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  1. Back bone of this country !
  2. Manny Pacquiao captures welterweight title with first knockout in nine years !!!! Amazing strength or a fix you can all watch and decide !!! In other news Rocky Fielding wins a plastic belt and becomes a “world champion” ??? The WBA champion is george groves , fielding is the 2nd division “champion” so in reality he is not a champion at all boxing is a nutty game sometimes
  3. Yet you feel the need to engage brillaint ??
  4. Wow Somone on here that washes regularly and is not a ??? good man murph
  5. That’s bull crap to be honest this administration can now enshrine laws that can last generations ! They will decide the terms of the trade agreement we need with them to treat the president like this is simply an idiots way to cut off your nose despite your face !
  6. The leader of the free world knows !!! Wake up ????????
  7. Disgusting how President Trump has been treated on this visit we may not agree with some of his views and behaviours but all those soap dodging lefties out on the streets of london is an embarrassment to this country ! Where were all those people when Theresa May was destroying the NHS , deporting the Windrush generation etc... we will need trump and America after March 2019 ! Appaling behaviour
  8. We won the league great but the season before and since have marked us really as a team who could collapse at any point there is no real sense of stability on Or off the field and we are selling all our major assets for peanuts ! Kante/Mahrez/drinky sold for less than Liverpool got for just Coutinio !!! The owners said “top 6” club , well I’m afraid all our best players are at a top 6 club but only after they leave us ! Maguire is the future if we sell him in next 2 season we are nothing but a selling club , the new Southampton !!!! Pay him £100k a week or what ever Vardy is on and build a defence around this amazing talent for the next 10 years !
  9. If this is what we are offering him he will soon be off ! Can imagine the Manchester clubs would be willing to sort him out £125k a week easy I’m afraid if we don’t put him on the top earners his agent will have him sold soon enough
  10. Pork joke on a thread started by peope from an Islamic country nice one ?
  11. 125m Liverpool got more for an 8 stone Brazilian who isn’t fit to lace Mahrez boots !!! We are the worst traders on planet
  12. You made a very special tournament even more special Gareth Southgate is a class act of a manager !!!! Your players tried hard , your fans represented well The Jocks , Taffs and Irish laughing at the English tonight , what a joke , And we can’t even qualify for a free McDonalds !!! lots to be proud of England fans , you have a very young team and they will get much better ! Heads up high and be proud of your team they are a credit to you all
  13. Just placed my biggest ever football bet on England to get through I can’t see how they don’t qualify now for the the final
  14. 2-0 easy win for England last 10 Mins they could run away with it E119DA95-42DD-44FD-B541-A03F2B5689C1.MP4
  15. Not a hope ??? I can’t see him starting 30% or city’s games seriously when he hai confidence is good he is world class when he has mentally struggled he has looked a show pony we are about to find out how good he really is mentally
  16. Will sit on the bench and lose confidence we will buy him back for 25m in 3 years time !!! he is a confidence player and he will be with world class talent he can’t cope with being unloved and struggled with criticism this will not go well for him I will welcome him home in a few years time !
  17. Only if I bring the shears , wool can get very smelly this time of year ?
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