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  1. Goalkeeper who made a decent impression for an awful side who doesn't mind sitting on the bench. An improvement to the squad for certain which will only push Kasper on even more.
  2. Vardy was dreadful when he started too and took similar touches, made similar runs and had similarly bad efforts on goal as Musa did. Now the season has been and gone and we've had time to reflect on it, Musa in my opinion was used as a bit of a scapegoat in a lot of games - perhaps because he was new to a side that we were so used to winning before that. At 23 years old, he moved to a brand new environment - into an incredibly hostile situation at the club where all of ours players were suffering a huge decline and the media was pinpointing our every weakness. Whatever happened with Ranieri obviously would have taken its toll too. Combine that with what must have been a torrid and rather embarrassing time at home (once the papers caught wind). You're left with an incredibly tough spell and I doubt any of us would have come through that shining. It's testament to his character that at his age, with all that going on he still finds the energy to go back to Nigeria and help people in need. At 23, I could barely pack my own lunch. It's refreshing to see that after all that, he's clearly gaining recognition for having a great pre-season and might be finally settled here now. Given that he's our player, we'd be foolish not to give him another try because we were trying to forget all the negatives of last season. Similar thing applies to Slimani imo - we should aspire to be a club that nurtures, not simply discards like other rich teams do.
  3. While you are absolutely right with that it's no secret that if Mahrez goes, we need to replace him with someone creative and talented; which of course the stats suggest. He might not be a success, but he had a very good season in France and should cost less than the next realistic option in Sigurdsson. Absolutely no imagination from our recruitment team though; going for another Algerian from France named Riyad.
  4. Yeah precisely mate - he's already getting slagged off on here because he isn't the complete midfielder who can defend and score goals (albeit quite ironic, given that he seems to be exactly that). He's captained a transformation at Sevilla that turned them into a team that genuinely outclassed the Europa League three times. As with Cambiasso, we'd be naive not to appreciate a player at that level. Moreover, we've only seen him play one full game against us, in absolutely monstrous form - baring in mind we beat Man City and Liverpool comprehensively but couldn't outplay Millwall should suggest that he needs to be involved before anyone can really judge. Got to trust our scouting team that he's a far more valuable midfielder than King, James or Mendy.
  5. Anyone moaning about the cost of these players needs to get a grip. Not only are we living in an age where clubs are happy to throw a tenth of a billion pounds on players they didn't have the patience to keep for a few extra years. But we're also having to cough up the most as fans. Our owners are rich and happy to spend on us; something you can almost guarantee your left bollock on not happening could they not afford to do so. As for Iborra, he's won 3 Europa Leagues and been part of an incredibly successful Sevilla side - captaining the club, meaning that he must have considerable leadership qualities. At 29 he's still got a few years in him and looks reasonably versatile too as he's clearly capable of chipping in with a few goals. For £12 million, we could do a lot, lot worse.
  6. Whoever we sign it would suggest that Okazaki will be playing less of a starting role next year, which is probably fair given his goal scoring (or lack, thereof; I'm a huge fan of his, but we do need two goal scorers in there). While Troy Deeney might be about as inspiring as Smartprice Ketchup, his record isn't awful, considering what a dry team he played for. 25 goals in two years averages out quite well. With Deeney, we know exactly what we'll get; a hard working, tough, brawler of a centre forward. He's good in the air and is very powerful - factors which (despite the aforementioned lack of inspiration), we can't really deny. The price Watford value him at is ridiculous though, which certainly should put us off him and aim for a young, (almost definitely) more talented Iheanacho. Plunging any footballer into a new country, club and culture as the club's record signing just after their most successful season, all while not fully fit are all contributing factors to Slimani's hot and cold season. Personally, I'd like us not to be a club that completely disregards £30 million players who've only started a handful of games. Iheanacho seems the most sensible buy in that sense, as he's young and won't have a world of expectation on his shoulders - if he's phased in slowly, he can have an impact in the long term should Slimani not produce the goods this year.
