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  1. Cockyfox

    Current LCFC Players Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 40/100 My Time 70 seconds  
  2. Cockyfox

    Swansea City (h) Post-Match 1-1

    Swansea had a resurgence in the first 25 mins of the second half and we looked in danger of losing it. We couldn't keep possession of the ball and the subs stabilised things and we became dominant again. James is reliable in possession and lets be honest Silva didn't create much today.
  3. Cockyfox

    Watford (H) post-match thread (2-0 home win)

    It depends what you base his performance on, he worked hard and won the ball back a lot and harassed their defence. So in that respect he was very good. But when it came to his finishing or final pass he wasn’t at his best today, can think of him missing one relatively easy chance that you would expect him to score and another first touch that was poor when he was through as examples. His place in the team is never in any threat though.
  4. Cockyfox

    Watford (H) post-match thread (2-0 home win)

    Very good performance from the back 9 today, Watford barely got a sniff. Dragovic and Maguire looking a top partnership at the back and chilwell and Amartey seem to be getting more solid every game. Considering the age of that back line it all looks very promising. James and Ndidi replicating the Drinkwater and Kante partnership respectively. James very rarely loses the ball and Ndidi always wins it back. Albrighton solid as always and Mahrez wasn’t at his best but he showed his quality at the end. Wasn’t Okazaki’s best game but he worked hard as always. The only downside for me was Vardy, got slightly lucky with the penalty (very stupid challenge) slotted it alway very nicely though. Although he was very wasteful today probably just an off game but his first touch looked especially poor. Same team next game though. Puel in!!!
  5. Cockyfox


    So maybe by your own admission there is an argument for Slimani to get a start against weaker opposition where maybe Vardy is not best suited and Slimani is?
  6. Cockyfox


    The people arguing Vardy's goals are better than Slimani's, looking at Vardy's goals this season he has scored a good header against Arsenal, nice finish in a 1 on 1 vs United and the screamer against Tottenham, correct me if I am wrong but all others have been tap ins or penalties. Also Vardy scoring against the big teams argument is flawed, how many of those games that he has scored in against the big teams have we actually got points from? This season I can only think of Tottenham. I like Vardy and he undoubtedly should start for us but the criticism Slimani gets is largely unfair.
  7. Cockyfox


    He certainly doesn't look the best striker in the world but lets just look at some stats: Vardy: 2016/17 2810 mins played, 13 goals, 5 assists 2017/18 1909 mins played, 9 goals, 1 assist That's a total of 1 goal contribution every 168 mins. Slimani: 2016/17 1280 mins played, 7 goals, 4 assists 2017/18 241 mins played, 1 goal 1 assist That's a total of 1 goal contribution every 117mins All stats are from whoscored.com and are from Premier League matches only. This also does not take into account the fact that Vardy has scored a considerable number of penalties over the last two seasons. The result is very surprising and certainly proves that the amount of criticism Slimani gets is wrong. May not be the most pleasing player on the eye and may not make the contribution to the team that Vardy does but the stats do not lie!
  8. Cockyfox

    West Brom Post Match

    Have to give a bit of credit to shakey with his substitutions as slimani and chilwell played a massive role in the goal with slimani making a quality knock down to find mahrez who looked better in his more central role. For me if we play to his strengths, Slimani can play a huge role for us this season. He did more in 20 mins than either Iheanacho and Vardy did with Iheanacho looking especially rusty. However the last 20 mins showed us what we all knew a few games ago, we MUST play with wing backs and it's taken way too long for Shakey to realise.