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  1. KJT

    Patrick Roberts

    Seems like West Ham also want Roberts as Pellegrini signed him when he was at Man City
  2. Read Pellegrini at his first news conference, he states he wants West Ham to play attacking football that will excite the fans. Considering his Man city side scored 151 goals in all competition s in one season, no wonder hammers fans have something to cheerful about. Hope Puel heard his interview!
  3. KJT


    There's no way Man City or Arsenal would buy a Man Utd reject who's in a team thay have just got relegated!
  4. KJT


    None of the top EPL teams want him ( cos he's rubbish), West Brim will be playing in the championship. This guy is desperate for an EPL team to sign him, should go for peanuts then!
  5. KJT


    West From fans say their team was better without him at the start of the season and better without him at the end of the season. Can't see why some here want him, he's well past his best, West Brom fans can't wait till to get rid of him, cos hecthinks he's bigger than the club, and with stealing that taxi what type of example is that when your team is at the bottom of EPL.
  6. KJT

    Eduardo Macia to West Ham?

    Just read Leicester Mercury online and they have said that apparently West Ham are after our head of scouting cos they got rid of theirs. And that Eduardo would fit would join their new manager Manual Pellegrini. What our we going to do now, we have to bring back Walsh now. Also how good do you rate Eduardo? Will we miss him as our head of recruitment?
  7. KJT

    Keep or Sell?

    What I seen of Slimani is when he's on form he's terrific in front of goal, so that's why I would keep him. And as a previous post has said of Amartey is, he's only got better for us.
  8. Wow we got a player Tottenham and Man city were interested in signing him last year, I don't think he would have come here if it wasn't for Puel, my views on Puel are changing. I think he can be the new Wenger when he started at Arsenal. Feeling positive about our future.
  9. This guy must be good cos reading Twitter, other club's fans can't believe he chosen to join us! thanks Claude
  10. Twitter gone crazy with irate other club fans can't believe he's gone to us
  11. Just read a man city fan irritated that we have signed him, they are gob smacked that Leicester have signed him
  12. KJT

    Ricardo Pereira

    25m for another player from a Portuguese club, is he any good? Why have not the top European clubs shown any interest in him? What do the Portuguese fans think of him? Read a comment from a local Porto fan that we are getting mugged!
  13. The Brazil V-neck looks really cool, and the Italian V-neck is also good. Our V-neck on our shirt is a bit boring cos loads of clubs have that type of V-neck
  14. It will be magic if we have Gold Shorts
  15. Yeah, first I thought white shorts would be great, bit now I,m thinking we would look exactly like Everton, and I don't want that. Maybe we should go for yellow or gold shorts.