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  1. Antonio off injured hopefully missing on sunday!!
  2. Well done WBA always been my second team since getting a draw at spurs in 2016. Get in!!!
  3. Such sad news my all time hero like so many of my generation. His pre-match routine was worth the entrance money alone. RIP Frankie
  4. A draw would have been the perfect result but an Everton suits us better in my view as Everton are more likely to drop points going forward
  5. I might be wrong but i think he had to go in goal once part way through a match after shilton got injured. Also played inside forward in the early days before playing centre back. A legend
  6. By coincidence the Swindon match was my first match as well. Sat in the double decker. My dad who died earlier this year took me and did so for a number of years after. So began a lifetime of supporting the city. My memory of the game is being held up to look at the swaying kop below! Glad my dad lived long enough to see us become champions of England
  7. Living near Market Harborough i remember the cup final specials coming through when a northern team made the final. The trains went on the old mkt. Harboro to Northampton line even after it had closed to passenger travel as it went all the way to Wembley station. Remembering seeing Leeds fans coming back after being beaten by Sunderland in 1973. Happy days
  8. I have no idea what will happen today all i hope is we give it a go. In a way there is less pressure on this match than the Sheffield game let's go for it and if we lose go down having given everything
  9. More chance of beating spurs than Sheffield United!
  10. Yes given the way Arsenal are playing right now and the history of this fixture even a point would be a wonderful result
  11. 3-0 to chelsea. How poor are Everton today no pressing of the ball at all. Chelsea could get 2 or 3 if they want
  12. Have got spare ticket can meet up in norwich/ground beforehand let me know if you want it.
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