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  1. Huth kicks the shit out of slab head, best CB in our history, I’ve had a fair few Erdingers tonight, but that’s not tainted me views, United can have him, poor mans Dabizas!
  2. Maguire the best Leicester defender eve.... hold my wiessbier.
  3. We need a top class attacker, that will then be the difference.
  4. I definitely feel there’s an out of the blue signing coming, similar to Pérez but in a bigger scale.
  5. It’s bollocks. I don’t think we will replace.
  6. They can sugar coat it as much as they like. Buying him for £85m is a complete pants down. We’ve played united like a fiddle, and it’s been beautiful.
  7. We need to spend some money on a serious player.. it’s alright selling Maguire for big bucks and not doing anything with it. We can afford the likes of Bailey and Ziyech... if we want to breach the top six, let’s sign a top class player.
  8. Ake is not better than Dunk. We talk about signing a shorter player and then suggest Ake? No way.
  9. I think Evans is a terrific player, and a great mentor for Benko and Soyuncu.
  10. I’d disagree. I think he is as good as Harry, both have different attributes. I’d say JT is a better defender that Harry on the ground he’s quicker, positionally better and doesn’t go on long meandering runs... I agree with losing Maguire as a presence, but he wasn’t a stranger to set play errors himself. Having said that I don’t think we will look to replace him. Soyuncu and Benkovic will eventually be our CB paring, and from what I’ve read about Benko he’s got bags of potential. No need to panic, Harry is not the best defender in the league, and I personally don’t think we’re any worse off without him. Plus with Evans the younger lads have a good mentor. We will be fine, top 6 is still the target for me, just with an extra £85m to splash on a top class attacking player.
  11. Him leaving is not as devastating as losing Kante and Mahrez was. In my opinion, Huth has been one of the best defenders we’ve ever had, probably the best... at actually defending. Maguire is a decent player, and he will improve United, however, him leaving us won’t make us any worse. We’ve got £85m in the bank to play with now. He frankly can’t sniff the sweat around Van Dijk’s bollocks, yes again United are walking away with their pants down.
  12. There’s a rabbit in the hat coming before deadline day. I reckon it will be our bit Ferran Torres.
  13. Soyuncu has something about him, which is enough to convince me he needs a proper run out. Overall we looked very comfortable against a pretty decent side. I’d like to see the money gained from Maguire pumped into another quality attacking player. All in all we look strong going into the new season!
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