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  1. He’ll stay, if we definitely look like we will active mid-season. Thing is, he has the right idea of promoting youth and his idea of how the game should be played is sorta right, he needs a more consistent team for it to gel. Won’t get the time though and we can’t hope that he stops changing the team every week. He’ll be gone in the summer
  2. Took his goal very well, did disappear at times but he did ok. People need to remember how old these kids are. Obvious talents, they just need pulling together. We could have a hell of a team of young developing players once they get a bit more game time together. Chopping and changing every game helps nobody
  3. IPTV service, runs through my ‘friends’ Amazon box £45 for the year. All HD, all the games, all the PPV boxing etc. Quality streams.
  4. All the players are of at least league 2 quality, motivation is the let down today!
  5. For me, I would play him with Silva. That’s if Silva could fit in anywhere. He’s clever and the only other player with a similar football brain we have is Silva. He would compliment Maddison and allow him to progress further up the pitch and stop him from coming looking for the ball. Problem is Silva is finished here. Maddison is an outstanding talent and is so clever with his use of the ball
  6. Yeah sort of. The people I use have created there own app, everything is at least 720p. Have a support group app too. Well worth the money
  7. I use a great service, £7.50 a month and get all uk and international sports, PPV etc. Think it’s £20 for 3 months. PM if you want any details
  8. Looking for a mid week league that plays 11 a side. Astro or grass, not really fussed. Don’t get much time at wkend with kids etc but still wanna play. Anybody know of anything? Cheers
  9. Saw Ian Dowie at a water park in Dubai about 15 years ago. The man doesn’t cope with the sun well! Lobster
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