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  1. Foxhead

    Barnes coming back

    Mahrez wasn't the Mahrez we saw at Leicester at that age either... or anywhere near.
  2. Foxhead

    Tottenham Hotspur (A) Match Thread

    Shameful pre-match build up from sky. Hardly anything about us.
  3. Foxhead

    Tottenham Hotspur (A) Match Thread

    I like the fact we have made changes. We weren't getting anywhere with the previous line ups. Let's see what happens
  4. Foxhead


    Cut camera angle. Could literally be about anybody. Non story.
  5. Foxhead

    Pearson sacked

    Very sad. A Leicester legend and I would normally be first to big him up. Unfortunately though, I think that the Pearson, shakey, Walsh team was a one off combo. None of them have worked on their own. Time to let go.
  6. Foxhead

    Man Utd Home Post Match 0-1

    Missed that as was getting tucked into a can of beer
  7. Foxhead

    Man Utd Home Post Match 0-1

    Where did you see this?
  8. Foxhead

    Man Utd Home Post Match 0-1

    No way is Vardy finished mate. The system is anti Hardy (not purposely) in a different system I think he still has a 20 goal season in him.
  9. Foxhead

    Man Utd Home Post Match 0-1

    Correct. Really like the look of Barnes. I just hope he isn't theoretically castrated by booing and negativity. It could easily undo the confidence built up at WBA. The kid needs to be supported and encouraged which is an up hill struggle in a toxic environment.
  10. Foxhead

    Man Utd Home Match Thread

    Worried about Mendy getting sent off. game over if that happens. Surely got to bring Hamza on asap
  11. Foxhead

    Man Utd Home Match Thread

    Thought we played alright tbh. Usual goal head start aside. Get Hamza on for Mendy though. Gray has been anonymous IMO, I just think he's an athlete that can dribble which makes him look way better than he is. The question is, does he influence games and is he effective. The answer is no unfortunately as much as I'd like it to be yes.
  12. Foxhead

    Are we short sighted?

    This is what I mean by has it been identified but not fixed yet? I think that maybe this is the case now.