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  1. Interesting. Still think Karl Brown is worth a punt for 12 months at least, good White ball record and who knows if given a good run. He is an opening batsman.
  2. I don't think Khan has done a bad job, improvements on the pitch are visible. Nixon's appointment is positive. TBH Leicestershire need massive investment, realistically from a sugar daddy who isn't to concerned about making a profit, quite simply a profit at Grace road is not possible without subsidies. It's possible someone out there, in the business community will get on board. Happened at Hampshire and Somerset when they were on their arse. Happned at City so let's hope! For the price of an average midfielder in the premier league you could change a County Cricket Club forever.
  3. Yep could do with 2 I would say. Karl Brown available from Lacashire.
  4. Youth teams etc would a guy on the sex register be allowed around the indoor school etc? Genuine question not sure how these things work?
  5. Another insane contract. Delport a man that nobody else wanted anyway with an expensive contract. Unbelievable
  6. Disaster. Do they have a plan of how to proceed? Don't suppose so. Can't see us bringing anyone else then, no more signings and massive debt.
  7. Difficult to see an obvious candidate. Karl Brown released from Lancashire, good white ball record. Average red ball record but seldom played could be a good punt. Give him a year? Calvin Dickinson from Hampshire, keeps wicket, young, supposed to be the next big thing but only played four times last year. Averages mid 30s. Could be ambitious and try for Daniel Bell Drummond dropped at Kent or pushed down to six. Might struggle next year as they are looking to bring players in. Could make him an offer!
  8. Agreed Two top six batsmen to go straight into the starting eleven. Ackerman and Cosgrove always exposed. Realistically not three and four those two.
  9. Maybe? Barker told Radio WM that he was approached by Leicestershire. Would have been good. Hampshire have alot of money.
  10. Barker and Wessels were approached quite openly but they went elsewhere no matter. Not sure why we would want Rayner tbh? Need top order bats.
  11. Plenty that don't give 100 percent also, I'm not sure about the talent either! Wells and Eckersley had talent but didn't want it enough. We do need a couple of top quality bats. I agree. Abbas returning, seam bowling best in years.
  12. Yep this year he was in the 50 over games. T20 went ok. Whether he is good enough just is out. Always appears to give 100percent. Need another spinner though. At least a spinner that can tie an end up.
  13. Yep good call. Monty wants back in. Could give him a trial? What do we have to lose. Parkinson's wickets are at about 80 so I think he'd improve that. Parkinson is a decent white ball bowler.
  14. Agreed. Azhar Zaidi released from Essex would be good. Left arm spin, lots of experience. Averages 36 with the bat and 29 with the ball. He is 36 but we have alot of younger players. Be a good fit I think.
  15. Agreed 2 batsmen minimum. Squad is very small and we will lose, 6 or 7 is it?