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  1. Do you realise trying to trigger someone talking about stuff done centuries ago by people only sharing things as irrelevant as nationality with them only works with people dumb and sad enough to be nationalist ? Luckily there aren't a lot of these relics from the past left in the world. On the other hand, I can understand why you're using that for banter instead of previous sucesses of your national team since there are nothing significant on this domain. The sadness of that statement almost make me wish you'll win on Sunday. Let's hope you'll get a lot of corner kicks.
  2. This joke is even funnier when repeated for the 47645584141th time by someone who couldn't find another thing to say. Good job.
  3. Yeah sorry, I misread your comment. I will still keep it on the list since it helps creating the sensation that my point is right (I learned that from the Puel out brigade).
  4. Jeez, I thought we, the french, were supposed to be the arrogant ones. Coming from fans of a team whose biggest achievement was winning against the terrific and terrifying Sweden, all of this is really funny. See you on Sunday, guys. (or not)
  5. yks


    IDK, when some people were wondering if LFCF could finish 5th or 6th with their current form after they started the season very close to the relegation line ?
  6. yks


    People were mocking him for that since the beginning even when he had superb results.
  7. Yeah I was talking about "the last 5 months" you first talked about, but yeah, I guess if you randomly choose a period of time that suits your point of view, you will think your POV is justified... Unfortunately even like that, as said by Nickfosse, that wasn't even relegation form.
  8. yks

    Who do you want Summer 2018

    Apparently, Unai Emery has made Hirving Lozano his priority :/
  9. No it's not. Considering only the last 5 months, LCFC is 5 points above the relegation line. That's about 9 points on a whole season, that's not even close to relegation form.
  10. yks

    Bertrand traore

    His stats last season : 18 goals and 7 assists in 3.019'. That's 1 goal or assist every 121'. For a winger those are impressive stats. He plays on the right but can only use his left foot. He's a finisher and not a builder but he's really good at it. He's fast, quite good at dribbling and can score out of nowhere. He 's the kind of player I expect LCFC to buy to replace Mahrez. Young, with a high ceiling and already experimented and successful in decent leagues.
  11. That weren't facts, that were opinions, irrelevant and subjective stuff and false affirmations. I only answer extensively when I don't have the impression that the conversation would me more interesting with a chair.
  12. What about the 5 first months ? 1.What ? 2. Thats simply false. 3. That doesn't mean anything. You're welcome.
  13. Yeah I might be biased too. The thing is, I don't see where exactly was this failure so huge that nearly everybody wanted him to be fired ASAP. 9th, even by limping over the finish line is decent for LCFC. Even more considered where the club was when he was hired. I think he was partially guilty of being too successful right after his appointment and fans had irrealistic expectations for the end of the season. There were a period not so successful after January, with a lot of bad games, but do I have to remind about the Mahrez crisis, the number of injuries and suspensions in the midfield or the fact that during most of these games LCFC was extremly unlucky while the opponents were extremly lucky to score ? And then, the "Crystal Palace fiasco". It's ok to be angry after a 5-0 loss against a team seen as extremely weak, but as I said multiple times, during that period CP was one of the best team in PL (their form in 2018 would have ranked them 6th !) and LCFC had a red card. That's certainly not a good result but it's not a shame that deserves an immediate firing neither. I've never said that. I said that's a reason to be optimistic. Maybe he'll failed but we all know he can success. He's not Alan Pardew. Yeah, sure, and nobody wants to hurt Raheem Sterling... False rumors, accusations and negative propaganda are just things that magically appear without anyone's will. About the tactics he clearly said the end of the season would be here for experimentations and preparing next seasons. It was a bit weird or delusional to expect beautiful games and consistent results. About personnel decisions, I don't know what you're talking about. About communication skills (and that means : with the journalists), that's totally irrelevant. Nobody here knows how he communicates with his players in the locker room or on the training pitch. I posted articles about him in France multiple times that prove he is the complete opposite of the boring, uninspiring, dull guy that everyone talks about here because he's extremely calm during press conferences and interviews. Anyway, I know you're not the kind of fan who was against him even before he signed and twist every little thing to make him look bad. I get that nobody can be convinced he will succeed, but I think looking at the big picture, last season wasn't so bad and there are a lot of factors that can explain why this "apparent underachievement" was mainly contextual.
  14. Ok fair enough, but don't you think the players have responsibilities in that matter ? IDK, that's exactly what Vardy said at the end of the season, they didn't play as the coach wanted.
  15. yks

    Who do you want Summer 2018

    I never saw him play before this WC but I heard a lot about him and his stats in Eredivisie for his first season are quite impressive : 19 goals & 11 assists in 34 games Yeah, his decision making is weak but he's only 22 and that could improve a lot with a coach who had a lot of success developping young players into stars... I think he could sign for a club of a similar standing of LCFC because he is playing in Eredivisie and after fiascos like Klaasen and Janssen, big clubs could have their doubts about signing him if he's not established in the same competition. I hope Maddison is the replacement for Mahrez's creativity and I would like to see at least one winger whose first motivation is to score. With Lozano's qualities and Maddison passing ability it could be fantastic I also have a lot of hope in Diabaté about the creativity aspect.