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  1. Kasper Schmeichel

    The amount of points he's gained for us over the years and the level of consistency he's shown are nothing short of spectacular. All you need to do is think back to the Champions League last year to regain a few fond memories. He was absolutely dreadful yesterday but I suppose when a goalkeeper is having a stinker it's far more evident in the scoreline.
  2. I do think Simpson is probably nearing the end given the way we're changing our playing style - a more dynamic right back would give us something a little extra. Chilwell is an excellent prospect - but you can't knock Fuchs for the attacking threat he offers; he whipped in several excellent crosses, can take corners well and can even throw, so I don't really know what you expect. Gray is an excellent player in the making, and really, if he had as much game time as some of the other players his age then we would see far more of an end product. He's pacy, direct and has an excellent right foot, so in terms of offering things to the team, I don't know what more you'd want in a winger. As for your criticism of Ndidi, we have a player who I genuinely think will be subject to massive interest from very big clubs, who's playing out of his socks - he was immense yesterday and one of the best young midfielders we've ever had. Get a grip.
  3. Ref today

    Second yellow might have been a bit harsh but was certainly justified. Learning curve for Chilwell. Mahrez swung a leg out for the penalty appeal too and in all honesty, I'd be furious if another team got a pen for that against us. Had a good game.
  4. Andy King

    Without agreeing with the mightily aggressive tone, I agree with your underlying point. Now that James is back in contention and Silva is able to play, we have a good selection of midfielders offering a variety of playing styles. I think the "freaks" are perhaps less inclined to having a squad player such as King, who, undeniably can look a bit out of his depth at times in the Premier League. Again though, he will go down as one of the true greats at this club; it's rare to have a player so committed to one team and applied such integrity throughout the absolute madness that's happened here in his time.
  5. Riyad Mahrez - The great Artist

    While it would be lovely if he could stay with us for his whole career, he's certainly paid his dues here now. Games like today show the gulf in quality that he possesses. His touch is genuinely world class and his influence on games recently is yet another reminder of the impact he can have on an otherwise fairly uncreative side. Obviously we shouldn't be taken to the cleaners and I certainly don't think we will given today's market, but it's fair to say that he deserves the chance to show what he can do in a more successful side. Realistically, if Arsenal sell Sanchez in January, they are likely to come in for Mahrez.
  6. Huddersfield (H)..up next!

    They'll probably sit back for most of it, but I think we'll have enough.
  7. Player of the First Half of the Season

    Wif has been immense - most tackles by quite a distance in the league at an incredibly young age. Does the dirty work that we've missed so much since Kante left.
  8. Harry Maguire will be a big player for us.

    At times it's like Zlatan meets Cafu
  9. Southampton (A) 4-1 Post Match Thread

    5 points off the top 4 after 17 games is incredibly good. Puel outsmarted his counterpart today and we ran them ragged. So happy for Shinji too!
  10. Puel

    I particularly agree with your point about playing youth. It's vital for our future as a club and he's recognised the talent that Gray and Chilwell have. We're 8th and as we keep grinding out results the gap between us and 10th widens. He has used the squad in a far more constructive manner than Shakey or Ranieri in his second year did. Possession isn't worthless at all and we've had to evolve from a system that became incredibly easy to defend against and was really hard to watch. Our centre backs aim to keep possession and play from the back, which is bound to lead to some sideways and backwards passing. But, allowing Mahrez, Gray and Albrighton flexibility and freedom in the final third is incredibly difficult to defend against. We're scoring goals and the players look to be gelling well under the system.
  11. Iheanacho

    He's not had a fair crack just yet - he is a capable goalscorer who's only 20. He doesn't look sharp and won't until he gets regular game time and we can't afford that option until we can find a system for him to thrive in too.
  12. Man City Match Thread

    About 14 contenders for last ditch tackle of the month today. City are potentially the most clinical side in the league's history - think we've put up a good fight
  13. Next up . . . Manchester City (Home) thoughts?

    While it hasn't done in the previous international break, it certainly may have taken some of the steam out of the Man City side. Not to say that they don't have terrifying strength in depth and if on form, De Bruyne and Sane look like they could destroy any team put in front of them. Goes without saying that we won't keep them out, but their centre backs are still prone to the odd mistake. Vardy and Mahrez are going to have to be as clinical as they have ever been if we're to get anything from this.
  14. Ben Arfa

    Should Gray come into prominence over the next 2 months, we'd be able to take a club looking for a panic buy to the cleaners with Mahrez should he still wish to leave. If we're in the top half of the league, still in with a shot of 7th, he may well decide to stay. In any case, Ben Arfa is an impact player and someone worth investing in if his wages aren't too high and the desire is there. He showed that even in a truly dreadful (at the time) team like Newcastle, he does have great qualities. Gets on with Puel too which is a bonus so if he's going for free it's a win win.
  15. England squad

    Someone needs to put Jessie Lingard's agent in charge of the Brexit negotiations. Someone like Gray has shown more promise in the first half against Everton than Lingard has done all season. I am actually pleasantly surprised that he's dropped players like Oxlade-Chamberlain; someone who I'd genuinely rather drop at CM in place of Andy King - it does show a slight evolution in the thinking of an England manager.