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  1. Both, one game at a time. This is a special team.
  2. Losing 1-0 to Blackburn in the play-off final at Wembley back in 92 was a difficult one- missing out on being founder members of the new premier league. If only we knew at the time we would take the title 24 years later! eieieio........
  3. Looking up at the Wembley screens after drawing against boro in ‘97 to learn we would be off to Hillsborough for the replay- and what a night that was! Can’t believe it’s been 22 years. Great days- went to Wembley with City in 92,93,94,96,97,99,00 (obv not all cup finals but brilliant nonetheless)
  4. Leicester fan here living in Chicago, any other foxes fans in the area?
  5. Only just realized this thread existed, Leicester fan here living in Chicago- give us a shout if there are others
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