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  1. Leicester 2-Liverpool 3 post match thread.

    Not funny that. 96 people died.
  2. Liverpool (H) Match Thread

    Liverpool will go for it again rather than sit back and invite pressure. Next goal is huge.
  3. Liverpool (H) Match Thread

  4. Liverpool (H) Match Thread

    FFS Okazaki
  5. Liverpool (H) Match Thread

    Pearson IN
  6. Away End Atmospheres

    How come we have to email to get the block? wouldnt it be better to post the block for every game, would get more people there.
  7. Ticket Collection - Photo Id required?

    If someone else is picking them up all you need to do is ring up the club shop and change the name. My mate picks my aways up as im working in the day.
  8. 1x Liverpool ticket under 22 on season card. £20
  9. Football Related Content

    Never. Up the gers
  10. HI all, Im looking for any football fan videos you may have new and old that i can use on @PintsandPyro fb (14K) and Football away days (89k) Any videos from leicester games, funny chants, last minute goal celebrations ect. Leave us a link to any videos. credit will be given Cheers
  11. Shakespeare really hasnt got a clue has he.
  12. Dont seem to be much effort or determination tonight. poor first half.