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  1. Soyuncu has something about him, which is enough to convince me he needs a proper run out. Overall we looked very comfortable against a pretty decent side. I’d like to see the money gained from Maguire pumped into another quality attacking player. All in all we look strong going into the new season!
  2. Penalties galore, and a tonne of goals ruled out/allowed.
  3. Just finished Stranger things 3, absolutely brilliant. Anyone who grew up in the 80’s will really have a sense of nostalgia, the writing was excellent really put the game of thrones finale to shame.
  4. Nicely spread out fixtures. We don’t tend to have one month where we play a string of top six. And we get to lift the trophy at home against United, lovely!
  5. They’re shit, Southgate is also shit and the World Cup performances, most of which were against feeble opposition has installed a false sense of hope into the nation. England are a completely bang average national side and when pitched against a decent team crumble. You don’t do well in international competitions picking the likes of Delph. Leaving players like Maddison in the reserve set ups is laughable, and deciding to take the likes of Barkley?
  6. He’s an arse who feels he has to be different to anyone else. Football pundits are probably some of the biggest bell pieces around they like to be controversial only because it helps them to sleep at night, rather than adding any substance to the arguments. He’s a tit, and that’s probably the only complement you can give him.
  7. It is a good read, and makes sense.... was it a mistake to produce the series before he has actually finished his books....
  8. I enjoyed the early seasons, I was able to tape them and then watch them on Tuesday’s when the Mrs was out, I called them titty Tuesdays.
  9. I actually meant Rodgers hahaha go knows why I out Puel..... his horrid reign is still etched into my brain!
  10. Then who is Puel.... Tyrion the Targaryen?
  11. Like I mentioned above there’s uncertainty around this in the book. Some believe that he is an imposter, which would mean that potentially eventually Jon would be revealed as the real Aegon. However, having said all of that, the game of thrones fans forum suggest that GRRM has said he has had little input in the TV series, and he specifically requested the TV series be called “a game of thrones” and not “Songs of ice and fire” to completely separate the two... so perhaps we’re in for a terrible ending after all.
  12. I don’t believe the leak for the final two episodes.... it would not make any sense at all to finish it like that. Years of character building in the book destroyed by a seemingly completely unthought story line.
  13. I don’t think they’ve done a bad job at all.... it’s impossible to include every single storyline simply because the series will go on for centuries... They have had to try and deviate around certain plots to ultimately come to the final goal, which will replicate the book ending. There no point living in denial, GRRM knows exactly how the story ends, he would have everything written up, he just have finalised things yet, so both he and the directors will know exactly where things are going, how they get there is another thing. Theres been a huge omission from the books which gets over looked, which is the arrival of the golden company, and Tyrion’s travel with the missing Aegon Targaryen... its the young griff story line for those who aren’t familiar. However the suggestion this young griff is the missing Targaryen is lose, as many believe him to be an imposter, to cover the true identity of the rightful heir. It seems like they have omitted this story line and gone straight for Jon being the missing Targaryen, it does mean it potentially gives away where the story is heading as the golden company were following the command of this Aegon to remove the then King a Tommen... so there is a clear deviation from the book, and some could say that the golden company are set to betray Cersei and follow Jon, after all their origins are from Targaryen bastards. The other twist I can see is the revelation of Tyrion, a popular theory which was thought up early into the book series, is that he is actually a Targaryen, the bastard son of the mad king which I think would make sense... I won’t go on. It must be difficult to direct something that isn’t finished, so certain things may look poorly written when actually they’re not... the loss of Rheaghal for me isn’t as big as some seem, not the writing as lazy as some seem because I believe there’s a mother****er of a story drop on its way.... I’ve enjoyed this series, and I think after the next episode all will make sense and those who doubt will be satisfied!
  14. If you watch the opening credits closely at the last of those rings that appear on screen, you can see one large dragon with three smaller dragons charging towards something, potential for more of our fiery lizards to appear?
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