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  1. Chilwell isn't international standard, can't see what people see in him, he's never going to improve
  2. Should have gave to Sanchez to score a hattrick, Kane is very selfish
  3. Maguire trys to pull off a shot, looks stupid when he doesn't connect
  4. Think Everton did great business getting Richarlison for £50m, he got to be around £120m now, Watford really undervalued his price when they sold him.
  5. Everton spent the £30m on Arsenal's Iwobi, and within 2 games he's been brilliant for them
  6. In had a really good chance at the end of the match, ball just went over
  7. Yup 5 goals in total and we let in 4 in total
  8. First proper signing from Brendon and Congerton, both have a history of being s*** in the transfer market
  9. Danny Simpson in the Mirror online claims Maddison will join Man Utd. It obvious that Maddison will have read those comments, doubt if Simpson would have said that if he was still at Leicester. Beginning not like Simpson today
  10. Looks like VAR will be bad news for Spurs, Harry Kane won't get as many penalties as he usually gets, got found out today for the dive
  11. Can't say that after today's performance against Spurs, we tend to get battered by Spurs away, but Newcastle's defence played brilliantly and now they seem to have a class striker in Joelinton
  12. Newcastles Brazilian Joelinton looks a mence, Spurs couldn't cope with him, looks like Newcastle did the the right thing selling us Perez and getting a class striker in Joelinton
  13. West Ham seem to have brought a great striker in Sebastian Haller, the player seems a under the radar signing, West Ham paid 45m for him which seems a decent price for a decent player, Scored two goals today
  14. New Players who seem to do well in pre-season, score afew tend to do poorly when the real football starts. Thought he was overpriced, Brendon's always not been very good in the transfer market,. Who wanted Perez - Brendon or Congerton?
  15. A positive - At least we not conceded a goal in the opening 10 minutes! A negative Brendon's not had much luck against Sheffield, when he managed Watford, Reading and Swansea!
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