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  1. Maddison does seem to get fouled a lot by opposition players, doesn't seem to bother him, like the way he just gets up and gets on with it. More free kicks and goal opportunities for him.
  2. That has to be the greatest goal I ever seen from Maddison, virtually unstoppable!
  3. Watching the game live on Being Sports 8hd, round about the 50 min, Hardy should have made a pass to Nacho instead of trying to score himself.
  4. Just heard this on talksport, they found it funny
  5. I would happy if they did, they may find harder then us cos of Liverpool and man city, man u will be pushing for the title. Dare I say it it may be a bigger achievement than ours, but we were the original.
  6. Documentary on bein sports HD 2 right now, just featured Ndidi and Leicester city with bits from Puel, in Arabic and English! Anyone watching?
  7. Come on PeP Bring on Mahrez, I see him scoring today! He can't do that sitting on the bench.
  8. Two interesting words ' experts predict ' these so called experts I remember said the IT systems will collapse in the year 2000 unless the government spents billions on there security systems and recently they said the UK economy and pound will crash if we vote Leave.
  9. Some of you just want instant success, klopp took 3 years to build the Liverpool team into what it is today, also Pep taken 1 1/2 to make MC champion's and Sean Dyche been at Burnley since 2012 and was relegated with them. Our Nigel Pearson took a couple of years to build the league winning side. People hire just want someone to come in and have instant success. I see Puel as having a long-term strategy for Leicester, which will bear fruit
  10. Arsenal going to turn into a mid table team. Happens when the previous manager leaves whose spent over a decade with them.
  11. Mahrez missing Vardy today, didn't know who to pass to!
  12. Great Leicester style counterattack for MC's second goal!
  13. Mahrez better off with us, going to find it hard at MC
  14. Maybe the mirror journalist heard something about Henry and Leicester and thought that he was lined up for the manager's job. My theory is that maybe Puel and the owners want Henry for the assistant manager's job as he did brilliant with Belgium. And maybe Henry thinks if he can't get a manager's job then he should go for assistant manager.
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