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  1. I'm happy with that Rather see young players play and struggle at times than has been on big wages fail all the time! Or worse never play! I think the seam attack is decent.
  2. Yep. Agreed. Although they are on a better footing with the new owners who are among the most wealthy in football. If they don't go up worth a look. Both are decent. Would improve City. I think they may go up through the play offs, should do really with the team they have.
  3. Technically he isn't as good as Grealish Maddison plays with better players and gives the ball away alot plus misses so many chances i go every week so see alot of Maddison, but its just an opinion. Still a good player mind you. It's good to see so many good english players about now. Declan Rice an Grealish are the best two imo. If they played for Spurs people would be bloody raving about them!
  4. Love Maddison and I am not knocking him but i don't think Maddison is as good as Grealish. Don't even think it's close. Wouldn't get Grealish or Tielemans for 40 million anyway.
  5. Good call. Really is a class player. Abraham could come along also.
  6. Yep that's an issue although played alot of division 1 cricket plus opens. Not sure we will add at all to be honest.
  7. Been saying it for ages but Karl Brown has no county look at his record in T20 and especially List A Got to improve our line up
  8. Yep as I say bowling is good. Abbas is the best in the league.
  9. Agreed. Hasan Azad is a decent player better than some. Very lightweight in the batting. I think the seam attack looks ok, Abbas, Griffiths, Mike and Chris Wright is not bad. Tom Taylor and Will Davis plus Dexter as a back up. I reckon that is a better seam attack than we have had for a while. When did we go into a season with the best Seamer in the league before? Abbas is certainly that.
  10. I saw that. They get huge crowds for those concerts 35,000 it says? That can't be right? Corporate is good there. Had a free day out there very good. Kent get massive crowds for their concerts also. We are obviously doing something wrong. No Grace road mind you. Did we officially make that loss?
  11. Agreed. I was surprised to hear that. I think the bowling looks decent. I see Chapple has gone straight in the Lions side. Took a few wickets
  12. Karl Brown still a free agent. Great T20 bat. Keep saying it.
  13. My hopes were not high but oh dear! I like Queen but I'd like a batsman more!
  14. Announcement tomorrow at 8am. God knows what....
  15. Interesting. Still think Karl Brown is worth a punt for 12 months at least, good White ball record and who knows if given a good run. He is an opening batsman.
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