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  1. He doesn't look the same this season, I think he really wants to go Man United. Does look 100% here.
  2. It's rather boring the surrounding area around the King Power stadium, wouldn't it be great if they make it a entertainment paradise.
  3. How about more restaurants, takeaways, pubs, cafes, casinos, hotels and clubs around that area instead of flats. If we are to redevelop the King Power stadium it would be better for the fans if the surrounding area is somewhere the fans can hang around and enjoy.
  4. Not more student flats, they are frigging everywhere!
  5. We should have just paid the 40m in January if is what they wanted for him and all this will he or won't he join us hassle would not be on here.
  6. I just had a thought, it hasn't even crossed my mind that a Spanish or Italian team might now be interested in him.
  7. Playing for Leicester has made him get his confidence back. I have never seen him play for Belgium before (I've not watched a lot of the Belgium team play before). Without Leicester he may not have played today or played like he is doing today
  8. I bet he will end up being bought by a top 6 club, more likely Man city if they got no transfer ban in the summer, for around 60m. Other that that can't see Tottenham paying more than 25m while we could pay 40m tops.
  9. The build up to Vardy's goal when we lost 3-1 to Tottenham last month was amazing, the passing was like Barcelona playing, doubt we will play like that now.
  10. Just looked at a spurs forum and they want Poch to sign him up in the summer, just because he's clicked in the Premier league. I personally think cos Tielemans was playing crap for monaco they didn't sign him up, now he's proved himself in the Premier league Spurs fans want him. We give him a chance in EPL so we should have the first say
  11. Europa league! Anyone interested, games on Thursday in some far flung club in the former Soviet states. Look what happened to Burnley, at the end of last season they were so excited and when they were playing the games in those countries they had enough.
  12. Watched the game on Bein sports and they said when Wes scored that it was his 700th game in club football today, what a way to celebrate it today!
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