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  1. Fair enough...pretty far off perfection yet though that’s my point. Anyway just saying it’s an area he has to work on. Definitely been more than a few here or there, and often not worth the sizable risk involved, which is the bigger issue for me
  2. Agree with the criticism about nacho obviously but feel Justin is getting off lightly again from the posts I’ve seen. Sure he’s young and improving but little mention of his piss poor pass that dropped us right in it, and I’ve seen him do that a lot the past few games. Needs to learn to play the percentages and focus on finding a teammate when we’re playing around the box like that. Has reason to be confident no doubt but not cocky just yet...
  3. This season has turned out to be a mess in so many ways, and after such a promising start too. I just hope it will prove to be an anomaly, but I’m not holding my breath
  4. Haha the English have got a few good’uns an ‘all...and at the risk of sounding cynical I can’t say I’m at all surprised. Just got a sense of malaise as the French would say
  5. Not the way he drives forward with the ball, that’s for sure
  6. Me neither. I’m not making excuses cause we weren’t really at the races again. But I’ll never learn to enjoy a good goal being chalked off as much as seeing one being scored
  7. To me it’s just like that dinner lady who stops you having any fun
  8. Spot on. Might turn out to be their night but only one of these sides is going places in the long run and it sure as s*** ain’t Villa
  9. Has Ricardo been giving the ref’s missus a seeing to or what?
  10. Fabulous stuff this, though how they’ve still got 11 men on the pitch is beyond me
  11. Great post. On the ‘found out’ point i’ve always thought that was a red herring ever since I first heard it. Even during the title winning season teams knew how we were gonna set up and how we were gonna play, of course they did. We played the same team and the same formation every week for goodness sake! They just either underestimated the threat it would pose or simply failed to deal with it. If it looked like we got ‘found out’ further down the line to me that’s just cause our opponents took us more seriously and/or got better at dealing with our style. What i have been genuinel
  12. Definitely one of those days. But that’s not to say I understand what our game plan was. Cause I don’t. Again
  13. “Dominated possession but not done a lot with it”. If I were writing our match reports I’d be copy-pasting a lot I know that much
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