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  1. Mahrez to Man City shock

    While I completely understand your point I do think you may have misconstrued the person quoted. It's fairly safe to say that Riyad's magic formed a significant aspect of our recent successes. I think the post you quoted referred to the considerable negativity aimed towards him and the seeming desire of some for him to leave. I wholly agree that his alleged strike (and, let's be honest nobody seemed to know what was going on exactly) was absolutely unacceptable and it did demonstrate a degree of arrogance that is unfortunately common in some modern footballers. I also stand with you on the implication that we shouldn't have to let our best players go for less than we value them. However, when he's at his best I think we all can see that he may have outgrown us in terms of immediate potential. Bare in mind that if we allowed him to move he'd already have another Premier League medal and a chance to show his worth in the Champions League again next year as he reaches his peak age. Moreover, the chance to play for arguably the most gifted manager in the modern footballing era would take him to the next level in my opinion. The likelihood is that we'll receive a bid in the 70 million pound region - that's more or less 70 million pounds of profit, alongside the countless memories he's provided for all of us. With heavy hearts and huge thank you's, I think it's time we let him see how far he can climb.
  2. I actually think the team did reasonably well after the first half an hour. However, two players stood out in their crimes against defending. Wes genuinely can't have thought about that game with an ounce of positivity. He was slow, donkey-esque in his touch that lead to their first goal. He offered no presence for their second either. His inability to pass with his left foot/ play out from the back really hinders us. On the left side of the field we show a dynamic energy, looking more aggressive on the counter. Which brings me to our right hand side. When combined with Wes, SImpson is also tasked with trying to control one of his wayward passes (which isn't really his strong point either) - when combined with the fact that he's a great footballer when he doesn't have a ball at his feet, leads to giving away possession. The lack of communication for his back-heel balls up thingy that's now injured our goalkeeper was ridiculous too. Strikers from opposition teams will often press from left to right when we have the ball, knowing that they'd rather it ended up with either Morgan or Simpson. It's a clear weakness in our side, that Puel will certainly have noted for his transfer budget. I love the two players mentioned here for what they've done for us, but every club needs to let their heroes go once they become a hinderance. A younger, more technical right side of defence would transform the way we play. Wes and SImmo are excellent options if we need to grind out and hold on.
  3. Iheanacho

    He's a 21 year old striker who has 7 goals in 3 assists in 24 games - many of which have been from the bench. I think it's absolutely ludicrous to rule him out already because he's not scoring at a similar rate to Vardy. He has shown real glimpses of quality; not only in his link up play but also in some of the goals he's scored. In my opinion he's far more handy than Slimani was. He outshines Musa by a country mile.
  4. Kasper Schmeichel

    The amount of points he's gained for us over the years and the level of consistency he's shown are nothing short of spectacular. All you need to do is think back to the Champions League last year to regain a few fond memories. He was absolutely dreadful yesterday but I suppose when a goalkeeper is having a stinker it's far more evident in the scoreline.
  5. I do think Simpson is probably nearing the end given the way we're changing our playing style - a more dynamic right back would give us something a little extra. Chilwell is an excellent prospect - but you can't knock Fuchs for the attacking threat he offers; he whipped in several excellent crosses, can take corners well and can even throw, so I don't really know what you expect. Gray is an excellent player in the making, and really, if he had as much game time as some of the other players his age then we would see far more of an end product. He's pacy, direct and has an excellent right foot, so in terms of offering things to the team, I don't know what more you'd want in a winger. As for your criticism of Ndidi, we have a player who I genuinely think will be subject to massive interest from very big clubs, who's playing out of his socks - he was immense yesterday and one of the best young midfielders we've ever had. Get a grip.
  6. Have we got option to buy for Dragovic?

    He's a perfect fit for our growing playing style. Not once did he try to just leather it anywhere through lack of options - he actually looks for the pass, even if it means going back to Kasper. Having two ball playing centre backs is transforming us massively and it's wonderful to see. He also made some great challenges yesterday and showed an element of experience when Deeney and Ndidi were having a little qualm.
  7. Ref today

    Second yellow might have been a bit harsh but was certainly justified. Learning curve for Chilwell. Mahrez swung a leg out for the penalty appeal too and in all honesty, I'd be furious if another team got a pen for that against us. Had a good game.
  8. Andy King

    Without agreeing with the mightily aggressive tone, I agree with your underlying point. Now that James is back in contention and Silva is able to play, we have a good selection of midfielders offering a variety of playing styles. I think the "freaks" are perhaps less inclined to having a squad player such as King, who, undeniably can look a bit out of his depth at times in the Premier League. Again though, he will go down as one of the true greats at this club; it's rare to have a player so committed to one team and applied such integrity throughout the absolute madness that's happened here in his time.
  9. On reflection...

    I think at times we can often underrate our own team. Despite losing Drinkwater and not having Silva available, imaginably scuppering plans a lot and having a manager sacked, we're sitting comfortably at 8th. The quality of our squad seems to have improved, to the point where you'd be justified in saying that we have the 8th best squad in the league and are therefore performing exactly to the standards we should be. Maguire, Iborra (and in 8 minutes) Silva all represent a shift in our recruitment policy. All things considered, I'd say we're in a very good place as a club, when things didn't look so around 3 months ago.
  10. Riyad Mahrez - The great Artist

    While it would be lovely if he could stay with us for his whole career, he's certainly paid his dues here now. Games like today show the gulf in quality that he possesses. His touch is genuinely world class and his influence on games recently is yet another reminder of the impact he can have on an otherwise fairly uncreative side. Obviously we shouldn't be taken to the cleaners and I certainly don't think we will given today's market, but it's fair to say that he deserves the chance to show what he can do in a more successful side. Realistically, if Arsenal sell Sanchez in January, they are likely to come in for Mahrez.
  11. Huddersfield (H)..up next!

    They'll probably sit back for most of it, but I think we'll have enough.
  12. Slimani to Watford or Besiktas?

    While in an ideal world he'd have time to get a string of successive league games under his belt, which may create for a striker more in tune with what we require from him, no club in the league can afford that time. He would probably fit a system where he is the main striker and we pepper the box with crosses and balls in, but in truth we don't look like we're evolving in that way. He looks a little jaded now, which is understandable; coming from a period of time at a club you love and were successful at can't be easy. It would take the burden off if we could ship him off this Jan.
  13. Ben Arfa

    I would be irritated if we thought about an attacking midfielder before two full backs and a centre back. If Mahrez is staying there really isn't a pressing need for someone like Ben Arfa - and if Mahrez does decide to stay in the longer term, signing a 30 year old who, in both statistics and public perception isn't really close to Riyad, there's not much point.
  14. Player of the First Half of the Season

    Wif has been immense - most tackles by quite a distance in the league at an incredibly young age. Does the dirty work that we've missed so much since Kante left.
  15. Harry Maguire will be a big player for us.

    At times it's like Zlatan meets Cafu