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  1. Oh yes it was too. Had no idea what "Que" meant either haha Also thanks for the offer for the tickets. Appreciate it mate!
  2. Sorry mate i don't follow haha
  3. Thank you for the advise. Has definitely cleared it up for me. Cheers!
  4. Thanks mate. Appreciate it!
  5. I am coming to Leicester for the festive season and would like to go to some games while I am over there. I haven't come to the UK/Leicester for 10 years now and I've noticed the tickets are much harder to come by then when I came last time (when we were sitting in 24th under Sousa). I would like to go to Southampton away on the 13th, Palace at home on the 16th, United at home on the 23rd, Watford away on the 26th, Liverpool away on the 30th and Huddersfield at home on the 1st of January. Any advice on how is best about getting a ticket for these games will be much appreciated. Cheers!