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  1. What didn't you understand in "That wasn't about Rodgers" ? It was about our fans and our players that I know for years now. (And I know if Puel went to Watford trying to not lose with 3 CBs including Morgan on the pitch, he would have been shattered)
  2. There is nothing against Rodgers in the message you quote, only against the fans who thought our players were excellent and underperforming, when they are decent and were overperforming.
  3. I've said it before,I'll certainly say it again... A lot of Puel out thought he was making the team and the players underperform because they couldn't comprehend why they weren't always at their best like against the Top 6 clubs. The truth is Puel was the main (maybe only) reason we were able to perform at this level in the first place. It's Southampton all over again, we'll now realize what our true level is, and it's frightening.
  4. All teams have bad runs. Bournemouth and Everton were not so long ago 18th and 19th considering only their last 10 games.
  5. You just need the guarantee it will work better with Rodgers than Puel. We don't. We just wrote off 18 months of work with no guaranties of success.
  6. Rather than sticking with the project that no less guarantees to work than the new one, except we had 18 months of work behind us.
  7. The fact the season is a write off makes the decision of sacking Puel even more ridiculous. We are back at stage 1.
  8. Yeah, the guys at Southampton really prefer the posts about their chances of being relegated.
  9. 4* shots on target for Palace, 4* goals. Kasper, today I hope your daddy finds you a new ambitious club with a manager able to lead a project very soon.
  10. 3 shots on target for Palace, 3 goals. Vardy invisible most of the game. When yourgoalkeeper and your striker are as bad as today, there's nothing you can do.
  11. About the "Puel in/Puel out" crowds : - Best manager in the world - One of the best manager in the world - Very good manager, one of the best we can get <- My opinion - Decent manager, doing ok given the context <- Average opinion of the "Puel in" people - Average manager - Bad manager - Terrible manager, sack him immediately <- Average opinion of the "Puel out " crowd - Tony Pullis Is that clearer that way ?
  12. I think the model is selling one or two players to big clubs a season at high prices, while the money is reinvested either in other younger propects who will be sold a few seasons later (Maddison, Soyuncu, Benkovic...) or "cheap" experimented players with top 6 potential (Ricardo, Evans...) when and where experience is needed in the squad. Add to that a huge loan and it's precisely the Lyon model & struggles (except they aim for CL every season and only have one adversary who has way more economic power than them). Even if they lost the likes of Lacazette, Umtiti, Tolisso, Mariano, Diakhaby, etc in the last three seasons they still have a really good team with players already wanted by the top clubs (Fekir, Ndombele, Aouar, Mendy, Depay) and who will make them earn a lot of money to continue the cycle and their progression.
  13. But our away form on uneven days when it rains is somewhat Champions League, so...
  14. Best ... XXXI : Fabianski Schmeichel Pickford Ricardo Wan-Bissaka Digne Chilwell Maguire Aké Tarkowski Sakho Neves Ndidi Moutinho Milivojevic Rice Seri Doucouré Maddison Sigurdsson Lanzini Richarlison Sessegnon F. Anderson Fraser Zaha Vardy Arnautovic Wilson Mitrovic Jimenez
  15. Yes there was. Kanté, Mahrez and a not 32 yo vardy.
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