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  1. I question his ability to claim crosses and command his 6 yard box more than anything else, but as other posters have said GK is not particularly an area of concern and Kasper is a club legend!
  2. I'm excited to see what Barnes could do in the remainder of the Premier League season, bring him back and integrate him into the team. With Riyad gone he is likely to see much more action than the back half of last year, and whilst some on here might write him off after a couple of games, we can be fairly sure Claude wont.
  3. Ricardo has been our most threatening offensive player all season, his early season defensive issues seem to have been ironed out and the last few weeks he has been a major force a both ends of the pitch. Chilwell has been consistently good too, and no doubt our most improved player, needs to add the final ball and goals of his right back and he will be some player.........probably not ours unfortunately!
  4. Looking a little unsure defending set pieces, but overall a very dominant performance first half with Etheridge keeping them in it! Hopefully Vards has a full game in him and we can provide him with some better service 2nd half.
  5. Claude please take Wes off now before the ref does!
  6. Ricardo is our only threat......and he needs to be at RB fast! Formation not clicking at all. Although Chilwell has been very good!
  7. Yeah Evans had a poor start last week, but he grew into the game and finished strongly, with a clean sheet for the team. Surely Puel would want to give him and Maguire a chance to establish a partnership? Defence looks shaky with Dan and Wes...... I just suffered a massive loss of confidence!
  8. Ricardo 8 MOTM Notable performances from Maddison, Mendy, Chilwell and Kasper. And Wilf did what Wilf does. 7's Room for improvement from everyone else (6's) bit less for Vardy's brain explosion. Wolves were good, passed quickly and looked dangerous, probably deserved more from the game. They will beat some decent sides this term. Puel was brave with selection and subs I rated him 7 and stay, probably the best score he's had from me! Excited to see this team evolve. Still think we're a couple of class players short of challenging for Europe but Im encouraged.
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