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  1. What is important to remember is the article that was posted here a few weeks back, eluding to the psychological struggles he faced, particularly in his final season with us. I think, sufficed to say, one of the most toxic elements of football tribalism is the brutal nature of the game, especially on youngsters who aren't performing well. We've been fortunate to have players like Vardy, Kasper, Wes, Fuchs etc that all seem to have hit their heights at quite unconventional ages, meaning that a transfer away from Leicester is slightly less incentivised. The aforementioned almost seem like one-cl
  2. Under and Barnes provide an excellent combination in terms of our width. Really, you can start to see how BR aims for our shape to prove incredibly problematic for the opposition. If, for instance, Ricky/ Castagne plays as the full back, it will inevitably offer space for the other winger as midfielders try to cover the overlap/underlapping runs. Subsequently, it leaves Maddison/Tielemans in much more room to play through to either Vardy on the move or the opposite wing. Under's fitness is clearly improving and given that he probably still isn't fully ready physically for 90 mins in the PL, hi
  3. I wonder if City fans called for Pep's head after they lost 5-2 against us...
  4. The consistency in how well each player knows their role is something that really stands out to me. Pep got a lot of credit when City demonstrated it in the season they reached over 100 points, but it's clear that Brendan's philosophy has great buy-in, which he deserves immense credit for. He's releasing a refreshed potential for players like Albrighton, Morgan and Mendy too - they have proven to be worth their weight in gold recently. BR also seems to be using his substitutions much more wisely too - a clear identity of what they should be introduced to achieve. Our new signings
  5. Annoyingly I think a lot of us expected to get a player of quite similar ilk to Jimenez at Wolves when we signed Slimani; strong, good in the air and aggressive - ironically Slimani's goalscoring record in Portugal is far superior to the aforementioned. I think the game against Burnley where he was exactly that gave reason to believe he would produce the goods on a long term basis. The changing of managers, alongside Vardy's seemingly endless progression as a striker has left Slimani at the back of the queue - something I would certainly rather side with as opposed to speculation that he's not
  6. Ideally he wouldn't have been thrown in the deep end but he's handled it excellently in my opinion. When you consider that we're asking an already inexperienced right back to fill in a left back for a team aiming for the top 4 in a league that's two divisions higher than he was playing a year or so ago - JJ has been impressive. Not least the fact that we're missing arguably the best full back in the league, only highlighting his weaknesses further. He's not great positionally yet, but it's noticeable that he's not as good on the left at this level - something he hopefully won't need to do for
  7. Daft to read too much into it and all the posters suggesting the performance/players are an 'embarrassment' need to get a grip. The final ball really lacked today but it shouldn't seem surprising that given Praet and Maddison were out, we couldn't find it. It's pretty clear that Perez isn't up to that task. A good two weeks to have a fit squad will be huge for us - we also move a lot closer to Ricky P coming back as I think gaps in Justin's positional ability were exposed today.
  8. Easy to forget that he's the same age as Maddison but offers something completely different in the way he can dictate our tempo. He showed intelligence, grit, fitness, defensive discipline and the swagger in which he played a few of the passes today showed we've got an unbelievable talent on our hands. Had an air of Modric about him today. Loved it.
  9. Hopefully see Under get some game time - obviously a different approach to today's game. Hopefully Evans and Praet are find - but obviously Maddison could step in for the latter.
  10. Looks like he's hit the gym in his time off too - seemed to win a lot of his physical battles and the pace to catch De Bruyne at one stage was wonderful.
  11. Absolute masterstroke in fielding a dogshit 11 against Arsenal so we're one of the few teams to have a full week off before our next game. On a serious note, the rigidity and discipline of our performance reminded me of Mourinho's Inter Milan in the CL final - joyous.
  12. The attitude he's shown to keep working despite probably being made aware of his shortcomings at RW is brilliant, however. He tracks brilliant and although it was probably easily missed, he made some good blocks against Burnley and made sure that McNeil was doubled up on to good effect. We're obviously a team that now has the ball more often than not, so it's probably fair to say that we need attacking intent rather than defensive in his position - which Under should hopefully provide. He'll prove useful with our fixture list this season I'm sure.
  13. Didn't look arsed at all about the fact that it was a new league, new club and a team that he's only trained with twice. Could have been a potential banana skin with the trickery of their wingers but he was very measured in his approach.
  14. Like a new signing today. Got stuck in and played with intelligence, guile and an understanding that forward passing needs to be a part of Leicester's CDM. He's got a future after all and it should serve as an example to all the posts suggesting we were making a mistake by giving him an extension that he does have the ability.
  15. Some real successes individually in there and perhaps all the anxiety/nerves we had before the season ignored the fact that when we're playing well, we're a dominant team. There were moments where we looked leagues ahead of West Brom, which was excellent. Brilliant to see Maddison back in the mix too. Of all, I thought Tielemans was absolutely outstanding and controlled the every aspect of that midfield. So happy for him.
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