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  1. That seems overly optimistic and might even be detrimental in the long run.
  2. Yes, like Leuven has said, he has been very important for us the past 3 seasons (how time flies). He got injured the first half of the first game of the new season. I expect him to fight his way back into the squad. He is a very intelligent player, he also appears to have 3 sets of lungs.
  3. Oh, my comment wasn't a dig at you, hope you didn't take it the wrong way. I simply meant it's already better than i can remember. So we haven't been spoiled (spoilt?) in the past.
  4. It's funny you would say that, because we haven't seen better linking for... i think... ever? I've only been going to OHL games since 15 years or so, but in that time, i have never seen any OHL squad do a better job. Considering this is for the most part the same team as last years, the difference is night and day. To be clear, i'm specifically talking about the link up play. We've had flashier countering squads, more dominance in the box, even a better through-ball... but specifically linking? I don't think so.
  5. Cheer up guys, Belgium isn't playing that great either. Only 6 goals in 2 matches so far and not that sparkling. EDIT: 7 goals.
  6. Too soon. He's unmanageable, unplayable, but lacks tactical awareness. This could be a player that after the initial hype, fades away, or a gamechanger. But it's (imho) definitely too soon for him to come to EPL. Let him stand out in Belgium and let's see how he does after a year or two.
  7. Castagne didn't get much room, but he can be very effective driving the ball forward.
  8. Well, he *is* from Leuven of course. Oh, you meant Tielemans. Nevermind.
  9. Can't remember us playing this lousy for a long time.
  10. So, rights to our league is a clusterfck at the moment and nobody is really able to put them online in a "normal" way... except Eleven Sports themselves. But they are SLOOOW. So, either you'll need to make an account on the "Vier" website (a Belgian TV channel) and chances are you'll need to register with a Belgian address and over an VPN. Or you can wait for Eleven Sports to put them on youtube. For that, you'll have to wait, but i can show you the highlights of LAST WEEKS 1-3 loss vs Charleroi if you're interested So, if you look up their youtube channel in a few days, it'll be there (hopefully).
  11. 1-3 Most of this team was our 2nd div team last year.
  12. Ugh. Instead of 0-2, Iversen gives away the 1-1. Assist by a guy that came out of our youth ranks, but got thrown out. EDIT: 1-2... that's more like it!
  13. And yet, even Hirst has managed to get on the sheet for Leicester.
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