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  1. Tielemans the only downside for me looks out of sorts. Not sure what the answer is perhaps he needs to play against Wigan
  2. A chelsea/arsenal draw wouldn't be the worst result
  3. Great result for wolves well done to them. I know the result puts 5th place closer to us but wolves have to play Liverpool twice and are still in Europe. They will drop points
  4. Biggest game of the season I know it has been said before but I believe it is this time. We Have had 3 poor league performances in a row and desperately need a reaction on Saturday. They are under pressure themselves so might be a case of who scores first . A real test of character
  5. Brighton playing really well. Deserve the lead. Come on you seagulls
  6. They have won every individual battle on the pitch which is a huge disappointment. Need to lift themselves for boxing day
  7. I hold my hands up and admit I was one of those who thought Perez was a good signing. However for whatever reason it hasn't worked out yet. It would appear to be a confidence issue. I agree that he links up well with Ricardo and Ricardo plays better when he is on the pitch but that is all he is bringing to the party at the moment. Last night against Everton was as poor as I've seen him and as people have said we cannot afford to lose the ball so cheaply in key areas over the next 2 matches. There is definitely a player in there somewhere but I'm not convinced we can take the chance trying to find it against Liverpool and Manchester City.
  8. If you live south of the county and/or Northants try going from Bedford. Trains every half an hour until late cheap parking and only £14 return. In addition you just cross the platform to catch the train to stratford International.
  9. Let's hope Everton get the new manager syndrome out their system before the league cup quarter final
  10. Thought big Duncan would get them up at least for this. Come on Everton! Would be a great result if they could get something out of this
  11. How is that a foul. Pepe went down as if shot
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