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  1. SubaruFox

    Sacked? According to Richard Keys...

    Think he's just giving an opinion. It was tweeted as soon as the game ended, can't believe that it'd be known that quickly
  2. SubaruFox

    Crystal Palace post match thread 5 - 0

    This is very reminiscent of West Brom last season. They were crap for the last few months of it after realising they were safe. Their form carried over to this season and look where they are now. I can see it happening to us if this carries on. I genuinely can't see us getting another win this season. Where do we go from here? Manager failed on every aspect today and the players must shoulder responsibility for a complete lack of effort. Feel like it's time for a big clear out, the owners need to try and stop the rot before it sets in anymore than it already has. Forget stadium expansions etc. We'll be back in the championship if they aren't careful
  3. SubaruFox

    Crystal Palace (a) - Pre match thread

    If we continue playing the way we have been, I can't see us winning another game this season. Palace are on a fairly good run, I'm going for Palace 3 leicester 1.
  4. After 2 adult tickets, seats next to each other. Girlfriend wants to come with. If I can get hold of them then I'll have a single adult ticket in B2 up for grabs.