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  1. Some positives. Patel is playing well and Steel looks decent at times hopefully they can take that form into all formats. Barnes I think has potential and Mike although in and out a bit is improving I think. I'd move Hill up the order for sure, Swindells a better bet than Kimber. Lilley a one trick pony brainless imo.
  2. Live on Sky tonight the world will see our inevitable demise. Hide behind the sofa
  3. Give Steele a bowl, call up Wright with the new ball. Few overs between those pair. Give Griffiths a rest and Naveen.
  4. Also why didn't Steele bowl? Tidy spinner. Slow surface. Ideal.
  5. It was inept to say the least. I think a club bowler could have done better tbh. Ben Mike's bowling nearly as bad. How many full tosses does that man bowl? Fielding awful. It gets close and Aaron Lilley just craps himself.
  6. It wasn't all bad. Toughest start we could have had really Lancashire away. So hard to score boundaries. Bowling and fielding pretty good. Just got bogged down in the middle overs. Possibly need to bat Patel a bit higher. Steel may get going now. First game.
  7. Correct. Just lose Parkinson and Ackermann during the RLODC
  8. Whatever happened to Nat Bowley? Still contracted I guess?
  9. Looks decent. Kimber may be in the running also. Big hitter.
  10. I don't think he is fit enough to bowl. So yep just batting. Very odd. Patel looked good at Hants. Pretty good today. Bit unlucky. Wright was off a bit today which is unusual. 300 I think is decent score
  11. Yep pain for the elderly like my dad. He will have no idea. Plus kids. You walk round the ground at 15 16 not all of these guys will have debit cards. Over the top.
  12. Maybe your right. I did that also. Going tomorrow. I thought I noticed some tickets come up on line. May be not then
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