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  1. I still can't believe we've got a player like him playing for us.
  2. Don't get me started on Winks. He is s championship midfielder at best. And his only career prospect should be becoming a Liam Payne lookalike
  3. I disagree but that maybe because it was refreshing to not be listening to Savage's "interesting" anecdotes and analysis!
  4. My only worry is that Southgate will continue to think Mason Mount is a better player than Maddison.
  5. Absolutely. So nice to see his passion for football and ambition to keep improving.
  6. The major criticism was his distribution. He showed tonight how much progress he's making. He'll find it difficult against teams who player deeper but his development from a decent League One full back to a decent premier league full back has been exciting to watch.
  7. I'd highly recommend Michael Cox's books on football tactics. The Mixer and Zonal Marking. I've just finished Jonathan Wilson's biography of Cloughie which is a fascinating read.
  8. I did read that the Chelsea defenders speak in French during the game. Jonny and Cags will need Duolingo to catch up!
  9. I used to groan whenever I saw his name on the team sheet, and then I'll have a long text conversation with my dad that resembled the coming of the apocalypse. Now, I'm always pleased to see he's playing. Fair play to him and the coaching staff for his transformation
  10. It is crazy how this is being discussed. Not because it shouldn't be, it it is a very interesting question. Mendy has become one of the first names on the team sheet. He is one of those guys who makes other players play. Tielemans and Praet have been allowed to look forward. Right now, I wouldn't drop Mendy but with the tight schedule, Ndidi will get a run of games at some point when he returns. Another question is how Cags and Ricardo fit in on their return. Brendan is going to need those paracetamol, Maddison recommended.
  11. Good question. Alan Birchenall, Vichai, Jamie Vardy and Steve Walsh (the player)
  12. I completely agree. If we try and take them on in a possession game, it won't end well.
  13. Did anyone see Wayne Brown on Football Focus at the weekend? He's now the manager of Maldon & Tiptree.
  14. I don't think we'll give them as much of the ball as boxing day. I think the way we are playing will help us cope with moments of pressure. Hopefully our back three will counteract their front free, with Mendy breaking them down further up. Their defence isn't as stable, and Vardy will thrive against their high line. I'm always prone to optimism and while it will be a struggle, I believe we have a good chance to get a decent result.
  15. It is so wonderful to see this guy without injuries and full of confidence. I used to moan and groan about him playing and now I don't even think twice. He reminds me of Makelele. He does everything so simply and to great effect. One of those guys who just allows our creatives to play.
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