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  1. Mark - Reading

    Are the losses easier to take since the title win?

    I wonder if after winning **** all for 40 years we will keep banging on about the championship win in 2016 like they do 🤣
  2. Mark - Reading

    Stadium Expansion Plan Meeting

    This is what I was referring too. Unique and big instead we pushed out Barry Peirpoint because he fell out with MoN and we opted for the cheaper flat pack version
  3. Mark - Reading

    Stadium Expansion Plan Meeting

    Can I just clarify what I meant by souless I am talking about the acoustics and the visual look of the stadium both are very poor; Mainly because it’s was a flat pack stadium following the collapse of the bede island stadium which looked fantastic on plans You cannot hear the other end of the stadium at some games because of its design, the noise goes upwards and out rather than rebounding like Coventry and Derby for example. You can see hands clapping but hear no noise. The former pictures have all been taken down which was a link to the past and sort of made it our him rather than the Ikea flat pack. It’s now a concrete bowl painted blue with King Power written all over it walk into Southampton for example it’s the same but red I’ve had a season ticket for 27 years now and even since I moved to Reading 3 years ago I still travel up for all the home games (although it’s getting very hard to get the passion for it at the minute) so I’ve been there full and empty remember we did exist before 2015 and those fans will remember the lows of Levin Holloway Adams etc my first games were under David Pleatt and then Gordon Lee so christ knows how I became hooked for the first 10 years we sat in a half full stadium watching crap, sitting in almost silence many will remember those glamour games of Yeovil and 10000 in league 1 or the championship mid table with nothing to play for in front of 22000 week in week out, I was there like I’ll be there next week I never a big fan of Filbert Street but it was loud; the European nights of the late 90s the 8 years in the premier league we made some noise and being close to the pitch made people hate to play there but the view was no where near as good as we have now and the game has moved on the last few years the stadium has been enhanced with TVs etc and like them or not the clappers have made the atmosphere better from 2015 with the introduction we have been louder than ever and TV people constantly talked about the atmosphere at the KP but I don’t know if it’s the style of football or the fact after 2016 we are now in a sort of mourning for the past but unfortunately it’s gone back to a library this year for 80 minutes of each game. This potential rebuild with a dome shape roof to bounce the noice back down and a unique design so that people look and say god I wana go to that Leicester ground, this gives us the chance to make this place deafening on a Saturday afternoon again but I fear it will be a Leeds or a Cardiff with a second tier just bunged on one side of the ground I certainly didn’t mean to offend anyone so please accept my apologies if I did
  4. Mark - Reading

    Stadium Expansion Plan Meeting

    Don’t quote me but I had heard from someone who says he knows someone working on the initial consultation plans that due to the fact the west stand cannot be developed one idea muted on the table was to do a spurs style build and rebuild the ground spun 90 degrees as they have purchased the land next to the stadium (the old electricity building and car park) we wouldn’t need to move out because a 3 sided stadium can be built and then accommodate everyone whilst the old stadium demolished and a the 4th stand erected giving a capacity of 48,000 people This would give lots more corporate function space increasing revenue but for me this would potentially give the stadium a unique look rather than the soulless bowl we currently have 🤞 it’s true
  5. Mark - Reading

    Bournemouth V Leicester - Match Thread

    Playing a team like Bournemouth that like to attack we left ourself open from the very beginning IMO we should have placed an extra man in the middle with the wing backs if ya wanted the attacking play rather than adding the 3rd at the back which would have made us more defensive from the 5th minute we we carved open again and again and no change was made. The wing backs became full backs because Bournmouth kept piling forward, Gray Maddison and Vardy were too far forward and you were left with two in the middle which allowed Bournemouth to break time and time again Could and prob should have lost Maguire too early doors too so lucky there 5 games in and it’s just not clicking, plus point is we have Huddersfield next at home, a great opportunity to build confidence and hopefully get 3 points 4-2 don’t sound as bad as 4-0 so hopefully confidence won’t be knocked too much
  6. Mark - Reading

