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  1. Shefffox2

    Maguire and Vardy

    Seeing as Stones has started for Man city at Wembley today, and been away same time as Harry, why if Evans is not fit , why can't he play, if needs must?
  2. Shefffox2

    Name a better option than puel

    Don’t think aiming for Wagner,is deluded, far from it, our transfer and wage budget will be far way ahead of Huddersfield’s. Also our fan base, is much bigger, they will always be in the shadow of Leeds. Add our recent success , and the possibility of a larger stadium , would surely make us a an attractive step up the managerial ladder. Where’s the dillusion, in these facts.?
  3. Shefffox2

    Home Form - last win 20th January

    If we don't make 50 points, then Top needs to pull the trigger.
  4. Shefffox2

    Name a better option than puel

    Can't understand why not greater support for Wagner.To get the Terriers promoted on such a small budget was fantastic, and to keep them in the Prem, with four games to go, again with limited funds is a miracle. Managed to get results against the top six along the way He young, articulate,and think out owners could match his ambition..
  5. Shefffox2

    Name a better option than puel

    Wagner, young, ambitious, and now has premier league experience.Clearly a motivator, and a good communicator, unlike Puel., attributes a certain young Irish man had and was quite successful for our football club for a few years.
  6. Shefffox2


    Wagner has to be. The Man, done fanatic for 2 seasons with very limited resources. Surely see use as move up,and a good communicator,. As soon as Huddersfield season is decided,move fast and get it done.
  7. Shefffox2

    Puel In or Out - A simple Poll

    In puels defence,missing niddi then losing ibbora,would give problems to any manager yesterday. However why didn’t he start with Shingi,to give us more solidity, schoolboy error. Had long enough to understand the strengths and frailties of the team,but gets it wrong. Both Wes and Maguire were poor,if he does not play Dragovic next week,will only add to pressure on him. If we don’t make 50 pts by May then he should go. Wagner all day long for me.
  8. Shefffox2

    Name a better option than puel

    Pay Eddie Howe, a kings ransom backed with a generous transfer kitty and he could build a long term legacy,which we should have done after the premiership title. They play a fast flowing game, on small budget. . Promise the stadium expansion, if he signs as the icing on the ?
  9. Shefffox2

    Only two wins in 10. What has gone wrong?

    Need Kasper to up his game,or be dropped,two full backs,and a center back in the Wes mould, who is strong leader, and can help Maguire become the finished article. A central midfielder who is a leader and can pitch in with 8/ 10 goals a season. Upfront a striker who can play with Vardy and pop up with 10 plus goals min a season. O and a an excellent English tuitor for Claude, so the non French speaking players understand what he wants from them.
  10. Shefffox2

    Will we see Andy King leave in January ?

    Could see Kingy going to Sunderland on loan in January, to be Colemans safe pair of hands in midfield at championship level
  11. Shefffox2

    A club in crisis

    Vichie and Top nowhere to be seen, last night, maybe to windy for the helecopter, and couldn't be arsed for a round 4 hour road trip. Think the whole club, owners,management,players and big section of fans too complacent. Time to forget title win, become vocal and turn on anybody who's not performing but happy to ride on the gravy train.
  12. Shefffox2

    Is Shakespeare the right man for the job?

    Think Schlupp was 12 million, rather have Jeff +£4 million than Musa, and Slim v Benteke ?
  13. Shefffox2

    Is Shakespeare the right man for the job?

    Get in Big Sam now,let's start winning a few matches ugly, keep Shaky as his no2.if necessary. Probably take us 2 months,to get the deal done.,so after we have lost on the south coast next week, let's start what will be painfully slow process,might win a few before Xmas and Sam won't put up with Rudders follies in Jan window.Happy new year