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  1. Bounty Hunter

    Quiztacular quiz of quizness

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 40/100 My Time 128 seconds  
  2. 0-2 Another Clean Sheet. Nacho and Vardy
  3. Bounty Hunter

    Watford.. Score predictions:-

    2-0 City. The clean sheet streak continues. Ndidi because he's due to make one eventually. Mahrez because he's god. And we will be in 7th by nightfall.
  4. Bounty Hunter

    Which midfield duo?

    After watching Silva this month, any answer that doesn't include him would be wrong. IMO
  5. Bounty Hunter

    Vardy to Man Utd

    We Need aquestion mark or a qualifier in that thread title. Nearly gave me a heart attack
  6. Bounty Hunter

    Are we gonna finish top four?

    We are playing like a top 4 club since Puel came on board. But we dug ourselves a hole the first month and a half and have been spending the last month and a half climbing out. I think our talent and coaching says we can hold our own against anyone not named Man City. The upcoming transfer window will have a lot to do with how we will fair going forward. We cant be sellers. Mahrez has to stay. Need to beef up the back and learn how to defend set pieces. We might not get in the top 4 but we will scare the piss out of them. that being said... I voted yes GO FOXES!!
  7. First i confess I'm American. I started following the premier league when a coworker constantly talked about Man City in 2015. Of course this was the year that Leicester had their historic run. I adopted them as my team because my co worker went on about Man city so much i had to pull against him. I've always loved the game in general but never gotten involved in one team or another until I started following this team. I hope you dont think of me as just a 'fair weather fan'. I have grown to love this team and read about them every day. I can't begin to feel the same agony and elation that you have felt as long suffering fans. But i do respect your determination and dedication to this team. I searched for a forum like this so i can read how the true fans feel about the team and not just what I read from the media. I probably wont post that often but i hope that you will accept this "clueless American" as a part of your group. GO FOXES!!