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  1. He was a classy player, horribly underrated too. One of those prayers any side would benefit from.
  2. He’s earned this contract in my opinion.... yes he’s aging, and I don’t think for one second Brendan has signed him up to start every game, but he will want him in the changing room and amongst the lads. I’d much rather Wes come on if needed than Lord Farquaard. He’s a legend, and I think deserves to retire with the club.
  3. The difference in the whole team is obvious to see. The difference in Maddison is amazing, he looks confident again, he looks like he’s playing for a manager who believes in him, he was sensational yesterday, as the whole squad was.... He and Tielemans are starting to forge a real partnership and understanding.
  4. It’s a bit of an ominous stat anyway.... what does it actually mean? the amount of times he has played a ball beyond the last defender, or the amount of times he’s successfully breached the oppositions back four finding Vardy at al, in the process?
  5. Adrian Mutu scores a vile goal down here under Mickey Adams for Chelsea. Lilian Nalis’s was pretty special too, those volleys are incredibly difficult. However I was present when Bergkamp scores that outrageous goal against us a filbert street..... can I count that?
  6. I do agree, I think his past is mainly responsible for his success, but in the same breath you can’t help but wonder, what if he did start younger and carry that same desire?
  7. Probably the greatest, when you consider what he’s had to do to get to the top, and what he’s been able to achieve. He’s superseded most players achievements in less than a decade, which is absurd when you think about it. To go from playing non league football on the verge of giving up, to winning the premier league and playing at the World Cup and the champions league is the kind of stuff that happens in movies. He defied every critic he’s ever had and has frankly smashed it. Just imagine what kind of player we would be talking about if he had been given a chance at a younger age......
  8. Responsible of so many, obviously Liverpool stands out as one of his most spectacular. But for me most memorable, West Brom away in the title winning season, so typically Vardy.
  9. I think he is still getting used to the pace of the premier league, however he’s such a classy player. Always looked like he’s got so much time on the ball and can pick a pass! Definitely need to make every effort to sign him up! Get it done ASAP!
  10. He’s shite, no thank you.
  11. Once he’s caught up with the English game, he will be an absolute baller.
  12. Talk shite it should be called. All they do is start arguments.
  13. The experience in that back three and Kasper should not be conceding goals like that. Nothing was going to change overnight, but you can see the scars left behind by Puels reign. There’s zero intensity in our play, and everyone just stands there waiting for the ball to come to them. Food for thought for Brendan, lots to consider and lots to work on, but this is exactly why he’s been brought to the club.
  14. Work to be done that’s pretty much all you can take from that game, but we knew this already.
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