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  1. I wouldn't look as deeply into it as you seem to have here - I'm curious to know how and why you think he's an "utter ****" for a year too. Wanting to leave Leicester after our miraculous title win, when you're awarded the player of the year isn't selfish - it's trying to make the most out of a 'prime' that evidently only lasts for a very short while. You can only be at the top of your game for so long and very few players are the exception to that. Your sentiment is correct in that he wouldn't have had the career he's having without us, but we wouldn't have a Premier League title without him, so it seems fair to be a little annoyed if we blocked him from going. Added to the fact that he's won titles and domestic cups with Man City, makes this article seem like a little bit like they've spun his words too. He always seems to show us respect, visit our changing rooms etc when he comes back.
  2. Despite the fact that they are having a torrid run at the moment, Arsenal still have the quality to hurt teams, particularly with their front three. We managed the game so well and their good spells were squashed down to manageable chunks. The entire team is playing as one unit and it seems that the players are so clear about what their individual role is within it. Ndidi was mentioned a couple of weeks ago by Jenas on MOTD as having adapted to play the ball forward and it was so refreshing to see him drive on. He's frighteningly good, every week and the way he nicks the ball back is so reminiscent of Kante. What a team.
  3. Honestly could see it being a couple more than that. He still looks incredibly sharp and has adapted his game to suit ours.
  4. I reckon this is Iheanacho's last year with us given the amount of game time he's getting and I don't think Rodgers has the full trust he'll do a job in any case. Should we sell him on in January or the summer, I think we'll seriously consider Hirst as an option to come into the fold.
  5. When he was looking up to the sky as it was being checked his expression of disbelief was hard to watch. Leaves his heart and soul on the pitch whenever he plays and our club is all the better for having him. Barely losing away at the European champions and probably the best team in the league is neither embarrassing nor is it something we should lose belief over - we almost took a point. Moreover, players like Albrighton who genuinely seem to care about the club as much as its most loyal fans are hard to come by and deserve our full support.
  6. Arguably up against the best front 3 in the world - of course Chilwell's having a tough game. Mane and Salah seem to be hanging around that side. Still in this - CMON BOYS!
  7. I think it will be interesting to see how Praet fairs, as I imagine he will be given a starting role in place of Maddison. As Maddison is pushed out to the left, then coming into the middle, I think it may work slightly differently as Praet is an experienced winger and may be instructed to drift wider, enabling Tielemans or Perez to roam centrally. Sods law says Perez should actually score in this one. I don't think they'll be able to handle us at the KP. 1-0 defeat incoming.
  8. Got the job done with no stress, a clean sheet, goals for a few players who needed the confidence boost and some much needed rest for a few others. Can't ask for too much more really!
  9. Was absolutely outraged at the fact that Gokhan Inler wasn't going to start but Kante was.
  10. Completely agree - the reaction to narrowly losing in a 50-50 game away at Manchester United is beyond belief; as if Rodgers was supposed to magically transform the rest of the Premier League into the Scottish one by joining us. It's the most competitive league in the world for a reason; City managed to lose against Norwich and looked bang average. A footballing hypochondria seems to have happened and it's about time we actually put a little more faith in Rodgers to produce the goods, alongside the time to do so. If Cags hadn't flown into that challenge, we'd have got a point and been very satisfied I imagine.
  11. Frustration aside, probably good for our players to get knocked down a peg. To be a top 6 team you can't dwindle and play without endeavour or ambition. I'd say considering we've now been to Chelsea and United away and on another day, could easily have ended up with 6 points, speaks volumes about our potential this season. International break of course hindered us it seems and we lacked energy.
  12. It certainly seems like Southgate has a favourite in Kane. Undoubtedly he is a world-class goalscorer but I agree that he can go missing when England need him most. I personally think that England's loss is Leicester's gain though, and it was Vardy who called time on his international career, perhaps knowing full well that he would do a lot of traveling only to be benched by Kane, Rashford etc. What we get is a well-rested, energised Vardy.
  13. Mouth watering already at this stage of the season. I've watched a few of United's games this season and they seriously lack conviction - I genuinely don't think it's down to attitude either; they just don't have a squad that gels, or even possesses the quality to succeed. I don't think it's unfair to say that we're the best team that they'll have come up against this season, and the pressure to perform and attack at Old Trafford could easily play into our hands.
  14. Imagine if Blackpool signed him instead of us. He's the soul of our football club and is showing absolutely no sign of slowing down yet. I reckon he'll get 20 more this season
  15. He's an absolute monster. He bullied their forwards today and looks like one of the most technically gifted centre backs in the league!
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