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  1. Great day. Just got to believe. Think Warwickshire will beat Kent. So We Would be going second. How am I saying that?
  2. These 2 going well over 300 now the lead. Get down after work guys if you can. Shaping up to be a good session later.
  3. It's looks difficult. Dearden tried but it was painful.
  4. Well yep. If Dearden can get through the first 10 be a major achievement.
  5. Well yep brilliant position. I would put them back in though with a nights sleep. Nice to have that problem. I can't remember the last time we beat Middlesex in the championship? 90s?
  6. Right I thought 150. If 200 then no say. If it is 150. That was madness.
  7. Brilliant day but surely they should be following on? Or am I missing something. Now Horton is out 🤔
  8. Interesting. It would be nice to hold onto Chapple. Any ideas on when that decision will be confirmed?
  9. Heard that Kent have come in for Dexter, not sure if it's true but I rate him. I presume Chapple has the whole season to make a decision on his future?
  10. Hughes has a lot to offer but I can tell you Azad looks really good. Not sure as I say if he is available but batted brilliantly the other day. Kent had a strong side also.
  11. Any one know anything a out Azad who played in the 2s yesterday? Special innings I'm told. 179 chasing 398 against a strong Kent side.
  12. Brilliant win. Well done the Foxes. Really pleased that two Leicester academy lads in Chapple and Hill came good. Superb
  13. Carberry and Pettini must be costing us a few quid to nowt.