    Bournemouth V Leicester - Match Thread

    We had good tenacity, good desire my player are happy, good performance, good chances, unlucky rather than a midfield that up to the 50th minute has been non existant, a back 4 still on holiday. Piss poor team selection we had two two good chances so far but 3 poor bits of defending. Should have been down to 10 men by now and looking like if we are still here on Monday afternoon we still won’t have scored!
  7. Yes I’ve mentioned this many times to friends we always have good tenacity, good desire, his player are happy, good performance, pleasing feeling and that answer is given to every question that he gets its great to listen to if you are struggling to sleep!
  8. Mark - Reading

    Pascal Plancque - Contract Cancelled (Rumour)

    He started same day as Puel Always sat on the bench looking miserable he may be the reason for the style of play either that or Claude has realised how dire we are still looking and has removed him and said “it’s his fault” I need more time I have genuinely not been this worried for a season since Peter Taylor was on that awful long run we didn’t take action and got smashed 0-5 on day one to Bolton and we all know what happened after that I have everything crossed I just hope things improve for everyone’s sake
  9. Mark - Reading

    James Maddison Confirmed

    No you are not but I’d go one further an established young tall keeper to potentially become our no1 for the next 10 years and sell Kasper to Liverpool
  10. Mark - Reading

    Slimani - Wants to leave

    You may be right but unless we take a huge hit on the £28m I think we will be stuck with him. Dunno how true it was but I seen a quote that we want £20m for him which will never happen a loan would be ok but would we would pay some of his wages and then ya sorta think well might as well have him here then to use. It’s a tough one I can understand both sides
  11. Mark - Reading

    Slimani - Wants to leave

    some good stats there. When he first came I always felt his price tag got him in the team. He did get a few goals the champions league he actually looked quality. Then came the league, always appeared to be injured every other week. I never once said anything about being better than Vardy though I am mainly questioning his attitude What I would like to know is how many of those were on target though and a comparison with this season which would show a huge decline As I say he won’t be going anywhere so we have to get behind him, try give him some confidence, I just hope he drastically improves ?
  12. Mark - Reading

    Slimani - Wants to leave

    I am guessing you have not had the unfortunate pleasure of seening him play live very often? when he misses a chance then blames the person who passed it. He doesn’t run unless the players shout at him and then he runs about like a headless chicken chasing the ball comical really I want to play some Benny Hill music?. He is always arguing with someone, In my opinion the team spirit and love for each other went downhill when he signed There is clearly a dislike for him as half the team fail to pass to him either because they just don’t like him and know he will blame the pass or he will miss the ball He has been an dreadful signing and we will be lucky to recoup a third of the money we wasted on him Maybe with time he may improve who knows good luck to him if he moves on but the money we are paying him he won’t be going anywhere
  13. Mark - Reading

    Slimani - Wants to leave

    I honestly think we will be lucky to get £10m for him he is unbelievably average and his attitude stinks. I cannot believe why the head of recruitment has not been sacked
  14. Mark - Reading

    Jack Grealish

    Silva I am on the fence sometimes he looks really good and other times plain average. I hope he comes good as when he plays with Ibhora they look great together I do think we paid £10-£15m too much for him though but we were former champions so people added extra on As for Mendy I don’t remember him looking anything other than average and he hasn’t really shone on loan this year. Maybe under Claude we will see a different player, it depends if he is good at passing sideways I guess lets see what this window brings and roll on August ?
  15. Mark - Reading

    Jack Grealish

    Because spending ludicrous amounts of money from crap leagues like Russia France and Portugal worked well, £14m Mendy, £16m Mussa, £22m Silva, £28m Silmani, give me Maddison in the number 10 role any day, Grealish I would stay well clear he has more of an attitude issue than Gray unless Gray was shipped out then maybe but not for the £20-40m they want for someone that has done nothing except getting Villa Religated