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  1. Carolina Fox Fan

    First trip to England

    Will give it a shot thanks
  2. Carolina Fox Fan

    First trip to England

    We both love them actually. I got him started during the fight for relegation survival. He got Leicester jersey for Christmas and all the soccer loving kids at school dog him cause he didn't like MU or Chelsea or the likes. Then they became champions and he had his day. Fun year but we are faithful win or lose. Love our foxes. And me--love the hard work and service of Albrighton.
  3. Carolina Fox Fan

    First trip to England

    The thought of sitting in the Watford seats with out mouths closed and no Vardy jersey or Leicester scarf is literally hard to fathom. Better than nothin but we'd be in Heaven with the Leicester fans cheering for the boys!
  4. Carolina Fox Fan

    First trip to England

    South Carolina mom surprising my Foxes-loving 18 year old with surprise Christmas trip to U.K. Dec 25-30. Any ideas how to get two tickets for Watford away on Dec 26? Dream of a lifetime for my boy. Thanks