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  1. Next City Manager?

    Now after a good result and a fairly good performance against Swansea Saturday who would you like to see being given the job?
  2. Swansea

    I’ve been there and about for many years. I’ve been there from the filbert street days to when mahrez announced himself against Blackpool!
  3. Swansea

    So it’s going to be a good day Next Saturday taking the father to his 1st Leicester away game. Hopeful for a positive result
  4. When will Gray stop moaning

    Could this be all talk by his peers like agents etc to hype up his importance? I think he is a class act but needs to bide his time just that bit longer
  5. Swansea Away

    Evening all, Just a quick one, myself and father are finding it increasingly hard to watch Leicester as we live in Cardiff and are unable to purchase tickets. Do we feel that this is going to be a sell out etc and whats the best way of getting any potential tickets. Would be grateful for any advice. Cheers