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  1. Get rid. Had more chances than I can remember. The fact of the matter is, he's a great athlete with a few neat tricks in the locker but isn't an effective player in the slightest. Goals, vision, defense splitting passes, crosses and intelligence (football or otherwise) are just not in his Arsenal. I used to be a fan but now think he's a championship player I'm afraid. Bin.
  2. Madders will come good. I just think he's had the confidence sucked out of him by being told to play that way to be honest. BR will turn him around and I still think he'll be a top player tbh.
  3. Would be great if she was here to do the official Rodgers reveal with her letters board and countdown tune in the background
  4. I think that may be the story being touted about but I think this was pre-arranged tbh. It's all fell into place pretty quickly anyway. At least we prepared in advance if this is the case lol.
  5. Give it a rest mate. He hasn't even been appointed yet.
  6. SSN reporting that he is in Leicester as we speak and in talks.
  7. Very happy with this! Statement for the club to snaffle him from Celtic during the season too.
  8. You're not the only one.
  9. I agree completely. I can't believe people wouldn't take Rodgers. He's the standout candidate for me considering what we are trying to achieve.
  10. Mahrez wasn't the Mahrez we saw at Leicester at that age either... or anywhere near.
  11. Shameful pre-match build up from sky. Hardly anything about us.
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