeeded considerably given what he went through off the field too. Inler wasn't getting into our team but plays Champions League football every season at Besiktas now... Frank Sinclair managed to steal a living up until the ripeness of his early forties.
  15. Development of the side

    Liverpool have spent nearly a billion pounds and haven't won a title. We have with a tenth of the cost. We are hands down the most entertaining (albeit damaging to the heart sometimes) team to support in England - enigmatic, unpredictable and when we're on song we genuinely can beat anyone. I would say we've done well to stick to our guns.