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  1. The only way to make it financially viable in my opinion would be to enhance the stadium to at least 42000. Boxes generate far more than £20,000 per season don’t forget they hold 10-15 fans and they supply a bar and food. If you use the suggested average ticket of £30 that is £300,000 a game plus the boxes which IMO would generate £400k PA. So over the season that’s £6.4m a season in potential added revenue I agree training ground first. I would then like a spurs style turn the ground and build a super stylish 50,000 stadium that would be the envy of the league. I can dream 🤣
  2. As i have said this is my opinion and that is yours, I do remember that season well we were very unlucky and never lost by more than one goal. I am not being mean but can I ask fo you actually attend games because the comment about bar the bournmouth game made me laugh we are dull and boring week after week. I can count on one hand the amount of decent games in 18 months we have had it’s just pathetic and all we here is “transition” fulham, palace (last year too) West Ham Burnley Everton we’re absolute dross and I am sure if I spent more than one minute thinking I’d list more we are never all going to agree as I’ve said in the past this is our Brexit he doesn’t help himself to bring us onto his side all i know is I’ve gone from football mad to hoping Saturday doesn’t come and this style of play has ruined me it’s just dull
  3. Can you back up your comment with stats please explain how a team can win 8 games in an entire Calender year and sit 7th and the league is the best in the world I think someone works for Sky here!
  4. Yes on shit and the league is now so mumdaune it’s created an enormous gap now between the top 6 and the rest and tbh the teams at the top of the championship are not far behind you only have to look at Wolves and Cardiff by no means getting battered we have spent over 200m since winning the league just because big money is splashed out doesn’t make the league the best it’s the most taken for a ride League in the world, Slimani £28m it’s bonkers now
  5. In my opinion the quality of the league was better back then. There is so much dross in the league this year that we can sit 7th with a manager that has a worse record than Peter Taylor! When we were having the poor season games were exciting and we never lost by more than 1 goal, there was no getting thrashed by 5 at Palace whacked for 4 at Bournemouth etc i do agree the league championships gave him a free pass; Claude blew his pass for me and many others when he played a weakened team last year in the cup against Man City when we would have gone on to play Bristol and an appauling Arsenal side I do feel now he is treading water; we can try and finish 7th and hope that other clubs do us a favour to get us into a europe. What you have to remember is we would need to qualify and play games all summer yet if we had won a cup we would be straight into the group stage and something tells me Claude wouldn’t take the competition seriously anyway!
  6. I don’t think he did I think he was going too and then didn’t id love to know. I had this same conversation with a mate who said he had gone to Bordeaux yet the Internet says he is still here update: story from Christmas Day https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/leicester-citys-eduardo-macia-remains-2362331
  7. Did he leave though because there is nothing on any website other than he was being poached. Stories before Christmas say he is going to Bordeaux and everything suggests he is still here
  8. Haha boring if we were all the same. I was in on both until last summer and now I’ve swapped to out as times gone by have a good day
  9. I don’t think so, everyone has a view and this is mine, although not a bad shout as Liverpool are actually exciting to watch, to make you joke/dig work I’d have thought you would have used another team in red that still harp on about something they did 40 years ago! ive had a season ticket for 28 years and I’ve seen some shit over the years but never constantly dull. I travel up from Berkshire for each game and honestly it’s getting harder and I hear the same shit from the Puel lovers on the radio and here I honestly can only assume most of them don’t attend the games and only look at the league position i hear claude say we looked good we had good shape good tenacity and the same things he says every match I feel like Bill Murray every Saturday afternoon Claude to Leicester fans is like Brexit for the country and to be even more controversial I am voting out to both
  10. Yes in one of the worst leagues for many years. 4 wins at home and a manager with a worst record than Peter Taylor and we sit 7th shows how bad the league is! playing for 7th; unlikely to go down of course the season is over as upsetting as that is We knew 7th was the best we can get so why the hell did he not go all out to win both trophy’s is just shocking Piss poor performance time and time again, Boring and dull football it’s just making me angry and I’ve started to go off football now ☹️
  11. We will get 7th because the league is one of the worst it’s been for many years. All clubs 7th down are pretty much the same 4 home wins in 2018 year and we finish 9th and sit 7th just says it all yes 7th is a good finish but it isn’t what the people at the top want. Cup Competitions should be the priority for the global exposure and European place. Weakened teams against Man City twice and now Newport is just not good enough and he wonders why we don’t warm to him today is not a day for Puel loving we are all very very angry and bitter and it’s prob best not to say anything and just grieve if he is not sacked in the morning then unfortunatly we will have to endure this bore fest until the end of the season which makes no sense this season is now over we might as well start building for next year it’s time for a change
  12. Totally agree I’ve not changed my mind after one game. We hold our own against decent sides because they play the style we are trying to play. 28% isn’t exactly high possession football either Let’s hope this isn’t yet another false start and we can finally begin to climb back up the table 👍 good result today finally something to smile about on a Saturday evening
  13. It wouldn’t suprise me at all tbf, if I had spent millions on players only to watch us bore the fans week in week out and for the second year running field a team of reserves in a cup quarter final I would have sacked him after I read the team sheet!
  14. DeJa Vous! Bristol City and a poor Arsenal side last season and now Burton because again he rests his team for that all important mid table scrap! Sack him now, he will be gone in the summer so allow someone new to work with the players between now and the end of the season to give it a good go next year. Burnley Bournemouth West Ham Brighton Everton Fulham and Palace all teams we have failed to beat or even compete with for large period of the game. His style does not work against poor/average sides and he will not have a plan B for it add those lost points above and we sit 3rd! It bores me every week watching this crap and I travel 120 miles each way for the privilege everyone asks why I do it and it’s getting harder believe me but it’s a drug you hope the next fix will make it better Merry Christmas Everyone and have a great new year
  15. I wonder if after winning **** all for 40 years we will keep banging on about the championship win in 2016 like they do 🤣
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