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  1. yks

    Who do you want January 2019

    He's apparently OK to go to Valencia but WH doesn't want to sell him.
  2. Under Ranieri 2 or Shakey, no one was asking "what if?" because everyone know we were constantly shit. People are asking "what if?" now because we show during some games what our true potentiel is, but instead of congratulating Puel for allowing us to play at this level sometimes, they bash him because he can't repeat it every game. That's kind of insane. He is in a way a victim of his own success.
  3. yks

    Who do you want January 2019

    Yohan Cabaye is now a free agent. Could help replacing Iborra/Silva (?) as a cheap short-term solution. More able going forward than Mendy and Ndidi. Made his debut at Lille under Puel and was a key player in his team for 4 years.
  4. They are clearly not good enough to be starters for now, but there is still hope for Iheanacho. One striker > no striker. I can't wait either. About 5 or 6.. We are currently making an effort at getting to 7th, so 0 years. We tried to win the Carabao Cup but the players clearly don't even know how to shoot a proper penalty. Anyway, how many FA Cups and Carabo have we won in the past ? 23 shots against Southampton, 16 against Cardiff. Not cautious at all. Please, transmit me your adress ASAP so I can send you your medal. Yep. My mission statement is: trying to save the club from the morons by educating them about the basics of football and maths. I think I deserve a raise.
  5. You know, it's kind of pathetic that you can only say something like "But...but..but you defend him just because you're French" after I destroyed all of your "arguments".
  6. Not everyone in the world is a stupid chauvinist, you know.
  7. I don't feel he is talking about me... why would some of the fans think that ? That's such a mystery.
  8. He never said the tragedy is an excuse for the performances, he just implied fans acting like that in a time like this about the entertainment they have or not watching football games have little to no decency. I fully agree with him.
  9. Because they are shit and the players out of the team would be Mendy and Albrighton who also are experimented players ? - "Why still persisting with a single striker up front that doesn't see much of the action or the ball on a regular basis? Because Iheanacho and Okazaki are shit ? - Why the long balls forward that don't go anywhere? What ? I thought I've read here countless times we never played counter attack again, which is the only exciting and productive brand of football existing in the whole universe. - "It's a bit of a two-edged sword to promote youth players, whilst sacrificing sportive success." Except it's not sacrificed. We're 8th for **** sake. It's kind of amazing in this context. - How long do you think we'd have to be patient to endure more of this "one step forward, one step back" approach? Personnally, I'll judge him on results only next season if he's still there, since he would have get rid of the majority of the old guard and brought his own players. - What does success mean to a club like Leicester and where do the ambitions lie? Doing the best we can to ensure long term success. Tottenham didn't became what was Top 4 level back then in two seasons. - I can't just be finishing mid-table every season now, with nothing else to play for. So, maybe you support the wrong club, because even if the goal is to break into the top 6, the success is far from guaranteed.
  10. Maybe you don't follow football for a long time but losing against weaker teams sometimes and beating stronger ones IS expected for any club. Relegation form exactly means : being one of the worst three teams of the league or having results really close to them. I'm not related to Puel and him being French is probably influencal in the way I defend him, but just because contrary to 95% of the posters here, I know him and his career really well, not because we share the same nationality and it's baffling to read some absurdities that are simply the exact opposite of the truth. For instance "Puel's football is bland, uninspiring, highly defensive and cautious, he gets the odd results here and there". A highly defensive and cautious manager doesn't go for the win away, 10vs11 at 1-1 like against Brighton. A highly defensive and cautious manager doesn't go for the win against Chelsea and Man City. (Actually, about that, you don't even need to know his records to avoid saying absurdities like these) Most of his critics seem to consider he began his career at Southampton and think they know his personality because they listened to 3 post-match interviews. That's ignorance at its finest. I also defend him because I believe (or know, based on the knowledge I have) he has all the tools to succeed in leading our project and because firing him would be at least extremely dangerous, because I don't think there are a lot of better coaches than him available and willing to join a club like us. I also think that he certainly has flaws, but I'm not a professional and I can't possibly know what happens in the training sessions, why he choose a certain player or a certain tactics in a certain context, so I prefer not criticizing that since I have no way to know if the decisions are justified but I know when I see with my own eyes a player not being involved and not wanting to put some effort and a player who miss sitters a bit too often, so that's why I have no issues criticizing the players. And then, his inteview doesn't mean **** all. It means, as most of his supporter say, that he's doing a very good job in a very difficult context (Totally rebuilding and the style of play and the aging group of players when our adversaries have more financial power than us and still getting decent results in the process, dealing with the loss of Mahrez, dealing with the tragedy, etc)
  11. And also probably why when a French club play against an English club which isn't in the top 6, they beat them. To be clear the Premier League is considered better than Ligue 1 only because of the Top 6. 2-20 in Ligue 1 and 7-20 in the Premier League is basically the same.
  12. Try to watch any other midtable team and tell us how entertained you are...
  13. No he wasn't. He left Lille because he was hired by Lyon and left Nice at the end of his contract.
  14. yks

    Who then......

    Unfortunately, yes, this a theme. Most of French coaches have a defensive mindset and are IMO, not very good. Also, the pressure from the fans and a potential sack after a short period of bad results is so strong I think most of them chose to build something defensively strong to avoid the potential streaks of loss what might come with a more attacking mindset. It's a vicious circle. Recently Dall'Oglio was an offensive coach at Dijon but was fired because things weren't clicking this season.
  15. Maguire, Ndidi : They didn't became bad, they are approximatively the same level as last season. In fact, Ndidi improved his passing. They also played the WC and haven't had any vacation, so the fact they slighty underperform is justified, as for many other players in the same situation. Vardy : WC and is 32yo when his main quality was his physical attributes... Do I really have to say more ? Gray : a little improvement compared to last year. Still not good enough though and looks bad compared to Chilwell and Choudury. Iheanacho : a failure at the moment. Silva : never physical enough for the Premier League. Iborra : never a top player. And Puel hadn't Barcelona level players at Nice or Lille.