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  1. https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-to-rent/Brent.html Just need the nurses uniform now 😉
  2. Last year we managed to get in the Leaping Wolf by the ground. Few City in. Dead cheap but recommend no colours as it's a bit like the Star Wars bar!
  3. An obvious talent and getting on his back will serve no purpose, but that said, once again he goes 'missing' in big games. In my opinion we have to find a way to get Dennis Praet into the line-up.
  4. Sold. There are a handful that have come back online though
  5. Due to work commitments one ticket now available in Upper Tier. DM me if interested.
  6. No place for him in a Puel midfield. Far too creative. Just need to get rid of Silva now and his asset stripping will be almost complete. No Plan B CF and no midfield creativity. Schmeichel and Ward to go next to accommodate Ben Hamers return
  7. Harlow and Exeter - both midweek away replays.
  8. About time the club did an audit and looked at who actually turned up and then took sanctions out on those who sell them on.
  9. Terrible to get away from. I think they even reopen the concourse bars for home fans to let the traffic clear.
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