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  1. 3-0 to chelsea. How poor are Everton today no pressing of the ball at all. Chelsea could get 2 or 3 if they want
  2. Have got spare ticket can meet up in norwich/ground beforehand let me know if you want it.
  3. Agree with all the comments I go to more away games than a lot of my friends who are still above me in the pecking order yet because of the system I will never get ahead of them. One thing that Brighton do for example is give more priority points for certain away games, For example should more points be given for going to Newcastle on a Tuesday night in August for the League Cup 1st Round than say a 3.00pm ko ( I know they are rare now ) at a ground a lot closer i.e. Villa. You could say the same about Southampton on a Friday night. At the moment you get 1 point for any away match.
  4. As good as man city are they haven't had to get out of first gear thanks to an awful West ham team. Hopefully we'll give them more of a game on Saturday
  5. Go from rugby if you can later trains back
  6. Thanks . Anyone going for a drink in Birmingham beforehand?? Might be easier.
  7. Going from rugby can get trains straight through to Wolverhampton also late ones back!
  8. Does anyone how many tickets are left. I can get mine tomorrow.
  9. Yes was thinking of going to Birmingham first The train is £2.50 return if you travel after 6.30pm from New Street to Wolverhampton.
  10. Given how difficult it is to get in anywhere in Wolverhampton where is the best place for a pre-match pint?
  11. Assuming spurs don't win tomorrow good weekend for us. I know sheff Utd have cut the gap to 13 points I still don't think they have enough to finish 5th. Having said that I've been thinking that since October!!
  12. As other have said I think it was down to character and game management we lost. It isn't the first time either as the previous round we blew a 2 goal lead when in control of the match. I can remember the 97 and 2000 semi-finals both very tight matches and in fact the 97 one against Wimbledon we won on away goals! but at no time did I think we were going to lose either ties as we looked in total control and defensively we were incredibly strong a total contrast to last night. It isn't that the current team is worse than Martin O'Neils''s because clearly in many respects they are better but their game management is poor and it will continue to cost them in big/close games unless it improves
  13. Depending on where you live could try the train from Rugby. That's what we're doing and it has the advantage of later trains back last one being 23.10
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