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  1. Yes - this is Alex Solomons who has joined from Leyton. I live in Barnet (NorthLondon) and know his Dad
  2. Interesting. I thought Youri was below par tonight but your stats tell a different tale.
  3. I think today's game settled one point. Albrighton may not be our very best player, but the team is better when he's on the pitch: more compact defensively and in midfield; more forceful going forward. I wish he had been on in the first half.
  4. I was alarmed as well as puzzled by Kel's substitution. The Vardy-lheanacho double act has been a great success enabling us to win home games as well as winning away from home on the counterattack. For some time we have had problems at home where Vardy can be snuffed out by a deep defence. Playing with Kelechi has dealt with that problem. Does the return of Maddison mean that Kelechi will be returned to the bench? I very much hope not.
  5. I reckon Kelechi's hat-trick against SheffU wasn't bad - two were the result of a terrific combination with Vardy, and one a fine individual effort.
  6. It was in 1969 - 1-0 away at Liverpool on the way to the 1969 Cup Final. I was at the semi-final at Hillsborough when he won the ball in the air, and it fell for Allan Clarke to score in the 90th minute. I remember a newspaper report of the goal referring to him as "that balding eagle of a man". Allan Clarke returned the favour in the Final but he blasted wide. That recalled the nickname given to him by a pal of mine who was a Burnley supporter ( Andy came to us from Burnley) which was "Blockhead".
  7. Having watched LCFC since 1952 l have seen some pretty impressive goals. The memorable ones tend to be the blasters and belters , such as Vardy's against Liverpool coupled with terrific overhead kicks by Shinji or Izzet. Other great goals show delightful skill such as the Mahrez goal against Chelsea in late 2015, or perhaps Vardy's against Man City earlier this season. But all these noble scores cannot compare with the mesmerising second against ManU last Sunday. The string of 28 passes followed by the exquisite strike by Youri Tielemans, hit hard and low just inside the far post, was a goa
  8. He may not be our greatest player - but I always feel that as a team we seem so much more compact and sound when he's on the pitch, chasing, tackling getting forward. It was true in '15/16 and it is true now. One of the Immortals and still making a difference.
  9. I remember the rag and bone man, and his horse and cart, from the fifties. I never remember anyone giving him bones, but I was told that in the old days they collected bones to make into glue. It would help to wedge in the ragman's trumpet
  10. Or Hines and Rowley (for the over 70s!)
  11. I think he plays best whenslightly off the principal striker (Vardy). It was pointed out in the commentary last night, and on MOTD, how fruitful the Vards-Kelechi partnership has been. Vards however isn't scoring; Maddison and Barnes are out. Kelechi IS scoring goals - Fulham, Burnley and Brighton but the chances are that Rodgers will replace him as soon as Perez is fit again. Even last night he couldn't help thanking him by pulling him off. Rodgers is an excellent manager but his treatment of Iheanacho has been utterly capricious, last season as well as this season - seemingly intent on dest
  12. You have missed out Len "Chopper" Chalmers who played for us in the early sixties but, rather ironically, was badly injured in the firs part of the 1960-61 Cup Final against Spurs, and was a passenger for the rest of the game.
  13. I agree but reading Foxestalk I get the impression that academy players receive more than their fair share of denigration: Chilwell, Hamza, even Barnes till his play really took off. Perhaps their gradual introduction into the side doesn't bring with it the sense of anticipation of a transfer deadline signing. I hope that Thomas gets fairer treatment even if he does make a misplaced pass here and there, or gets skinned once in a while (as is bound to happen).
  14. I've always had a soft spot for Slavia and when passing through Prague by way of work in 1997 l went to see their ground (they have now relocated, l think). In the clubhouse a few old guys were having lunch. I remember that on the wall there was a framed programme of a game in the very early 1900s between Slavia and Oxford University (this was a time when teams like Oxford went on tour spreading the game throughout Europe). There was a real feeling of a club whose great years were in the interwar period when the best football in the World was played in Mittel Europa and teams from Czechoslovak
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