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  1. HI 5 was before facebook and I had an account in 2005 haha so I am not a kid thx man football making us friends LCFC making us fans .
  2. Something that you have to know . LCFC IS EVERYWHERE we love you and we traveled last summer to see you in HK. because we are fans . but sometimes we read some reactions that makes us sad . more then half of the team are not British thats why the premiere league is no 1 otherwise AC Milan Barca and ....we are foreigner fans respect us dont judge our English we make many mistakes but we show you that we are here for the club we love football .
  3. Shanghai

    Riyad Mahrez - The great Artist

    awesome the great player called bitch what did you do to the club ? 7 ballon d or .....haha you must be the .......only few LCFC Fans of the city lf leicester ( Foot Ball York ) say that . Milano, Madrid, Sao Paolo dint say that how poor boy did 5 years in your city ? he did well in LCFC and everyone knew that only you .....never LCFC received that money for a player its records . never dream in 100 years to be Champions of England and 1/4 in the Champions league and maybe few years to get the best player of England......say thx and shut......support a good football support the cub who gets money to be better . hope LCFC WILL DO WELL NEXT SEASON I AM FAN AND I hope so .
  4. I want to say first we love LCFC no matter ( I am a big fan ) . second we love a good football. last thing Premiere league is nothing without the word fans Please respect us ....How come you can not have 80 000 fans in the stadium ( talking about YOUR big fives not even talk about other clubs CHECK OUT South American clubs) we have this opportunity to watch and support you please be kind and support us . LCFC is not anymore LCFC OF 1980 now is world wide . I stil love and support Conte in the world cup Musa Vardy.... are you refusing us ? if yes we will leave you . many clubs out there needs fans world wide .
  5. first was Kante then Raneri after that Drink Water now RM . RM has gone for 60 Ml plus 30 Ml as privilege ? why 30 Ml because of RM image. anytime you buy his shirt RM TAKE 3% OF the price . the company who has the image right is also SHARED AROUND 45% by the boss of LCFC. so even when RM PLAYS FOR MAN CITY HE WILL STAY A PALYER OF THE BOSS OF LCFC WTF .... money first. players are just ........I hope he will do better because he is good. I am sad but money first for bosses we are just fans so Riyad show us a good football no matter the club. Clubs died longtime ago. names stays. Leicester stay up we are here
  6. Shanghai

    West Brom post match thread 4-1

    Yes because foot is universal not just England soon I will change my vpn to spanish football at less they have two big clubs real or Barcelona
  7. Shanghai

    West Brom post match thread 4-1

    Really Petty when you see Arsenal MU Liverpool and ......it’s just a petty
  8. Shanghai

    West Brom post match thread 4-1

    Thx for this forum who vaned riad fans that’s ( we all the love we have for this club and we because we are foreigners doesn’t show our comment ) thank you Leicester club football
  9. Shanghai

    West Brom post match thread 4-1

    Nacho motm even if I prefear RM
  10. Shanghai

    West Brom post match thread 4-1

    4 goals is boring ?
  11. Shanghai

    West Brom away match thread

    Just two missing simo can’t do a basic pass and Gray the future of Leicester looks better without him
  12. Shanghai

    West Brom away match thread

    Already had ! It’s 23:40 how about you haha
  13. Shanghai

    West Brom away match thread

    3-2 Leicester wine
  14. Shanghai

    West Brom away match thread

    Awesome goal remind me Leicester Chelsea wtf goal of the year from the midfield wahoo come in Leicester
  15. Shanghai

    Mahrez retires?

    https://www.lcfc.com/news/637508/riyad-mahrez-leicester-citys-algerian-wizard-in-numbers/featuredFake . Lcfc said that his Facebook account has been hacked