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  1. Confused Thai fan here. Can someone explain why the sun logo is offensive to them?
  2. Also, it was the last game of the season and I think Top invited many Thai guests to see the game. Saw many Thai celebrities and footballers in Leicester during the weekend. He probably wanted them to think this is a 'Thai' club, even though it is really not, but that's how many Thais like to think.
  3. As a Thai, I... Well after living here for more than a year I'm still not comfortable saying it, lets just say I'd much rather see the Queen (of the UK) up there.
  4. Glad I'm not the only one who does this
  5. Angry Vardy might be a good of us on tuesday
  6. Excellent choice. Rayong is much better than the north/northeast Yes, it was pretty much like military government for people who didn't support him. I believe the English term is tyranny of the majority, in the US they have electoral college to prevent this, but in many countries like Thailand, majority always win. Thaksin's populism is the result of this, he would come up with policies that on paper make the poor richer or make short-term economic a bit better, but plunge the country/people deeper into debts in the long run. This always ensures landslide victory given the numbers
  7. I am Thai living in Leicester. I assume you live in the north or northeastern areas. They support Thaksin there and people with opposing views know to shut up. It would be like being a Trump supporter in California, you can't be verbal about it. If you go down south in the countryside there, you'll get very different opinions about the guy. While it's true corruption in Thailand is common, no one was nearly as bad as Thaksin. He earned majority of his wealth (billions of pounds) during his administration. He didn't care about the poor, he pretended to be anti-establishment, while he was in fac
  8. I didn't read all the pages, but as of now she can't run anymore. I wouldn't worry about King Power either way though. They have many friends. Vichai was known in Thailand as someone who's very diplomatic, he wasn't really friends with Thaksin, but with everyone. Years ago, protesters were fighting in Bangkok (pro Thaksin and his opposition), King Power opened their hotel for both sides to stay for free. Of course, they were friends with the military as well after they took power. Remember the PM (leader of the military government) led the chanting at Vichai's funeral. I can't see election res
  9. You couldn't have been more wrong. They were extremely corrupt populists who took advantage of poor people, they did more harm to the country than good. Many of those who wanted them out (me included) never wanted a military government, but it seemed like better option at the time than the fake democracy government without checks and balances. In retrospect, I admit I was wrong about that, but trust me Thaksin and Yingluck are not much better.
  10. Since the tragedy, Vichai has been widely talked about and I've seen many remarks about his surname (some quite disrespectful), so I thought it might be useful to write his name phonetically to make it a little easier for English speakers. Srivaddhanaprabha = See-wat-ta-na-pra-pa As you can see, there are no hard sounds at all, just a little long. I don't think anyone finds his first name hard to say, but the more accurate way to say it would be Wi-shai as there are no V and CH sounds in Thai. Ironically, the harder name for English speakers to say co
  11. One adult ticket for Cardiff wanted. Please message me if you can help. Thank you.
  12. I'm Thai and that sounds good to me, but thank you for bringing this up, we Thais can be so easily offended at times.
  13. Fan from Thailand here. Just moved to Leicester 6 months ago and been to three home games so far (no wins ). The game against Man united will be my first away match and I'm going alone. Any tips? I'm super excited but also don't want to do anything stupid or be the tourist fan who ruins the atmosphere. Also, I will be in Manchester all day. Probably not a good idea to wear LCFC shirt walking around, right?
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