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  1. Bossman Blessed It

    Jamie Vardy

    This. Tunisia were backs to the wall. Against any side that wants to press England, Vardy will be the right man to bring on. It's important to see that objectively when it comes to England, because nothing feels worse than him being poorly rated for playing in a system that doesn't suit him. Buzzing for Maguire though.
  2. Bossman Blessed It

    Felipe Anderson

    The possibility of this is questionable but it is very exciting to think that we might have close to £60 million to spend on a winger if the owners are so inclined. I guess this calibre of player is bound to spring up.
  3. Bossman Blessed It

    Ricardo Pereira

    The summery fruits of optimism.
  4. Bossman Blessed It


    I think where Puel and the owners see eye to eye is the fact that we're a side very much in need of rebuilding. I think it's universally recognised now that a number of ageing players will have a much smaller role, if any next season. He's gone a long way in remedying this by placing a lot of faith in Gray, Diabate, Chilwell and more recently Choudhury. This is vital for the club and those players and although some of the football has been dire, we're back to a work in progress again. I think it's great that he's not tried to firefight by buying like for like replacements in a rushed January transfer window as this only worsens the underlying issue. The gradual progression to a young, athletic and dynamic squad is in progress and even Puel's biggest doubters (myself included at times) can see that. He said from the offset that Leicester is a project as opposed to a short term job. As a mid-table club aiming to push for the top 7, playing against both different styles of opponent (teams that will attack us and teams that will sit back) is a difficult approach. We have players who will keep the ball and with a solid pre-season, I'm confident that this can transform slowly into a side that can turn the possession into end product. Puel was well within his rights to remind us all about what's happened at Southampton since his departure. No structure, no game plan and poor transfers. Giving a full pre-season to a guy who's trying to build something with strong foundations is logical in my opinion. In reality, Pearson's approach to managing the club wasn't that far off Puel's - he brought good players at sensible prices and instilled a style and ethic that eventually lead to our most successful period.
  5. Bossman Blessed It

    Ricardo Pereira

    End of the day, the last really quick right backs we've had were Ritchie De Laet and before that, I can only really think of Kerrea Gilbert. To have an overlapping attacking right back will be immense. It's clear that Pereira is quick and can dribble, but in all honesty, it would still be a huge benefit to our style of play if we could get a technically gifted RB, like Trippier to come. Chilwell and Fuchs both offer a threat down the left and whether it be through pace or quality delivery, help down the right will soothe the creative loss of Mahrez.
  6. Bossman Blessed It


    It's what we've always wanted. For years and years, suffering in the Championship and League 1, we could only dream of being a financially secure, top 10 Premier League team. Our club has probably been given the most incredible stroke of luck in the combination of exactly the right owners, managers and players we needed to build a miracle. In the days where the biggest excitement we had in years was signing Gareth Williams from Forest, we couldn't have dreamed of landing international quality such as Iborra and Silva. We have a squad that is definitely better than at least 11 of the other clubs in the league and we look set to push for a top 7 finish next year. Consistency is a slow process. It took Tottenham years and years of finishing in the top half of the table for them to build a side capable of challenging the top 4. What's more, they're still absolutely miles off winning it, which is something we've already done. Ninth in the league is not a bad finish by any stretch. We've had some ups and downs and perhaps next year we will properly challenge in one of the domestic cups.
  7. Bossman Blessed It


    The training wear is usually where Adidas and Nike are a cut above the rest - definitely looks better than this season's and the actual logo/branding will be better. Win!
  8. Bossman Blessed It

    Wet Spam Match Threa- ah who cares

    Nice that the players who are clearly finished at the club are performing at their truly diabolically worst too - really helping fans to pinpoint the connection between a dreadful manager, a captain who should make a quick transition to landscape gardening, as all he seems good for is unearthing chunks of grass, a psychotic right back who, unsurprisingly can't cross nor defend, another right back who's only real talent is acquiring tattoos, a left back who genuinely believes that people like his inherently uncool clothing brand, a goalkeeper that seems surprised to be having to play football, a striker that we're still waiting for to reach a sprint, another striker that would manage to find a way to fall over after a contactless payment and finally a winger who could probably publish a bestseller, comprised solely of his own transfer requests.
  9. Bossman Blessed It

    Who do you want Summer 2018

    Imagine him down one side and Diabate down the other with Vardy in the middle. Fifa would be a fun game to play again.
  10. Bossman Blessed It

    Is N'Golo Kanté a Leicester City legend?

