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  1. yks

    So, 5 games in...

    Maybe the key point is we are not even close to EOS...
  2. Because they already expericenced football seasons and know that one loss away from home against a midtable team isn't a huge deal ? The Puel Out brigade is reacting like we lost a playoff for relegation against a team of U13.
  3. Yes it was, that's undebatable. But some people here think it's enough to call for Puel's head or say Fuchs, Iborra, Albrighton or even Okazaki should start games. Do they think we must win all our games ? Do they think a loss means half our team are shit and make our substitutes word beaters ? That's some serious dumbassery.
  4. We lost against a midtable team, away from home, with more shots and possession than them. Nothing abnormal, nothing to worry about. This will happen again during the season, that's just the way it is for clubs who aren't Top 6 (and that happens to them too). Only drama queens and people who have an agenda make a big deal of that.
  5. yks

    So, 5 games in...

    We lost today away from home to a midtable team so Puel is the worst manager ever and almost all the players who have played are shit and should be replaced with other ones. That's the absolute truth (until we win a game with them or lose with the back-up players who will become shit again). If you ever doubt about the extent of human stupidity, read a football forum.
  6. Considering the expectations of the Puel Out brigade, I think only one person could make them happy : Pep Kloppinho.
  7. Really happy for all the FT members who are back today...
  8. It's sickening how when we win, some "fans" aren't happy because "it was lucky", "we weren't convincing" and blah blah blah but only consider the result when we lose. If you want a team which win and play well every game, go support...hmmm...a team like that doesn't exist actually, so maybe consider sticking to FIFA 2019 instead of real football. Plenty of positives today, starting with Mendy who was even better against a worldclass team than his 2 first games. Chilwell is a completely different player than last year, Maddison is confirming what we all thought, confirmed players (Magiire, Albrighton, Schmeichel,...) aren't underperforming like last year. The game was balanced against the last Champions League finalist and one of the top 10 teams in the world, without Vardy. About Gray, I think he started upfront beacause his speed was the only weapon in our team that could have caused serious problems against Van Dijk & Gomez. His game was a bit poor but he still had the best occasion in open play apart for our goal.
  9. yks

    Liverpool (H) Match Thread

    We're losing against the Champions League runner-ups, so we're shit, Gray will never be a good forward, Simpson and Slimani should have played and obviously : Puel out !
  10. yks

    Liverpool ( H ) Pre Match

    Schmeichel Amartey - Morgan - Maguire - Chilwell Ndidi - Mendy Ricardo - Maddison - Albrighton Gray
  11. 4 : Iheanacho, Maddison 5 : Ndidi, Ricardo 6 : Gray, Mendy, Schmeichel, Morgan, Amartey, Puel 7 : Maguire, Chilwell
  12. yks

    Southampton (A) Match Thread

    Because you have to try different things to know which one is the best
  13. yks

    Southampton (A) Match Thread

    The best way to know what your best 11 is is to try different things.
  14. yks

    Southampton (A) Match Thread

    Because I'm not sure at the moment Evans is better than Morgan. And it's about 11 players so, I'm not sure either that Ricardo+Albrighton is better than Amartey+Ricardo
  15. yks

    Southampton (A) Match Thread

    Are you aware a player contract is longer than 2 games ?