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  1. Iheanacho

    He's not had a fair crack just yet - he is a capable goalscorer who's only 20. He doesn't look sharp and won't until he gets regular game time and we can't afford that option until we can find a system for him to thrive in too.
  2. Man City Match Thread

    About 14 contenders for last ditch tackle of the month today. City are potentially the most clinical side in the league's history - think we've put up a good fight
  3. Next up . . . Manchester City (Home) thoughts?

    While it hasn't done in the previous international break, it certainly may have taken some of the steam out of the Man City side. Not to say that they don't have terrifying strength in depth and if on form, De Bruyne and Sane look like they could destroy any team put in front of them. Goes without saying that we won't keep them out, but their centre backs are still prone to the odd mistake. Vardy and Mahrez are going to have to be as clinical as they have ever been if we're to get anything from this.
  4. Ben Arfa

    Should Gray come into prominence over the next 2 months, we'd be able to take a club looking for a panic buy to the cleaners with Mahrez should he still wish to leave. If we're in the top half of the league, still in with a shot of 7th, he may well decide to stay. In any case, Ben Arfa is an impact player and someone worth investing in if his wages aren't too high and the desire is there. He showed that even in a truly dreadful (at the time) team like Newcastle, he does have great qualities. Gets on with Puel too which is a bonus so if he's going for free it's a win win.
  5. England squad

    Someone needs to put Jessie Lingard's agent in charge of the Brexit negotiations. Someone like Gray has shown more promise in the first half against Everton than Lingard has done all season. I am actually pleasantly surprised that he's dropped players like Oxlade-Chamberlain; someone who I'd genuinely rather drop at CM in place of Andy King - it does show a slight evolution in the thinking of an England manager.
  6. Why did we sack Craig Shakespeare...?

    I think you make a valid point there. A genuinely competent director of football would have evaluated the options before sacking any manager - moreover, shouldn't keel to the 'popular option'. While, as fans we all loved Shakespeare for everything he'd done for the club, including reinvigorating an underperforming squad, it still perhaps wasn't reason to hire him if he wasn't convinced himself. Personally, given the difficulty of our opening fixtures, it seemed as though the board were ready to sack Shakey as soon as the chips seemed down. Hindsight is a wonderful thing indeed, but certainly looking back on it they could have appointed someone else at the end of last season to ensure that they could build the squad they wanted for this season. It shows lack of foresight from Rudkin, but timekeeping clearly isn't his forte anyway. What is irritating is that he appears to be getting away with every single balls up he makes, while delivering bad news to all the people we love having at the club.
  7. Everton 2-0 (H) Post Match Thread

    Attacking in the first half an hour reminded me of the title winning season. Real gusto and a really interesting system that Everton couldn't cope with. I think it's a tad naive to expect the same in the second half against a team as desperate for points as Everton - given the quality of their squad too. Thought we managed the game really well and defended with a lot more concentration in the second half. We've had a pretty good week by all accounts it seems.
  8. Leeds Post Match Thread

    For some reason my mind couldn't help but wonder back to the Milwall game away where we played arguably the worst football all season. We are stronger this year - both mentally and in ability. Reasons for hope that the golden era isn't quite over just yet - a cup win would be magical.
  9. The Iborra Thread

    Such a useful addition it seems. He commands the ball, controlling the tempo of our play in a fashion we've rarely seen recently. Showing real class and if he keeps this form up he's a steal for the price we paid.
  10. Next City Manager?

    Dyche is a good option for us in truth. Very much over-performed with an incredibly limited budget and relatively poor facilities. He has developed a real nucleus at Burnley which isn't too dissimilar to our title winning formula - hard workers. I think with a bit more cash at his disposal he could do great things with us.
  11. He won away from home with 2 days to prepare his side, brought on King to sure up the midfield and Gray to inject some pace - how you've given Appleton the worst rating of the lot is pretty amazing.
  12. West Brom (H) Next Up

    Yep. We've spent a fortune since winning the league and our starting 11 is virtually identical. How the club could so foolishly not invest heavily in a talented scouting network given our successes is a genuine mystery.
  13. FIFA reject Adrien Silva appeal

    No good being bitter about it. This is entirely the fault of the people organising our transfers. We shouldn't have waited until deadline day to source a new midfielder that will bring something necessary to the team. Adrien Silva is someone we've monitored for a long time and would have strengthened our squad even if Drinkwater stayed. We were given an extension and we missed the deadline. The amount of time we missed it by is irrelevant - because, as much as I hate to say this, it is actually consistent treatment by Fifa. If they allow us to be late, they're essentially sending the message that everyone will be allowed to be late.
  14. West Brom (H) Next Up

    He'll still be in Bournemouth trying to do something of note.
  15. West Brom (H) Next Up

    Have to try a 5 man midfield here and if he goes with the same formation again we're done for. West Brom are well drilled and have a solid centre to them.