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  1. Aranguiz and Clasie

  2. Are our owners ambitious?

    How much FM have you been playing for...
  3. When will Gray stop moaning

    Don't know what you've seen but this is the only post I saw... If anything looks like he's been told he will get some minutes tomorrow.
  4. Sheffield United (A) Match Thread

    Ulloa 🙈 Fuchs CB? 🙈 Or 3 at the back and Musa wingback... Can't be... Can it?
  5. Looking for a decent place to get a curry and pint on match day, any recommendations?
  6. Brighton & Hove Albion Match Thread - Home

    Can you PM a link? For the life of me can't find it.
  7. LCFC league winners signed painting

    £22 towards a new set of brushes and a scratch card.
  8. Company Name - Idea's

    That's pretty cool. I don't see why that couldn't be a country wide thing if a few of the big transport giants/shopping centres/councils adapted it. Thanks for all the feedback on this thread, appreciate it! Even the sarcastic comments...
  9. Company Name - Idea's

    Yeah durability, no worries about leaching toxins - BPA - although I know most are BPA free now anyway and also easy to make double walled insulated stainless steel meaning your drink stays ice cold all day. The bottles are actually surprisingly light too.
  10. Company Name - Idea's

    You pour it in.. I get what your saying, were not trying to save the world in one day. If ALL it does is get you to buy one 5L bottle of mineral water and decant it into a drinkable steel bottle each day, that saves the world of the TEN 500ml plastic bottles you would have bought, right?
  11. Company Name - Idea's

    Well **** me. Search Flaske Bottle in google and this thread comes up before the actual website! No registered company. No trademark. Doesn't own www.flaske.com. I could be a real sh*t here...
  12. Company Name - Idea's

    One of the manufacturers I'm speaking to actually makes the Chilly's bottles... or so they say. £20 a bottle, they make a nice little profit 🤑.
  13. Company Name - Idea's

    Flaske actually means bottle in Norwegian, granted just a misspelled 'Flask' to everyone else though. FFS. No excuse for that, terrible.
  14. Company Name - Idea's

    Hello, Not 100% sure if this is allowed - if not please feel free to remove it! I am looking for a name for a new company. Manufacturing and selling stainless steel water bottles in an effort to replace peoples everyday plastic bottles. The aim is to reduce plastic waste in our oceans and planet while also encouraging the world to drink more water. The two names I have come up with so far - Hydratee Flaske Which one do you prefer? Personally I think Flaske sounds like a great brand name. Look forward to hearing what you have!