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  1. We did control many of the games, certainly in the sense of having more of the possession, but without creating enough chances. Perhaps it all comes down to the fact that other teams had worked it out how to play us. Defend in depth; never ever play a high line and crowd Vardy out. Vardy himself seems to have been playing to orders - don't waste energy coming deep or moving out to the wings; just play centrally and wait for the chances. This of course is great if the chances keep coming; it's not so good if they don't. This, I think, comes back to Iheanacho. His emergence has been a real positive. We need someone else playing up front who can score goals and who can take make space for Vardy. Iheanacho is that player, and it's so frustrating that having bravely decided to give Iheanacho his chance, when most fans were distinctly underwhelmed at the prospect, then Brendan kept deselecting him or taking him off for Praet (no goal threat there). I was watching at Villa in December. We came out with Vardy and Kelechi up front and took the game to them in an memorable performance - we seemed on that Sunday afternoon to be taking the League by storm. Contrast that with our home game against Brighton in the run in when we started with a Puelesque formation: Mendy and Wilf as defensive midfielders and Maddison on the left. Result: initiative surrendered to Brighton, and two points lost. Add those two points to the three lost by taking Kelechi off at half time against Bournemouth and again surrendering the initiative. That was five points, and a Champions' League place, tossed away. Playing a defensive formation may seem the cautious thing to do but it can carry real risks. Pearson demonstrated that in reverse when, with seemingly nothing to lose and the club virtually certain of relegation, he abandoned negativity. Result - seven wins out of the last nine in 2014-15, and survival. I started this thread on the basis of looking for the positives. Iheanacho has been one of those positives, but Brendan's decision to try to grind out the points with a defensive formation, either taking him off or not selecting him, was the reverse of positive. I don't think it was lack of bottle on the part of the players that was at fault, but that of the manager.I hope the lesson has been learned. If not the Peter ("The lads are on fire in training") Taylor fiasco might just happen. I don't think it will, but I didn't think fifth place would either.
  2. The disappointment of missing out on a Champions' League place will not easily subside, but every cloud has a silver lining, so let's consider some positives from the last nine games. 1. Iheanacho has really looked to be a good attacker, with a goal threat, who can complement Vardy next season. One of my main gripes against Brendan Rogers has been the way he either substitutes Kelechi or deselects him, when playing well. I am sure that Vardy is less likely to be crowded out when Kelechi is playing alongside. I felt a sharp pang of despair whenever I saw Dennis Praet coming on for Kelechi. Brendan was replacing an attacker able to score goals with a midfielder who, whilst not a bad player, is unlikely ever to find the net. 2. James Justin has proved to be a good right back - very sound defensively (e.g. in the last game against Manu). He isn't yet as good as Ricardo going forward but who in the League is? 3. Luke Thomas is a real prospect who did not look out of his depth when brought in for some difficult games. 4. I have been a little underwhelmed by Youri T this season but I thought he played pretty well in the last games (Is he better when he and Maddison are not competing for the same space?).. 5. Gray looked a threat when coming on. He scored against SheffU and looked good against ManU - I really feel that next season could bring about the long awaited break-through. Viewed as a whole it's been a good season. Has anyone else out there got other positive points to shatter the gloom?
  3. Agreed - from what l see his tackling is good and his distribution sound. He does not normally get caught in possession but every player looses the ball sometimes. It's what happens tens of times in a game of football. l reckon he's a good player who will be better still next season.
  4. My concern is that when he will get sick of being subbed when he has looked our most lively player and has scored our goal. Surely he must think "What the hell do l have to do to get a full game?".
  5. Rudyard Kipling is a blue, is a blue, He hates Forest!
  6. It doesn't explain everything but we don't seem to be having a great deal of luck. Kelechi was nearly decapitated against Man City with no penalty and a pretty dubious decision denied him a goal last night. But luck does turn in the end.
  7. Vards didn't take his chance but he shot hard and low......sometimesthey go in, sometimes they don't. But l don't think l have seen a ball4 as perfect as that which set up Harvey's chance. The timing, weight and direction of pass were exquisite. He's a complete forward.
  8. Forgotten? I don't think so. All those 1-0 wins.....
  9. I would opt for it, and you are spot on when you say that Hamza is better on the ball than he is given credit for. His passing is sound (and he passes sideways and backwards less than some) and he doesn't often lose possession. Our chastening experience against Liverpool and Man City shows that the very top sides dominate possession. To have a chance you have to win the ball and against top sides we cannot just rely on Wilf in midfield. Hamza can win the ball when he's not expected to, and that can often wrong-foot defending teams - e.g. last night against Villa. He's worth a place in the starting XI for definite. Let the boy start!
  10. Martin O'Neill liked him.Peter Taylor did not. He must have been good!
  11. Maybe Harvey might score more by switching to the right, bringing Albrighton in on the left......just a thought.
  12. When l first watched City l got into the Popular Side for 9d which is less than 4p. Adults got in for 1s 3d which is 6.25p.
  13. Exactly. One contributor to Foxestalk compared our team to the great side of the early sixties (two cup finals and one fourth place finish). We had really good players: Banks, the brilliant Davie Gibson, McLintock, Stringfellow and the excellent lan King at centre half. We played some great football: l remember in particular a 3-1 win in 1963 against the evental champions, Everton, when City were the "Ice Age Champions". Nevertheless to take one example the full backs then, Chopper Chalmers and Ritchie Norman, could not have lived with Chilly and Ricardo, and good player that Ken Keyworth was, he was no Jamie Vardy. Not for that matter was Howard Riley a Harvey Barnes. We are indeed living in a Golden Age and a hundred years from now our fans will have access to videos etc and marvel at our fabulous players.
  14. I remember pre-season the esteemed Peter Taylor prophesying a top six finish and his immortal words, etched on my brain: "The lads are on fire in training".
  15. Anybody out there had my good fortune? As a boy of eight I saw City thrash Lincoln 9-2 in 1953. It has been a long time since then but l was at St Mary's to witness the 0-9 triumph. Anybody else witness both? And a question for a budding statto.......two City players got hat-tricks on Friday. Has that ever happened before in a City League game?In that 9-2 thrashing of Lincoln Derek Hines got five but Arthur Rowley only two.
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