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  1. His attitude and application has been fantastic. The definition of no nonsense and always looked like he had a smile on his face in training and never sulked after being a bit-part player over the past few years. Not so much in the prem, but he absolutely destroyed a large selection of championship strikers and was part of one of the league's best ever defensive pairings. His elbows were spectacular.
  2. The animosity he receives is obvious everyone's subjective right, but it's completely unwarranted. He's made a mockery of virtually every defence in the Premier League over the past 2-3 years; not consistently, in flashes, but he's done it nonetheless. He can look disinterested, lazy and frustrates beyond belief at times. But we've seen moments of genuine footballing brilliance from him. Whenever he's disappointed I always think back to Stoke at home when he did a flip-flap through their centre back's legs and set Ulloa up for a tap in. He should be playing regular Champions League football - anyone doubting that is in denial about our position in the footballing food chain. He's a rare, special talent and we simply won't be able to upgrade him - can only hope we unearth another gem who develops into someone as influential as he has been after a couple of years with us.
  3. Obviously way beyond our reach but a player like Chicarito Hernandez would be immense - out and out goalscorer.
  4. He wants CL football for certain and as a club he's helped take us to new heights - it's time for us to make a stance that if clubs want our players we're not letting them go cheaply - obviously Kante had a buy out clause which I'm sure might have quadrupled by now, but with Riyad we have a chance to be assertive.
  5. Yeah couldn't agree with this more - our successful seasons have directly followed a solid pre-season without any glitz and glamour - perfect time for new players to gel and CS to come up with a decent set of tactics.
  6. It's on Sky Sports in Ireland - interesting to see if a flight to Dublin, a night there and a few bevs at the pub while you watch the game would be cheaper than a train to London, an Arsenal ticket and a train home...
  7. To move forward we need to be able to bring on a player who can actually influence the game a bit, or offer something different. King isn't as creative as Drinky, not as strong or as much of an ariel threat as Ndidi, hasn't got the passing range of either of those players, doesn't seem to have the dogged defensive abilities of either, isn't as fast, rarely gets in to the opponent's box any more, doesn't really read the game that well and certainly doesn't influence the game... among other things. He's a legend at the club, but he's an absolute passenger. If we get our hands on Adrien Silva or another CM, it's time to loan him out elsewhere. He's not the kind of one club player that Scholes or Giggs was. We need progression.
  8. When Dean Windass went in goal
  9. Ruud Van Nistelrooy about 14 years ago when he banged in a hat-trick for fun.
  10. Yeah I agree mate - Another season and he'll probably hit the 300 games mark as well which is a tremendous feat for any player at one club. If we can keep him for two more years I honestly believe he'll stick around until he retires, which isn't a bad thing at all - he only seems to be improving. If he goes then we're in a bit of a pickle, as someone like Butland would cost an absolute fortune given that he's English. Handanovic, Muslera, Hart, Leno or Kameni wouldn't be bad (albeit expensive) replacements.
  11. If we're being brutally honest here a bit of this surely spouts from our own jealousy of how solid a team Spurs have been over the past few years. They've comfortably broken into the top 4, play ridiculously entertaining football, have an incredibly talented manager and an incredibly competent team. Moreover, they'll get CL football next year and could easily perform in that. Would be hilarious if we stopped them from winning it somehow, but overall I'd hope one day we can build to reach that level.
  12. Completely agree. We skipped about 14 stages of development given what we did last year. Bare in mind only 6 teams have ever won the PL. We need to become an established Premier League team, sign consistently good players and hopefully rise in the same way Tottenham and Everton have done. We're also Leicester - the most ridiculous, erratic and cardiac-arrest causing team in the world, so I don't expect that to happen without going on another rollercoaster.
  13. I was referring to the corners that didn't beat the first man - but fair enough I accept your point with throw ins.
  14. I said this earlier and got laughed at ffs! Think he'd be a decent signing without huge wages either. Also, last night I couldn't help but notice our distinct lack of umph when it came to set pieces. While Mahrez can hit a decent one over the wall now and then, he's not bagged one. Many of our corners were distinctly average and we have such a big powerful team that it seems a shame that we don't score more. Albrighton is in the top 20 crossers in the league numbers wise, but few are of distinct quality (as we quite gracefully learned when Felipe Luis whipped one in last night). I'm not suggesting we'd be able to get anyone like Calhanoglu but surely there's a good freekick taker that our scouting team could unearth.
  15. Have to admire Athletico too. We were immense and by the end of the game you could tell there was mutual respect for two teams who had a proper battle over two legs. When you look at the teams we've faced and beaten, we shouldn't let anything dent our aspirations for Leicester. We proved that we have a style of play and a level of quality to compete with some of the best teams in Europe - something unthinkable a few years ago. The players killed themselves on the pitch today, more so than I've ever seen them. As always with Leicester, the next couple of seasons could well direct us to new, more sustainable heights - potentially even as regular challengers for the Europa League, but also in the domestic competitions. What a club.