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  1. When l first watched City l got into the Popular Side for 9d which is less than 4p. Adults got in for 1s 3d which is 6.25p.
  2. Exactly. One contributor to Foxestalk compared our team to the great side of the early sixties (two cup finals and one fourth place finish). We had really good players: Banks, the brilliant Davie Gibson, McLintock, Stringfellow and the excellent lan King at centre half. We played some great football: l remember in particular a 3-1 win in 1963 against the evental champions, Everton, when City were the "Ice Age Champions". Nevertheless to take one example the full backs then, Chopper Chalmers and Ritchie Norman, could not have lived with Chilly and Ricardo, and good player that Ken Keyworth was, he was no Jamie Vardy. Not for that matter was Howard Riley a Harvey Barnes. We are indeed living in a Golden Age and a hundred years from now our fans will have access to videos etc and marvel at our fabulous players.
  3. I remember pre-season the esteemed Peter Taylor prophesying a top six finish and his immortal words, etched on my brain: "The lads are on fire in training".
  4. Anybody out there had my good fortune? As a boy of eight I saw City thrash Lincoln 9-2 in 1953. It has been a long time since then but l was at St Mary's to witness the 0-9 triumph. Anybody else witness both? And a question for a budding statto.......two City players got hat-tricks on Friday. Has that ever happened before in a City League game?In that 9-2 thrashing of Lincoln Derek Hines got five but Arthur Rowley only two.
  5. I recall that in the early part of the Great Season we got quite a few goals by Mark A cutting back on to his right foot, and swinging in a diagonal cross for Mahrez bearing down on goal from an inside right position. Those goals dried up later in the season - presumably other teams got wise to the ploy. I would like to see it tried again with Ricardo playing the Riyad role.
  6. Ben when you smile Ben you smile at me ("When" by The Kalin Twins - August 1957)
  7. He is an utter bloody gem - we have so much to thank him for.
  8. A fascinating summary. Your reference to Gnabry reminded me that our signings of defenders and mid-fielders have been very shrewd; our forwards not so good (not including Vardy and Mahrez of course!).
  9. As a matter of interest do you think it was a coincidence that Tielemans had his best game of this season when Maddison was absent? One other point: we are equal with Liverpool in having the best defence in the League which fact alone demonstrates how good Soyuncu and Evans have been. Let's hope it survives our impending visit to Anfield.
  10. I agree although I would like to see Amartey being given a chance on the right side of a back three
  11. Apparently it was at Charterhouse school. Rugby became Rugger and "Association" got corrupted into Soccer following the Oxford trait of adding "er(s)" to words: Jonathan Agnew is known as Aggers, for example.
  12. Agreed - that goal against Spurs away was the most critical goal of that astonishing season - the Goal of the Century without doubt.
  13. I think he's better than that. His passing his accurate and constructive - remember the ball to Kelechi in the game against Man C - and he seldom gives the ball away. With tacklers like Hamza and Wilf, screening our defence and enabling our terrific full-backs to get forward, and Maddison and Tielemans to give us creativity, we have a fine balance.
  14. When he joined us we were bottom of the League and virtually sunk without trace.He turned it round for us and within a year we were Premier League champions. Name me another man in the history of football who has had that kind of impact.Harry Maguire isn't fit to lace his boots. Keep practising your Cruyff turns Robert!
  15. Barnes has obviously got it in terms of ability as was evidenced by his time at WBA. The close season is short but it is odd how players, and teams, can change over that brief period - e.g. compare Chilly at the end of '17-18 with him at the start of '18-19. I'm hopeful that Barnes, having had to move up a gear from the Championship, can do the same next season. If he can then with Perez and JV we will have one hell of a strike (and The Times says that Andy K, still only 30, has been on a special training regime!). Pray God the season plays out as we hope.
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