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  1. Mahrez so bad

    Leicester looks dangerous with him and gray without this two you strangling !! vardy already misse at less 10 goals appreciate this this two players please thx again we are fun from China so keep it up Leicester we support you and we love you ! The team is amazing if gray or mahrez want to come we will happy to
  2. Mahrez so bad

    3goals and 4 assist
  3. Mahrez so bad

    50 millions is it ok ?
  4. Mahrez so bad

    It’s 1:17 now in China so late already buddy sorrrry
  5. Mahrez so bad

    Sale him to us we are a big funs shanghai xinhua hhh
  6. Mahrez so bad

    Please sale him to us we need him in China hhh
  7. Mahrez so bad

    What doesn’t means OP ?
  8. Mahrez so bad

    Sorry for my English Chinese way
  9. Mahrez so bad

    I really enjoy his games he is wonderful
  10. Mahrez so bad

    Many people criticized Mahrezrecently. let me remind you after watching all the games until now ! Leicester City has scored 17 gools so far , mahrez scores 3 goals ( 14) assists 4 (still 10 ) involved in 3 ( still 7 goals how about that 7 without him and 10 with him ? Let me explain what means involved ! The action before is important:like when King misses that shot from Mahrez then they had a corner ! result a goal ( lei 2-3lev ) or driving from the midfield the whol defance then shoot !!! the goal keeper send the ball on the foot of Okazaki (lei 2-0BHA ) so how good is mahrez for Leicester ? He needs your love your support. Next time I will calculate his missing and dribling wish me good luck ! Love Leicester from China I wish he is playing for shanghai Xinhua haha
  11. Stoke Post Match Thread 2-2....again

    Best game since leicester Athletico Madrid
  12. Barcelona tried to sign Leicester forward Riyad Mahrez during the summer transfer window, Roma chief Monchi has claimed. The Algeria winger, who wanted to play Champions League football, was lined up by the Serie A giants as a replacement for Mohamed Salah after he joined Liverpool for £39million.
  13. I am saying 70 mn and no a single chance has been created ( it’s a shame ) he is in , the game changed become a game between two teams ! Give him the ball don’t ask him to defend let gray defend he is fresh ! A team who couldn’t pick the ball pass and keep it for over a minute ? That’s what we call football
  14. You don’t play your own Messi you criticized him and you thought gray is better ! He needs love and more balls I mean 80%of the balls then you are at the top now you look desgresful and so so bad ! Leicester doesn’t deserve the premier league right now
  15. Bournemouth Away Match Thread

    Gray mahrez vardy should play together ! Am I watching Chinese league ???? What the hell is that Leicester