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  1. Out of all the CB links this transfer market. Who would you prefer the club to sign ? And why ?
  2. 2 CB on loan and a surprise winger lingaard
  3. Fuchs defo motm . Gray looked dreadful in my opinion it's a shame as think he has so much potential but just not for me . Job done tho next round here we come
  4. He's class but can't see it happening
  5. After the last two games I've seen the need for signings I evident.
  6. Leicester paper talk . Thoughts ?
  7. I understand Jan is a difficult window to operate in but other teams again seem to be doing business. CB was priority but I can't believe the club put all there eggs in 1 basket ...... Turkish lad from juventus
  8. It seems to me we need to strengthen a tad . But there's no solid links . If we want to cement top four surely we should be looking to do so .
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