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  1. Apparently Rafa wasn't interested in him but Ashley gives Bruce 40m to buy him. Really strange
  2. 11 goals in 35 appearances for Hoffiehiem and he is a young Brazilian so I presume he must be good. He could be the next Richarlison.
  3. And now rumours are that Pep Guardiola back interested in Maguire, the saga continues, and this morning I thought finally we got some movement with Man U
  4. I see a lot of comparisons with Michael Keane, who was very good at Burnley but when he joined Everton he struggled and often looked clueless and lost the ball. It took over a season for him to find his feet and adjust to Evertons style of play. Having said that Dunk looks more composed a figure and if we get him for £20m to£25m he may turn out good for us
  5. Dunk looks good because Brighton played with 9 players behind the ball, much easier to head the ball away with a packed defence, while we are playing open football , where Dunk might find it hard if the opposition hits us on the break.
  6. Agree, everytime I seen Ake play he's been cut above the rest of the players at Bournemouth. Plus he's ex Chelsea, they always seem to get rid of their young players without giving them time to develop in the Premier league. And then they go on to other Premier league clubs and do rather good.
  7. Man U are desperate to sign Maguire, we aren't desperate to sign Dunk. Man U can afford to spend 50m on players at anytime, we aren't loaded like them and aren't going to have this amount of money every transfer window.
  8. Other teams know that we are getting around £80m for Maguire, so they are asking for ridiculous amounts for average players. Dunk £45m when he really work no more than £15m.
  9. I never really noticed Dunk, and now papers are saying we going to £45m for him, this is big money, the kind of money the top 6 clubs pay for young new foreign players. My concern is we are paying for to much for a player who turns 28 in a couple of months and who looks good in packed defences but might struggle with our counterattacking style when we get caught out on the break.
  10. Hope so, recruitment has always been Brendon's weak area
  11. We will break our transfer record, if we sign Dunk. A player no other club shows any interest in him, is Dunk right for the type of football we play, we play open football, he might have a problem if we get caught on the break. Dunk is good when his team plays just defensive football.
  12. I think dunk is good but he going to be 28 this year. I read he desperate to come to Leicester, so surely we can get him cheaper, we are the only ones in for him 20m max
  13. Sun says we gonna buy him for 45m that more than half of the of what we get for selling Maguire.are we daft!
  14. He's been poor last season for Southampton and they want to get rid, he's not won over their fans and they want 25m for him
  15. It's be a bummer if Man U drop out aswell as Looks like Man city have due to we wanting 90m. Let him go for 75m to Man United, that's where he wants to be.
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