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  1. Yep as I said the other day not going to score less than Javid
  2. Yep I agree. I was feeling confident. Ok they got more than they should but we didn't buckle again. Really pleased with the fact we are staying in games for so long. We do need to replace Javid, he does try and doesn't throw it away just not good enough. Don't all laugh but maybe push them up one or give Munsey a go at the top. I saw him the other day looked ok. He isn't going to score less than Javid Give him a go
  3. I think Javid and Ackerman can do as good a job as Parkinson to be honest.
  4. Good call. Good do worse. Bangladesh captain said earlier he wants to play in England, Rahim i think it is? Wicket keeper. Very useful, strong hitter for t20 quite low profile.
  5. Horton Javid Azad Ackermann Cosgrove Dearden Hill Taylor Klein Wright Abbas On current firm. Klein left arm gives you an option. Javid a decent bowler I think plus Ackermans spin.
  6. Got all the credentials so far........
  7. Ended on a high! Taylor really proving his salt! Need three batsmen. Now
  8. Batting is very poor let's be honest. Bowling is not brilliant but competative. Hopefully give this Scottish lad a bit longer. Looks like a cat in a hot tin roof, if he can settle then I think we might see the best of him. Still think there is time to build an innings in 50 over cricket, Asad could give a bit of stability. Bat round him May be?
  9. Not going well is it. Watching football but brother lives up there so watching. Very dark up their he says.
  10. Good start to the chase. Then a collapse of County proportions! Lost all momentum when Horton came in. Not a white ball player.
  11. Hope so. Yep we need some muscle in the top order don't we. Liked the look of Lilley though. Brief but looks a string hitter.
  12. Thanks! As you get older the belly just seems to get softer! And bigger. Your in the know, what has happened to Abbas I presume he's not coming now?
  13. Agreed. Id be embarrassed to show up at a club game that out of condition, im in my 50s 6ft 4 and 16 stone and im fat really, surprised Nicko puts up with it, maybe has no choice. Must be 18 stone and 5ft nothing!
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