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  1. Thought he was excellent today. Giroud is an absolute handful and so are Pedro/Pulisic, but I thought they were all very intimidated by Soyuncu. He's got a real presence and certain that thing that Wasyl, Tunchev and Huth had about them too; scary as ****!
  2. My god the stuff we were playing in the second half definitely should have converted a few over to his way of thinking. Watching us dominate against a skilful, tough team like Chelsea is joyous to watch and we'll only get better.
  3. Bizarre to be so down about a draw against a team who are clearly very well set up and have some great players. We're not quite sharp yet, but that will come with a few games under the player's belts.
  4. I think the most important progression is how our style of play had developed towards the end of last season. We played a brand of football that we didn't even see during the title winning season (apart from that absolutely mental tiki-taka moment against Liverpool at home). So I guess the progress comes in the sense that we have a better squad than this time last season, but most importantly, a coach that appears to be able to get the best out of this squad; evidently something we didn't have this time last season.
  5. The longer this goes on the more I'm hoping we place some faith in Benkovic and Soyuncu instead of splashing out. We have a centre back who's already won the SPL and looks a man-mountain. Soyuncu is prone to the odd mistake but has shown that he is incredibly competent as a ball-player. When you look at the likes of Joe Gomez and Stones, the amount of mistakes they made at their early stages has only turned them into stronger players. Signing Tarkowski only pushes them further away from realising their potential here.
  6. Realistically we won't be able to tempt any players who are about to embark on European football this season, which is price bracket that we perhaps find ourselves in given how much we've got from Maguire. Aissa Mandi completed more passes than any centre back in La Liga and would offer us a relatively cheaper and very stylish centre back. I think Salif Sane from Schalke is an absolute unit and statistically would win the ariel duels that Harry did for us. I reckon we will end up going for Tarkowski though as he probably fits the mould and will need very little time settling in.
  7. Difficult to solely base an opinion on Tarkowski's effectiveness as a defender purely because, with all due respect, he's been playing for Burnley. They finished 15th and weren't great for much of it at all, struggling with the initial demands of European football. In quite similar respect to when we got Maguire in all honesty - we knew we were getting a solid centre back who shone in a relegated side, but I don't think many would have predicted the meteoric rise he had. I think in a team that's genuinely pushing for 6th like ours, Tarkowski could flourish - he won't have to centre his game around getting the tin hat on and sitting back for most games, absorbing pressure. All this being said, I'd like to think that Soyuncu and Benkovic could do a job - they seem willing and able to learn quickly.
  8. He's our third best right back, seventh best centre back and fourth best defensive midfielder - makes no sense to keep him considering he's going to take a while to get back to fitness after his injury.
  9. Being able to take the top goalscorer from another Premier League side is a sign of our reputation and intention. Really excited to see how he fits in with our attacking style, as he's basically had to scrap for those goals in a largely defensive team beforehand.
  10. Considering he got 12 goals in a team that basically limited themselves to a handful of chances per game (to varying degrees of success), I'd say he's got potential. He's at a good age and knows the Premier League well by now too. If Rodgers can see it in him then surely we should be positive about this given that it's his first transfer window? He is certainly an improvement on Ghezzal, Iheanacho, Gray, Barnes and Albrighton (attacking-wise at least), so will make us more competitive.
  11. When the Mercury described Gareth Williams as the ´Midlands Zidane´ just before we signed him from Forest.
  12. Our position in the market is very strong. We don´t need to sell at all and the player doesn´t even seem like he wants to force a move away. Both Manchester clubs absolutely must sign a centre back - a ball playing centre back with experience. Maguire has shone both Internationally and in the PL, therefore is one of very, very few that fits the bill here - not least the fact that both clubs will need their new CB to hit the ground running, which Maguire is more likely to do than a CB from another team in Europe. I would have thought Maguire would be more likely to want to go to City given their manager and recent success, however both Manchester clubs have immense wealth behind them and it means we can take them to the cleaners. Getting 80 million for Maguire will be the best piece of business we´ve ever done imo.
  13. Having a good season for a team that finished 9th makes me think that a lot of the bigger clubs will wait for one more year to see if he can replicate it in a (hopefully) more successful season. Again, we're in the golden era of extortionate transfer fees and it will take an absolute fortune for anyone to have him, which will only increase if the above happens. Up the city!
  14. I don't know if I agree completely. For us to climb into the top 6, we need a much more impactful substitutes bench - particularly going forward. Ghezzal, Gray and in the most part Albrighton have had very little success this season, especially when coming off the bench. So if we were to strengthen our squad then Townsend would certainly do that. Also, he hit great form last year and looks to have finally found his rhythm - 9 goals and 6 assists from a winger is something we definitely need.
  15. Weird to see dislike and hate for him. Lyrically he's immense, perhaps not as much in this one but in his other freestyles he's shown that he's super talented and his back story makes him really unique.
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