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  1. Face value it's in the west stand block A1 row D. Selling as I am now going to sign with my friends instead.
  2. One ticket for Tottenham available face value £30 It's in the West stand A1 row D Now sold.
  3. Hey guys, I'm going to the signing session next week and will be able to meet Madison, Ndidi, Iheanacho and Ghezzal. I am wondering what sort of things people bring to get autographed ?
  4. Mine still haven't come, I've sent them about 5 emails about it, they keep saying they've been posted and will arrive soon. I'm worried it won't
  5. Missfox

    How much is Maguire worth?

    He is priceless to us at the moment, I wouldn't entertain anything less than 120 million
  6. I am a member with around 10 match points. Does anyone think I have a chance of getting a season ticket and how I do this? When do they go on sale?
  7. Also it could be a Mrs. Miss Fox, you never know!
  8. Haha you're hilarious Mr. Strokes
  9. They're taking my name!
  10. Ok thanks everyone. My main concern was that the printing was mainly aimed at kids not really about anyone 'saying something' but more looking a bit too old for printing. Now that I've heard there's others with theirs customized I am going to go for it! I would quite like a players name but wouldn't want to be left with a shirt with the name of an ex-player on so gonna play it safe and go with my surname which should never change!
  11. comment of the day. I'm not a teacher!