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  1. Well done the Thais

    Wrong all the line ! He did some bulshit staff ! Mahrez now worth 10 millions ! Club are loosing the European league ! He must talk to him if the club is much worth not just his face or business ? I want him to bring the most important player to the club ( 7 goals and so much assist ) it’s better for the club ! Can you think ? City put a 60 millions that been refused from him so he must come with a better plan for the club ! Am i wrong ? I don’t give a Sh...t how much the owner is rich i care about the club ! 2 games 1 point ??? I feel European leagues starting to get far ..... a dream ! So he must do something
  2. Mahrez is missing result too ! This two last game should give Leicester the 7 place and more close to the 6 ! Leicester with this 5 points lost could difenaltely give us the European league !what a messy !! So 3 to everyone Players . Coach . Mahrez and the owners ! If the club is bigger then any players everyone should see the chance we had miss . 1 point in 6
  3. Criticism of our Young Players

    Great post !!! Young player are Leicester’s future . I loved the topic
  4. After a 5-1 I give all the team an 8 because of the final score . Two players should be more : 9 iniacho 2 goals ( 2 others at the last game makes him best player in the cup 4 in two matches ) the new coming get 10 not easy to start and get two goals he was magic
  5. Puel "Will Not Sell Mahrez This Month"

    I don’t inderstand your joke but it’s ok if you say so
  6. Puel "Will Not Sell Mahrez This Month"

    I just did my research . Is that a premary school ? I am twice masters degrees I speak 6 languages . I played for a club my whole life and I got two different referee degrees from two different countries and I am 36 yeas old . There is a forum for the new coming Leicester fans in this forum I joined recently but I been fan since 2014 ( GF ) . Thx for this ! this is my answer what do you got out there you man ?
  7. Puel "Will Not Sell Mahrez This Month"

    It’s me who is sorry. The love of the club makes me crazy . You are not racist. but I has receiving many messages from Fans in this forum to my email who mad me think twice ! I am sorry if I mad you mad or something. Sometimes fans are just mad we dont know each other in personally but we all know the club . I will stop posting and I will just keep reading . I am and will be Leicester positive fan come on Leicester we will c u In European league next year ! and again sorry for my posted and all my remarks! Just keep up and go forwards Leicester will make history and I believe they can . Thank you
  8. Puel "Will Not Sell Mahrez This Month"

    thank you guys and sorry that I showed up here . That hurts
  9. Puel "Will Not Sell Mahrez This Month"

    Are you from Leicester city ? Are you native too ? Are you white ? If not you are not allowed to be in this forum !!! ? These is your request ?
  10. Puel "Will Not Sell Mahrez This Month"

    Many times already said that I’m this forum ! What do you mean where I do come from if I am Leicester’s fan ? Are you kidding me or you are just a jock ? I am living in China in shanghai half Algerian and Chinese so what ? This forum is personal or about football ? Did you check out my profile ? Yes man free Palestine cause China does accepte palestin as a country ! Are we talking football or politics ? Send me your location I will do the same let’s see who is lying !!! Use what’s up or wechat or messenger all good for me
  11. Puel "Will Not Sell Mahrez This Month"

    Until now Mahrez is the best 369 points then Maguire then346 the. vardy 275 Check out the statistic at : scuawka.com
  12. The Second Most Talented City player?

    Right now is Gray
  13. Puel "Will Not Sell Mahrez This Month"

    To be fair Ndidi is far better then Vardy deal with it ! He is the oxygen of Leicester no one better then him expect maybe Magrez ( maybe I say ) he is the best Leicester player ndidi ndidi ndidi
  14. Puel "Will Not Sell Mahrez This Month"

    I cost 150 euro / year man what the hell do you want a sale me ? haha funny thank you haha you mad my night and it’s 00:37 thx for the joke