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  1. Think people have short memories. Either that or most people are very young on here. We are midtable, we are competitive in every single match and regularly take on and beat some of the best sides in the land. Sure not quite on it yet this year but Villa have some really good players, they are a big club with owners with deep pockets. This is consistently (over the last 6 years) the best City have performed in the top flight. Ever!!!! Stop moaning and enjoy. We are right at the top of the English football pyramid. Not that long ago we were c
  2. Not great lets be honest but will come back stonger Loads of stick forcGrealish but he was a different class tonight. Simple fact.
  3. Agreed But he has incredible feet. Most skillful player on show tonight.
  4. Got a chance. Be tough but some games we can win there!
  5. Didnt take long did it. Its ok if we stick to it for a few years.
  6. Wright would be good but i thought he was leaving as has other interests he wants to pursue? I could be wrong? Where as wagg wants to stay in the game. Also could bat 7 0r 8 for us. If Wright wants to stay fine but i had the impression he was finishing this year no matter what.
  7. Graham Wagg leaving Glamorgan i believe still playing well. You dont want lots of old players but one experienced bowler would be useful. Played Club cricket against him when i was younger. In those days he was more of a batsmen. Hit the ball very hard. He is 37 but fit. Worth a look.
  8. Ivan Thomas ive said before would be worth a look. Callum Haggert also could improve.
  9. New signing Scott Steel is promising i think. Not very often a player turns down a contract at another club to come to County! Saw him player last year. Im hopeful.
  10. Umpiring was awful. Lilley did help to get us there. Pissed off but no hard feelings. Lilley and Klein had a good competition. Much improved.
  11. Bloody hell this is a great effort. Feel sick
  12. Looks ok tomorrow i think? Looks horrendous for the weekend if we got there
  13. Luke Wells being released and Harry Finch from Sussex.
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