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  1. Hi there what tier is it? Im after one in tier 1 or tier 2. Thanks
  2. Block C2 row G, selling for £25. Bought this a few months ago but unfortunately can't go anymore due to work commitments.
  3. Selling 1 x ticket in the West stand for the Palace game for £25 as I can't go anymore. Block C2 row G.
  4. Can I buy this from you please? I presume you need to get printed match tickets for each match? Unless you are just lending the card in good faith without getting printed tickets. I promise I will take good care of it if so. I would love a season ticket, somewhere to sit regularly
  5. Someone has sorted me one now thank you
  6. Just 1 ticket if anyone is selling
  7. I am looking for a man city ticket for my friend who is desperate to go to the boxing day game, does anyone have one they are selling?
  8. Face value it's in the west stand block A1 row D. Selling as I am now going to sign with my friends instead.
  9. One ticket for Tottenham available face value £30 It's in the West stand A1 row D Now sold.
  10. Hey guys, I'm going to the signing session next week and will be able to meet Madison, Ndidi, Iheanacho and Ghezzal. I am wondering what sort of things people bring to get autographed ?
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