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  1. yks

    Sing for Claude

    He should totally have played Okazaki instead of Evans.
  2. IDK... I have no idea how the players will respond having to play weeks after weeks in the same place those tragic events happened. I hope it will galvanise them instead of making them lose focus on the game.
  3. yks


    We unfortunately all know it's not.
  4. yks


    One minute of heavy clapping at the 10th (because he bought the club in 2010) minute of each game.
  5. yks


    Doing everything we can as fans to respect and support his vision and philosophy for the future of the club.
  6. yks

    Helicopter crash

    Puel made a statement : "This is a tragedy for the club. I think a lot about the victims and their families and I want to appease everyone worrying about me. I'm devastatingly sad but I'm fine." http://news.maxifoot.fr/info-293563_181028/football.php
  7. yks

    Helicopter crash

    Sorry in the confusion, I haven't seen Claude Puel's account is a parodic one. Here is Gregoire's one : https://twitter.com/gregoirepuel?lang=fr (nothing for more than a year) Paulin's account is empty
  8. yks

    Helicopter crash

    I checked Puel's and Puel's sons twitter accounts hoping there will be a confirmation he wasn't onboard, there was nothing on it. I hope that is just because the rumor is relatively new.
  9. yks

    Helicopter crash

    In shock, hoping for a miracle to be announced.
  10. yks

    10 Games In - The Verdict So Far

    Today, yes but overall, it's a lot of weird choices and missed dribbles or passes. I still prefer him over Iheanacho to be fair, and he's still young. Let's hope he'll have a Chilwell-like epiphany.
  11. yks

    10 Games In - The Verdict So Far

    The team I want to see from now : Schmeichel Ricardo - Soyuncu - Maguire - Chilwell Mendy - Iborra Albrighton - Maddison/Iheanacho - Gray/Maddison Vardy I'm sick of all the lost balls by Ndidi and think Mendy is as good as him defensively. I hope Albrighton workrate and tracking back could help Ricardo. I'm neither fully convinced by Gray nor Iheanacho but somebody has to play.
  12. Amartey, Chilwell : 7 Schmeichel, Maguire, Söyüncü, Ndidi, Iborra, Albrighton, Gray : 6 Maddison, Vardy : 5 Ghezzal, Iheanacho, Okazaki : 4 Puel : Stay.
  13. yks

    Daniel Amartey

    That's a ****ed-up level of insensibility and lack of empathy saying something like that less than an hour after he had what could be a career ending injury.
  14. yks

    10 Games In - The Verdict So Far

    A bit disapointing, but still 2 points from 8th and 8 above the relegation line, so nothing to worry about for now. Let's hope we'll be a bit luckier the next games.
  15. yks

    West Ham Home 1-1 thread

    Negatives : - Amartey injury - Amartey injury - Amartey injury - Amartey injury - Amartey injury Positives : - None of the other players are seriously injured.