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  1. I think Wessels would be great. Can bat anywhere in the top six. Gets on with but I think he can still contribute well in the CC. Get Barker in and along with some promising youngsters and Abbas returning. Not to bad.
  2. Well I have to say we have had our ups and downs this year but it's better than it was. Amazing today. Given a few a chance. Runs on the board and bobs your uncle.
  3. Javid batted really well. Putting a score on the board. Important innings from Javid to prevent the usual clatter of wickets. Perhaps that's his spot.
  4. Yep. We not having Thakor back no way. I'm not sure what Hasan Azad has to do. Like to see Cosgrove rested and sam Evans given a go.
  5. It's surprising how many of these rumours turn out to be true but at a club game Nathan Buck had suggested Foxes were after Wessells, Barker and resigning Josh Cobb. Then it got worse. Shiv Thakor. Is he allowed to play? I've seen him at the ground.
  6. Jack Leaning added to that would be good. In red ball would play Ackerman as the spinner. I think with more bowling he could be a good performer with the ball.
  7. Ned, Sayer,Pettini and Tom Wells released. Jones must be staying!
  8. Shame really as I think he is a better bat than Horton tbh. Can't help feeling that could have been handled better. Well it couldn't have been handled much worse! We can ill afford big earners sitting out the season like Pettini did this year.
  9. I know most people won't agree but I wouldn't have offered him a contract. Only because he is so often injured and to keep him he would have probably been out top earner. Can't afford expensive luxuries
  10. Chapple is a good prospect but is still just that. Spends most of his time injured I don't see how he would get into the Notts side any way. We will see? Will need to be far more resilient to make it big time.
  11. Azhad with runs again in the 2s. What's he got to do to get a game. Surely nothing to lose? Mike did well again the others well....... Keith Barker could be coming in? Need batting though. I think 4.
  12. No I'll feeling but thank goodness. If that's the case Hill or Sayers should have played. A player out of contract at Essex who still is playing well is Zaidi. A good left arm spinner and decent bat. Averages mid 20s with the ball and mid 30s with the bat. Good attitude played with him years ago. He would be a good signing. Essex have three left arm bowlers so don't need him. Plays tough and hasn't been born with a silver spoon. What we need. Jack Leaning hasn't played for Yorkshire much and wants out. Worth a look.
  13. Yes I think Grace road is nice enough. Crowds are low may be due to a lack of success or is a lack of success due to small crowds? I've played cricket for over 30 years every year some of those clubs fall by the wayside it may just be a sign of the times. However in other areas crowds are up. I think better links with the football and rugby side are an excellent idea. I went to Kent to watch County this year, small city but they sell out many T20 7,500 capacity. Nice little ground.You would think we could match a small city like Canterbury, they pay 30 pound for t20 also.
  14. This over is unbelievable 4 4 4 others he couldn't reach. The last one was a wide beamer,.........