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  1. I know what your saying and maybe that would be another option. However if the ECB tell us to play on the moon we are going to have to do it. Doesnt really bother me. I wont go but i dont think its all bad. Hopefully we can have a decent year financially and wont have to be so reliant on ECB funding.
  2. Looks like they are doing all they can off field to improve things. Couple of additions and i think we could also continue to improve on the field. Some improvements last year i felt.
  3. Not a fan of the 100 but a necessary evil i fear, we are quite reliant on ECB money lets be honest. I wont go. Looking forward to a summer of Leicestershire!!! I reckon in Birmingham, Manchester, London it will do well. May be not in wales but even tests dont sell there. After this last year people will want to get out. I dont think its aimed at us tbh. Glad its free to air some of the time also. May inspire a few kids. They may come down to County then. I mean we are virtually non existent on tv. May be two games a ye
  4. I suppose its for all formats is it? Azad only plays one. Parkinson will hooefully kick on. Dont think it matters very few of them have much experience.
  5. Cant think of any other more suitable candidates to be honest? Not saying he is perfect but a full season in all formats will show what he is capable of.
  6. I think Delaney will be back. I hope so anyway
  7. My son lives in Canterbury funnily enough. They pay quite a bit for season tickets compared to us but a lovely ground. Nice oart of the world. Ive renewed as only 99 at Leicestershire But if your talking 300 or 400 or more id think carefully? T20 is so packed isnt it? Have to be a big change to get a decent crowd in? I hope so though
  8. Staggered by todays signing. What a great player Wiaan Mulder is! Cant believe we have pulled that off. Genuine all round cricketer of international quality. Like two signings in one! Chuffed
  9. Be a good call. Could play as overseas in all competitions as Ireland barely have a fixture
  10. I think it must be a covid thing. Got to be. So they can ensure only a certain number of people are in. Mind you i dont think they need worry about overcrowding! May be just something they have to do?
  11. Yep. I think he could play in the 4 day games at times given a chance.
  12. I would be playing Nick Welch in our best side. Think out of the new players he has the most to offer. Assad Evans Welch Ackerman Patel Swindells Bowley Mike Wright Klein Davis Four seamers early doors? Give Bowley a go as can bat? Parkinson if its turning. Griffiths, Evans, Barnes to come in. Quite alot of seamers. Think that looks ok. Batting you have Steele? Never seen him play. Lilley if we renew? Then Hill, Dearden and Rhodes. I would play Hill before those two even just as a batsman.
  13. I think we still have another year at least of Dearden. Great Klein be useful. No other decent left arm seamer.
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