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  1. Where are people going for a drink before the game given the time of day. Oddfellows on Fearnley Street won't be open which is where I have been before. I think there are one or two places that might be open on the High Street?
  2. A very sad day indeed RIP in Gordon. Too young to remember him play at Leicester but saw him play for Stoke and England the best Goalkeeper ever. The best tribute I can pay is when I played football in the garden with my son who is only 17 now and never saw him play the only Goalkeeper he wanted to be was Gordon Banks! He will be remembered for ever.
  3. Thank you I should be ok I guess
  4. Does anyone have any idea how many tickets are left now? Can't buy until Wednesday. Thanks
  5. Thought Simpson and Evans were outstanding today. Their positional play was excellent. Though i thought chilwell did well going forward he almost cost us a goal at the end by again playing people onside by being the wrong side of the central defenders
  6. Yes remember sitting on the popular side wall watching Frank doing his tricks in front of the kop before the game even started. Worth the 20 pence entry fee alone. Best goal in my opinion chip from outside the box against Newcastle on Easter Saturday 1975. Shame every match wasn't recorded like today. Let's hope he has a great day.
  7. Very sad. I remember him as a sending off waiting to happen even in those days. Had a great game at Bristol rovers eastville stadium near the end of the 1980 championship season. Rip
  8. My comment about never moving a Tuesday game to a Wednesday has come back to haunt me!! I suppose there is no end to how Sky effects kick off days and times. At least it's only cost me £12 as £6 tickets are still available via Rugby to Euston.
  9. Very Seldom they move a Tuesday match to say a Wednesday at this stage of this season so i think you should be ok. At £6 a ticket from Rugby I've booked anyway and taken the gamble of not only the game moving but getting a ticket as well.
  10. Still Block 23 to open up as well so must be close to a 1000 still available if needs be
  11. Agree with everyone about Bournemouth being a bit of a bogey side even going back to the late 80's they always seemed to beat us on boxing day at Filbert Street 1-0 when playing in the old Second Division. Therefore on the basis we can't keep playing badly against them I'm going for a sneaky win. Then again I think we must win at Arsenal one day and we're still waiting after 45 years!
  12. On a different note does anyone know how the sales are progressing for this. Hoping to go but can't buy until beginning of next week but guessing it may go all the way to members anyway
  13. Yes Great Manager. Remember going to Cardiff away near the end of the 1980 championship winning season waiting for the team bus to arrive. When it did Jock was first off and immediately joined in the singing with us!! Can't imagine Claude doing that. Fond memories. His biggest mistake was allowing Eddie Kelly to go at the end of that season we might have stayed up the following year had he remained.
  14. Has anyone else noticed the increasing trend of people leaving matches early sometimes as much as 15 minutes before full time. Whilst it is understandable if we are losing say 3-0 ( but still inexcusable) these people are doing when we are winning i.e. last Saturday. I've seen some supporters arrive at 3.15pm and leave at 4.35pm!!! No one leaves the cinema early even when you know the ending so why do it at a football match. It isn't even just at the Kingpower I noticed loads of empty seats on TV on Sunday at Brighton despite the fact they were leading Man Utd 3-1. Unbelievable. The other annoying aspect is that they slowly walk down the aisles like a player when he is being substituted hence blocking the view for those supporters who have chosen to stay to support the team. I'm certain some people would be happy taking a photo as the teams come out to show they are at the ground and then leaving without watching the match at all
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