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  1. Foxesrule

    Leicester V Bournemouth X2 Adult Tickets

    When I have to work and Iv already brought tickets I try get a bit of my money back. You've listed examples well done, so west Brom my little n wanted go I drive my partner doesn't they cost me £32.50 each for our family of four. Offered them cheap tried to sell them didn't want to waste them. Didn't sell so I googled local charity shop then rang County air ambulance charity shop 23 high street Rowley Regis on 01215613084 and posted the 4 tickets tickets at my expense so they could raise some money. Give em a call mate, see who's bull shitting
  2. Foxesrule

    Leicester V Bournemouth X2 Adult Tickets

    your hilarious in a really lamentable way you poor thing X
  3. Foxesrule

    Leicester V Bournemouth X2 Adult Tickets

    Call it what you like, waste your life trying to work it out, or just accept that there are some good people in the world youve just been unfortunate in that you don't spend enough time with them. However someone's now going the match because I had spare tickets that I didn't want wasted. I don't have to justify my life to you. You have everyway of knowing, you've been searching just not hard enough.
  4. Foxesrule

    Leicester V Bournemouth X2 Adult Tickets

    Love be the way you omit the amount Iv raised for charity last year by donating tickets that I was unable to attend due to work commitments. There tickets have now gone to someone on here, never anticipated doing a good deed could cause someone to be so negative what a shame your life is so dark
  5. Foxesrule

    Leicester V Bournemouth X2 Adult Tickets

    Happy to donate them to charity if someone can recommend a good cause. I am at the match but happy to post them before to someone if easier. 100% genuine will send my receipt if needed. First post as don't want them wasted. Thanks for your team man ship red5 really feeling welcome to the forum
  6. Open to offers not after full price I can meet at the ground before the match or cheque/paypal and il post thanks for reading 07949193361