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  1. Crispin LA

    Eduardo Macia to Bordeaux

    Has anyone ever seen him at the King Power
  2. Crispin LA

    Eduardo Macia to Bordeaux

    Looks like Steve Walsh is coming back home, bring Shakespeare along as a well, they worked wonders along with Pearson, but individually they were hopeless
  3. Crispin LA

    Brendan Rodgers..yay or nay?

    It's all football politics, brendan knows that celtic's reign is coming to a end with rangers rising from the ashes. His journalist mates spread rumours around that Puel said this or that and bingo they put out story's in the press and talksport radio ( they been banging on for 6 months that he needs to go back to the Premier league to prove that he a good manager) say that leicester city fc are desperate to sign him and our fans go wild!
  4. Crispin LA

    Who then......

    Southampton played like Leicester of old, high pressing scored on the counterattack and sat deep and defended superbly in the second half when we had 90% posession. It's a myth that counterattacking football is dead. Teams here and elsewhere in the world are giving up pocession football and playing the Leicester Way
  5. Crispin LA

    Who then......

    Can I add the point that the style Young Boys won the Swiss super league was because Hutter adopted the same style as when Leicester won the title. Up and coming young manager's are now coaching their teams to play the Leicester way. But we have given it up to play sideways backwards posession football which isn't our teams DNA
  6. Crispin LA

    Wagner leaves Huddersfield

    Wow 8 pages long, Leicester fans really interested in Wagner and Huddersfield!
  7. Crispin LA

    Who then......

    Let's Swap Pearson to Lcfc and Puel to OH Leuven. We get a Englishman and they get a French speaking coach
  8. Everton 2 up now, there AGM this week really has an effect on them today, seems when the board sets targets and goals, it has a positive benefit to the players.
  9. Crispin LA

    Who then......

    Why did Appleton leave Leicester, obvious he didn't get on with Puel. Seems Appleton was quite friendly with the players, and had a 100% record when he was caretaker manager with us
  10. If our good players aren't going to fit in Puel's system or don't like his style they are not going to progress and will eventually move to other clubs
  11. Crispin LA

    Who then......

    What's having a similar name got to do with his managerial skills.
  12. Crispin LA

    Southampton Home post match, 1-2 loss.

    Southampton playing like Leicester of old, high pressing counterattacking football then sitting deep and defending when a goal up. We have given up are DNA while others are giving up pocession football. Afew Saints members on the Southampton forum before the game yesterday were saying let's play like Leicester did in the title winning season.
  13. Crispin LA

    Who then......

    I think Adolf Hutter who's doing great at Eintracht Frankfort, they are playing high pressing attacking football, he did wonders at Young Boys where they won the Swiss super league which they hadn't won since 86. His coaching style is very similar to Ralf Hassanhuttl, who I wanted to have in the summer because he was available, but it wasn't meant to be with him.
  14. Crispin LA

    The away kit

    This kit issue is the least of our worries!
  15. Crispin LA

    Kelechi Iheanacho / Nacho Man

    Agree with the 1st part, doubt he will ever manage your second suggestion