    Agree - longevity shouldn't come into it when it was such a miraculous achievement. Genuinely unique talent and was a joy to watch.
  11. Bossman Blessed It


    I think this is absolutely spot on. Our lack of aggression certainly seems to correlate with a lot of the speculation that players are unhappy with the intensity of Puel's methods. Even Vardy seems unnaturally conservative. Aggressive pressing is surely if he's going to persist with young players like Gray, Diabate, Choudhury, Chilwell and Iheanacho. In the past few games it's almost as if they're too unfit to actually chase and badger opponents.
  12. Bossman Blessed It


    The season that he played in behind Tim Cahill for Everton was excellent. Won loads of flick ons, was ultra aggressive and chipped in with quite a few goals. I think the biggest issue is that for whatever reason, managers have turned the ideal target man into a holding midfielder. His ability on the ball quite clearly lower than a lot of midfielders that he plays next to/against. I do think he'd be a great foil for Vardy though and would make an absolutely horrendous strike force for other teams to face.
  13. Bossman Blessed It

    Ben Gibson

    I agree - but we already seem quite set on keeping him and we definitely could do with another option at CB especially if Huth is on his way.
  14. Bossman Blessed It

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    While I completely understand your point I do think you may have misconstrued the person quoted. It's fairly safe to say that Riyad's magic formed a significant aspect of our recent successes. I think the post you quoted referred to the considerable negativity aimed towards him and the seeming desire of some for him to leave. I wholly agree that his alleged strike (and, let's be honest nobody seemed to know what was going on exactly) was absolutely unacceptable and it did demonstrate a degree of arrogance that is unfortunately common in some modern footballers. I also stand with you on the implication that we shouldn't have to let our best players go for less than we value them. However, when he's at his best I think we all can see that he may have outgrown us in terms of immediate potential. Bare in mind that if we allowed him to move he'd already have another Premier League medal and a chance to show his worth in the Champions League again next year as he reaches his peak age. Moreover, the chance to play for arguably the most gifted manager in the modern footballing era would take him to the next level in my opinion. The likelihood is that we'll receive a bid in the 70 million pound region - that's more or less 70 million pounds of profit, alongside the countless memories he's provided for all of us. With heavy hearts and huge thank you's, I think it's time we let him see how far he can climb.
  15. I actually think the team did reasonably well after the first half an hour. However, two players stood out in their crimes against defending. Wes genuinely can't have thought about that game with an ounce of positivity. He was slow, donkey-esque in his touch that lead to their first goal. He offered no presence for their second either. His inability to pass with his left foot/ play out from the back really hinders us. On the left side of the field we show a dynamic energy, looking more aggressive on the counter. Which brings me to our right hand side. When combined with Wes, SImpson is also tasked with trying to control one of his wayward passes (which isn't really his strong point either) - when combined with the fact that he's a great footballer when he doesn't have a ball at his feet, leads to giving away possession. The lack of communication for his back-heel balls up thingy that's now injured our goalkeeper was ridiculous too. Strikers from opposition teams will often press from left to right when we have the ball, knowing that they'd rather it ended up with either Morgan or Simpson. It's a clear weakness in our side, that Puel will certainly have noted for his transfer budget. I love the two players mentioned here for what they've done for us, but every club needs to let their heroes go once they become a hinderance. A younger, more technical right side of defence would transform the way we play. Wes and SImmo are excellent options if we need to grind out and hold on.