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  1. Vardy clearly was struggling with his groin problem, when he came off a few minutes early on Saturday.Hopefully the medical team will patch him up, otherwise we may struggle to breakdown the toon. Must sign a proven goal scorer next season, to take the pressure of Jamie,and use him more sparingly, to prolong his premiership career.
  2. Micheal Appleton till the end of the season, knows the club, players, and has 100% win rate, or at least make him 1st team coach and move Claude upstairs as general manager/ Dof . Short term that would take away some of the fans fustration with Puel, which is clearly now affecting the players confidence on the pitch.. Also this scenario would give a bit more stability to the club in what has been a very difficult season for obvious reasons.
  3. Yesterday’s last 15 minutes showed with such a inexperienced team in the middle and wide positions, that we need a cambiasso type player to help the younger lads see out games. Morgan’s lost his head in the clouds after both equalising goals.And even Kasper should have held on to the ball a bit longer and calmed things down when he saved,the chance just before they got the winner. Ndidi is clearly having a bad time but if he had a older head , along side him,am sure he would come good again. We need a better blend of youth and proven premiership players
  4. Krameric has a champions leauge double,tonight, his goals got Hoffeniem in the top four of the bundasliga,and between Pearson and Ranairi, a real gem slipped through our fingers. Must be worth 30/40 million now.What a shameful waste of resources.
  5. Seeing as Stones has started for Man city at Wembley today, and been away same time as Harry, why if Evans is not fit , why can't he play, if needs must?
  6. Puel should have loved Dragavic, a little bit more, then the thought of losing Harry, would be slightly less daunting.. Especially with another 50/60 million net cash in the war chest.Dragavic is technically a better defender and is the right side of 30, something to build on. To keep Maguire, will probably cost another 30/40 k a week, meaning even less chance of bringing in a creative player in, and if he has another good season he go for sure anyway .£ 75 m + would be tempted. Claude you need to do serious French smooching on Dragon.
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