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  1. Usafox1


    So its nacho's fault that Vardy has been rubbish so far? Get outta town with that nonsense. Nacho has provided him with a couple assists and has had more impact offensively with his assist totals this season. If anybody needs a new partner it's probably Nacho not Vardy. it's so hard for some to admit that vardy has seen his best years and is not ever going to reproduce the his form when we won the league. What we need now is a good target that can hold up the ball and distribute.I'd sell Vardy now to the highest bidder and by a young striker.
  2. Usafox1

    Nacho man assist appreciation thread

    Nacho's best position is the exact same position Mahrez used to play. Right side of the forward line with freedom to roam and less defensive duties if you want him to really play to his true potential. Nacho is a top 5 goal scorer if used appropriately. As for Madison, he's a very good player but I'm not sure he has the creative ability for the role he's been given. Has a good shot and can play attacking mid well but I don't see him as a long term solution in that position. Hope I'm wrong.
  3. THe attack plan of hoofing it up to Vardy has its limits, it’ll get you about 15 - 20 goals per season but you’ll never crack the top 10 without Mahrez. Either play Iheanacho and vardy together or sell Iheanacho and buy a mf who’s specialty will be hoofing the ball 70meters to Vardy.
  4. Usafox1

    Musa Departs - Confirmed

    Musa is a better player than Gray and Diabate , a more useful forward than Okazaki. His game is not for Leicester yet, if we harbor any hopes of being a top team someday a player like Musa must be given the opportunity he deserves. It's a relegation battle year anyway.
  5. What a plan! You’ll be coach 2 months then you can play whoever you want. What a coup plotter you are.
  6. We didn’t miss Ndidi at all!
  7. I’ve noticed that English players tend to get a better rating here than they deserve and I can understand that. Vardy scored off a lose ball and ran a lot but was absolutely pants otherwise. Albighton was decent but motm is a bit too generous. Nobody, absolutely nobody had better games than Ndidi and Iborra.
  8. As long as the attack is built for Vardy no attacking player brought off the bench will perform. Start Nacho,diabate and mahrez up front, Silva,Ndidi and iborra in mf and watch the goals start to flow in.
  9. We seem to have a very simple game plan. 1, Hoof it up to Vardy 2, Vardy shoots whenever he gets the ball 3, Repeat steps 1 and 2 until Nacho and Diabate come on to repeat step 1. it works half the time though.
  10. Usafox1

    Ndidi to Liverpool

    http://owngoalnigeria.com/2018/02/17/liverpool-line-up-move-for-leicester-city-ndidi-as-replacement-for-contract-rebel-emre-can/ They might not be always correct but the Musa and Ndidi to foxes rumors started there first couple yrs ago. I don’t think it’s a good move for Ndidi but who knows.
  11. Nacho has not improved, he’s just now getting a half a chance to play. You haven’t seen him at half his capability yet. Nacho is a top notch footballer.
  12. Usafox1

    Swansea City (H) Pre Match Thread

    Some already want Ndidi dropped. I dare Puel to drop him!
  13. Vardy gets a 5 for scoring the pk. what a load of crapola. At 31 it’s the least he can go
  14. Usafox1

    Everton (A) Match Thread

    The continued insistence on Vardy is suicidal.
  15. Usafox1


    20mil for a back up to Vardy? You must be a filthy rich gambler who just wants to keep the game going for entertainment purposes. Nonsense!