  7. Realistically, the champions league contenders for next season are: - Man City - " United - Arsenal - Chelsea - Tottenham - Liverpool Baring in mind that two of those teams won't make it into the Champions League, where exactly could we fit in? We won the league in a year where Chelsea had a nightmare and United couldn't win for toffee. Liverpool were also pretty bang average as Klopp was settling into his role. The height of the task at hand monumental and again, reiterates just how massive an achievement our title winning season was. Next season, the aforementioned teams will be stronger than ever - with even more financial backing and, if rumours are anything to go by, some outstanding players. We do not come close yet.
  8. He said his heart is set on Bordeaux so ****ing send him there. He's clearly not got the bottle if injuries have caused him to clearly regret his move to Leicester. Ranieri seems to have been the sole purpose for him to join, now he's gone I doubt Mendy has much reason to want to stay.
  9. y tho?
  10. Agree - I honestly feel the exact same way about Andy King. Both collectively and individually these two have done so, so much for the club. But they can't stay forever and we need to combat the age of some of our regular starting players by phasing them out.
  11. Remember an interview where Vardy said he felt the toughest CB in the league was Smalling, given his pace and strength. I think at 27 years old he's at a very good age and we could get a solid 3-4 years of service from him. Fits the British nucleus of our team too and knows the Premier League inside out by now. Certainly worth it I feel.
  12. With reported figures we might as well brace ourselves to get absolutely shafted again (Kante was a slightly different situation, but in hindsight we definitely did get shafted). Mahrez showed that if he's in a team that's playing well, he's fantastic. He's won a league title and was crowned as player of the year literally this time last year. Granit Xhaka went for £35 million to Arsenal. ****ing Moussa Sissokho cost £30 and he played one decent game in the Euros. If we can't bump it up to £50 million and get a buyer then someone's had a shocker negotiating a deal.
  13. We need to improve the quality of it to push on for the Europa League I would say. The biggest issue for us isn't our starting players, but the players who often step in as substitutes or fill the gap when they are injured: King - God I love Andy King, I really do. Right from when he announced himself with that screamer against Southampton, through the dredges in league 1 all the way to Champions League football. Andy King is truly a one-club man - which I have a bit of an issue with...because he's not a one-club man like Giggs, Neville or Scholes were one-club men. Nor is he a one-club man like Terry, Puyol or Tony Adams. One-club players are unique and bring an original, definitive excellence to the team. Andy King hasn't been a regular starter since early on in the second Pearson era. He adds virtually nothing. He does get stuck in when he finds himself within a legs distance to the ball - but he is yards off the pace. He looked like he'd been out the night before that Bournemouth game. He isn't someone who realistically competes with Drinky or Ndidi. Amartey - He's young, hasn't had the chance to prove himself at CM yet and may well be shifted to CB. Technically, he's nowhere near Ndidi. He can't be relied on to do a job should we suffer a long term injury. Gray - He's bloody exciting but he's no Riyad yet. Given that the aforementioned is probably leaving, it would be great to see him get a solid run in the team. That being said, if you fail to prepare then prepare to fail. Not spending the large sum of money that we should get for Mahrez would be a step in the wrong direction, as the overall quality of our squad is decreased when he's taken out of it. Lawrence - Same as above I think. Needs to be phased in slowly. James - In my opinion far more agile and athletic than King, but he's just come back from 18 months out. Players lose their pace and sharpness and I would think he might need another season on loan to get back to his best again. Mendy - Can barely remember... So - I would say we needed a quality CM to back up Drinky and Ndidi - it would only bolster an already talented squad.
  14. His attitude did look to have changed somewhat, particularly after we went out of the Champions League - as if he knew his time here was over. So no, I think it's time we moved on now. That being said I do not want him to join another Premier League team.
  15. Whilst I don't disagree in the slightest, given that he was one third (albeit the most important most city fans' opinions) of a trio of players that acted as the catalyst to our success and that he had only done well in one season here in England, I get the feeling that his desire to leave for a more established club drove his price down slightly all factors combined.