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  1. I haven't been to the King Power to see Leicester play, so what I've seen on Maguire is what I see on TV. What do you guys who watch the matches at the stadium think of his season, work ethic, gameplay and attitude on the pitch?
  2. Crispin LA

    Alex Telles

    I could think he could become a great player, South Americans do tend to have a good work ethic, due to growing up in poor environment. We could get him for a bargain and he could be worth 60m in afew seasons.
  3. Don't see Maguire going to Man United, with Kompany going, Man City need an old fashioned captain, and I think Pep (Man City) sees Maguire as a potential captain.
  4. Man City owned by the Royal family of Abu Dhabi in the UAE, nothing to do with Saudi Arabia.
  5. Yup I agree with the above posts, sign him up Quickly or move on we can't just wait and wait and leave everything else on hold
  6. We should have given him the job chief head scout, at least he's honest and has an eye for young talent
  7. Boy Congertons CV isn't very impressive, that why he didn't stay at any club long term, every club he's worked for couldn't wait to see the back of him. If he was that good why didn't those clubs do their upmost to keep him. Celtic didn't want to sack him because they would have to pay him compensation and where banking on him joining Leicester (heard reports that we paying Celtic compensation). If Brendon thought he was the recruitment Messiah, why didn't he get him a job at Liverpool when he was there. Obviously Brendon thoughtit would have have hard to sweet talk the Liverpool board, but nows that he's got 'pally' Rudkin and Co wrapped around his finger. I honestly thought we were becoming a top club in terms of hiring top professional people but reading that Sunderland thought Conger Conger was so useless that they put him on gardening leave before deciding what to do with him, makes me shudder to think how Leicester City will end up.
  8. Looking at LCFC official website it states quotes that he is vastly experienced and has had impressive background working at Chelsea, Hamburg, and Sunderland where his reputation grew. It didn't mention that with him in charge of Sunderland they got relegated and almost went bankrupt, at Hamberg when he left they got relegated afew years later and at Chelsea nobody had heard of him cos he was such a minor staff member.
  9. It's obvious that Rudkin didn't look for any other candidates for the job and just gave it to Congerton. Can't believe Rudkin or Top didn't look at the previous Congerton thread when we just hired Brendon, I thought that must have stopped them hiring him, but it seems that's not the case.
  10. If we get Tielemans in the summer, Congerton will probably say its all down to him, just as he said he the man that found Neymar
  11. Brendon didn't take him when he was at Liverpool, maybe he thought are more easy touch and he can get away with it
  12. We are getting laughed at by Sunderland and Celtic supporters, they are taking the p*ss out of us on their forums. Thanks Brendon and Rudkin.
  13. We were foolish to buy him from Man City and pay over £25m when no other club anywhere had shown any interest in him. Before he turned up at Man City, there isn't great history of him working with great coaches, clubs or players. If a great Pep decided he didn't want to coach him, there isn't much hope in anyone else coaching him
  14. PSG bought Lucas Moura for £38m and sold Emery sold him to Spurs for £25m. Daniel Levy seems great at buying quality players on the cheap and flogging duds for 10's of millions.
  15. Can't stand these former players from the top 6 clubs coming out everyweek saying that there former club should sign Tielemans or Maddison. They didn't utter a word when Tielemans was at Monaco and Maddison at Norwich!
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